Can You Put Crocs In The Washing Machine?

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In the past decade, crocs have become popular all over the world. While some people think of them as fashion pieces, others may consider them lazy footwear to wear when no one else is around. 

No matter where you fall, it is impossible to overstate the popularity of footwear. They are comfortable, affordable, and suitable for all age groups. They come in different styles, making them some of the most versatile shoes. From fuzzy crocs to leather and heel options, the options are endless. 

If you have a pair of crocs, you have probably asked the question ‘can you put crocs in the washing machine?’ at some point. The simple answer is yes, you can.

How to Wash Crocs In the Washing Machine

How to Wash Crocs In the Washing Machine

Ideally, it would help if you cleaned your crocs by wiping them with wet clothe and detergent. When using a washing machine, therefore, you have to be careful. They are made with croslite polymer making them different from plastic and rubber shoes. 

They are filled with natural resin and are porous. Subjecting the polymer to high temperatures could damage it. Keep the temperature at 30 degrees Celsius or lower.

 Keep the crocs in a special bag to retain their shape. If you don’t have a bag, consider using a pair of pillowcases or old towels. They are just as effective. 

In addition, you need to disable the spin and drying functions as they may alter the shape of your crocs. Use mild detergents to protect the polymer material. When washing white crocks, vanish may help you get rid of tough stains.

Make sure that you set the machine to the ‘gentle’ setting. This reduces the likelihood of discoloration and damage to your crocs. Although you may need to run it a bit longer to clean it thoroughly, it is worth the wait. Crocs are naturally bulky, so they don’t compress easily. If the agitators spin too fast while your washing machine is churning. You may have a clog. 

Aside from protecting your crocs, you also need to protect your washing machine. Check to ensure that no sharp components could damage your drum. 

Cleaning Crocks With Cold Water

Coldwater does not affect your crocks. It is one of the best ways to clean them. Low temperatures preserve the color and integrity of our crocks. In addition, you get to save energy.         

The only caveat is that you need to use the right detergent and follow your washing machine’s guide. Usually, the option for cleaning with cold water goes up to 30°C. 

Since the croslite polymer in crocks is temperature-sensitive, consider drying them on your automatic heater right after washing. 

How About Fuzzy Crocs?

Your washing machine is appropriate for cleaning fuzzy crocs as well. Although the footwear is typically made with croslite material, some options are made with a fur lining. Washing them can be a little more complicated. Even worse, they get dirty quickly and need constant care. Here are a few steps to use a washing machine when washing your fuzzy crocs. 

  • Take the inner lining of your crocs out, as you’ll need to clean them separately. Scrub to get rid of dirt, snow, or soil. Avoid washing these liners in your washing machine as they stretch and wear out easily.
  • Use a brush to get rid of loose dirt and particles from your crocs.
  • Keep your machine’s temperature at 30 degrees Celsius to minimize the risk of damage. Higher temperatures will alter the crocs shape.
  • When clean, air-dry your crocs and store them appropriately.

Exciting Facts About Cleaning Crocs

1. You Can Disinfect Them

Even when using a washing machine, you can disinfect your crocks. It 

helps get rid of germs and bad odor. The material used in making crocks is antibacterial. Therefore, this isn’t a necessity. In case of bad smells, however, here are a few ways to get rid of them:

  • Scrub them with a paste of baking soda, water, and hydrogen peroxide
  • Place a piece of wet charcoal in the shoes before washing them
  • Wipe them with a Norwex cleaning cloth to kill germs
  • Spray with a mix of baking soda and vinegar, and wipe down 

2. The Lining Needs to Be Cleaned Separately

When cleaning your crocs, always remove the inside lining first. Find the two circles on either side of the shoes and remove the lining. Hand washes it with mild soap and air out to dry. 

Frequently putting the liners in the wash will alter their shape. It may accelerate wear and tear. 

Extreme heat is bad for your liners. Therefore, you need to clean them with warm or cold water. Avoid leaving them in the sun for too long, or they may shrink. You must also be careful when using the drier. 

3. Wash a Pair at a Time

If you have several pairs of crocs to wash, put them in your washing machine one at a time. If the machine is crowded, your agitator may get stuck. No matter how big your washing machine may be, it is unwise to cram several pairs of crocs in at once. 

4. Material Matters

The material used to make your crocs determines how they need to be cleaned. Although the footwear is generally made with the same material, others may be added to suit different styles. 

The modern market for crocs has plenty of options, including slides, heels, wedges, and clogs. Look out for slides made with a mix of natural leather, synthetic materials, and other varieties. 

When cleaning crocs made with natural leather and other materials that don’t repel water, you need to be extra careful. Such materials are likely to crack when exposed to water. 

5. Air Dry Them

After machine-washing your crocs, you may be tempted to put them in the drier. However, the best way to dry them is out in the sun. Heat is bad for your crocs. It expands them and eventually changes their shape. A little patience could improve the lifespan of your crocs. 

Wipe the water off your crocs with a dry cloth if you need them to dry fast. Let them air out for a few minutes as excessive exposure to sunlight could damage them. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. 

Other Ways to Clean Crocs

You don’t need to clean your crocs with a washing machine. When dealing with tough stains, washing machines aren’t your ideal choice. They don’t give you much control over the level of cleaning that your shoes get. Even after answering the question ‘Can you put crocs in the washing machine?’ it is vital to understand your options. Here are other practical tips to keep your crocs clean. 


This is the most convenient way for cleaning your crocs. It is fast, simple, and gives you full control over the degree of cleaning needed. Use a mild soap and coarse sponge to remove dirt and rinse in clean, cold water. 

When cleaning the crocs, use as much pressure as is necessary to get rid of the dirt. If need be, consider using a bristle brush rather than a sponge. It covers a wider surface area and is more effective in stain removal.

Use the same procedure to clean your crocs linings and air dry them in the shade. Failure to clean the liner properly could lead to a bad odor. If you can’t remove it, wipe with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. 

Professional Cleaning 

Professional cleaning is important, but it isn’t necessary. You can clean your crocs perfectly at home. Professional cleaning takes advantage of cleaning agents and chemicals that you may not have at home. 

It is only necessary when you need to get rid of particularly tough stains or unpleasant smells. There is minimal risk of damaging your crocs due to negligence or inexperience. 


Modern washing machines are wondrous. One of the most fantastic things about them is that you can use them to wash your crocs. All you need to do is keep the temperatures low and use the ‘Gentle wash’ setting. Avoid overloading your machine and use a mild detergent. The result is clean crocs that last long.  They don’t damage your washing either. The light nature of crocs means they can float in water all through the wash. There is minimal contact with your machine.

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