3 Ways To Fix Ge Dishwasher Heating Element Not Working

ge dishwasher heating element not working

The primary purpose of a dishwasher’s heating element is to raise this appliance’s internal temperature. More specifically, the heating element heats the water to help kill microbes and ease the cleaning process. It also encourages the evaporation of moisture from the dishwasher, which enables washed dishes to dry up faster. It is worth noting that … Read more

Easy Way To Fix Whirlpool Dishwasher Error Code F7 E1

whirlpool dishwasher error code f7 e1

If you notice some flashes on your dishwasher start button, high chances are that there is an error preventing the appliance from functioning normally. Here, you need to identify the error code and determine its meaning. The number of flashes in between pauses can help you tell what kind of error code it is. Sometimes, … Read more