Can You Put Crocs In the Dryer?

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Crocs have become the go-to for people seeking comfort paired with practicality. The popularity of crocs has soared in recent years thanks to their affordability and comfort. In addition, they come in a range of styles to suit different tastes.

However, you may have a few queries about how to clean your crocs properly. Common questions include: ‘Can I machine wash my crocs?’ ‘Can I put the crocs in the dryer?’ and ‘What settings should I use?’ Well, wonder no more. Here’s how you can ensure your crocs are always in the best conditions.

The cleaning rules are fairly similar, from leather croc styles to fuzzy crocs and wedge crocks. Fuzzy crocs have a removable lining, while the leather croc styles resemble closed leather shoes. Can you put crocs in the Dryer? Yes, you can. All you need to do is stick with the instructions.

Washing Crocs in the Washing Machine

Washing Crocs in the Washing Machine

It is important to remember that crocs are made from polymers. The polymers aren’t the same as rubber or plastic even though they may look and feel the same. For example, the croslite polymer often used is porous and filled with natural resin.

High temperatures can hurt the polymer and damage your crocs permanently.  If your crocs are regularly exposed to heat, they may lose their shape over time. It is therefore important that you avoid direct exposure to excess heat. It would be best to keep the temperatures at around thirty degrees Celsius.

It is also common for crocs to lose their original shape if they are regularly put crocs in the washing machine. However, you can protect their shape by placing them in a bag before loading them into the washing machine. If you don’t have an appropriate bag, improvise with a pillowcase or wet towels. They can prevent deformation no matter how often you machine-wash your crocks.

It would help if you also remembered to turn off the spinning functions of the washing machine. If the crocs become deformed after washing, it most likely happened during this period. The powders you use are also key in avoiding any damage to the crocs. It is best to use mild powders that will not damage the polymer material.

When dealing with tough stains, consider using some vanish. Stuff the crocs with paper after cleaning to maintain the original shape. The tip may seem simple but it works like magic.

It is also critical that you inspect your washing machine before loading it with crocs. Inspect the machine thoroughly to ensure no particles or components can damage the machine or crocs.

Can you Put Fuzzy Crocs in the Dryer?

Can you Put Fuzzy Crocs in the Dryer

The majority of the classic crocs are made from croslite materials. However, some croc types consist of additional fur or even leather materials. Fur-lined crocs have become a popular option for croc lovers looking for comfort without compromising on good looks.  Despite the comfort that appeals to many, fuzzy crocs tend to become dirty more easily than traditional croc materials. Accumulated dirt can cause the crocs to have some odor. Cleaning them like traditional crocks won’t work. In fact, it could damage your crocks. You must know the basics of keeping them clean.

Although most people hand-wash their fuzzy crocs, throwing them in the wash can be equally effective. With some precautions in mind, your washing machine and dryer won’t do much damage. Despite the common ease of cleaning your crocs with a washing machine, it is easy to get things wrong. Here are a few steps that you should keep in mind to achieve the best result:

Take out the inner lining from the crocs

As a general rule, you should never put the liners in a washing machine as they can be easily stretched and therefore wear out quickly. Since croc liners can be easily removed, cleaning them shouldn’t be a problem. All you need to do is scrub them with some soap and water.

Scrub out the dirt

It is best to ensure that any elements that can cause damage to the washing machine have been removed. This will help maintain the machine’s performance over a long period. If your crocs are dusty, muddy, or they hold loose debris, scrub them with a soft brush.

Set the machine’s temperature

Your best option is to clean the crocs at a low temperature. A temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius would work best. High heat can damage the material and lead to distortions in the shape of the crocs.

Drying the crocs in the Dryer

As soon as the crocs are clean, you can put them in the dryer. If you aren’t too sure about this option, consider air drying them. Crocs are light and drying them doesn’t take much effort. Air drying them is a great idea when you are worried about stretching out of shape. However, if you follow the right steps, the dryer is your most convenient option. You will still end up with clean, dry crocs with no damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put Crocs in the Washing Machine with cold water?

Yes, you can. One of the greatest misconceptions surrounding crocs is that higher temperatures are better for cleaning them. However, this is often not the case. High-temperature settings can cause damage to your clothes and shoes. You also end up with high utility bills due to high energy consumption. Using lower temperatures when cleaning your laundry can be fantastic.

When exposed to high temperatures, the polymer material used to make crocs can be easily deformed. Using cold water is not only great for your crocs but also for your pockets. It saves you some money by cutting down on the high utility costs that result from using high temperatures to clean your clothes.

Can I put my crocs in the washer and Dryer?

Yes, you can. Modern washing machines are equipped with special features that make it easy to clean your crocs. Nonetheless, if your washing machine lacks the features, you can still use it to clean your crocs, provided you stick to a few guidelines especially concerning the temperature settings.

How Long do Crocs take to Dry?

Crocs take only a few minutes to dry. The material used to make them is very light and does not absorb water. So whether you decide to air dry your crocs or put them in a dryer, they should be dry in a few minutes.

Do Crocs Shrink in the Heat?

Yes, crocs shrink in the heat. The polymer material used in the manufacture of crocs is highly sensitive to high temperatures. This includes both direct air and water. High temperatures can cause the material to soften, deform, and change size. It is, therefore, best to use low-temperature settings when machine cleaning your crocs.


Can you put crocs in the dryer? Yes, you can. Machine-washing your crocs and drying them in your dryer is just as effective as hand-washing them and drying them out in the sun. However, you have to pay attention to the heat as too much of it can damage your crocs’ fabrics.  The sensitivity of crocs to high temperatures means putting it in the dryer isn’t always the best idea.

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