How To Clean White Crocs (Quickly!)

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Crocs are becoming popular every day due to their comfort indoors or outdoors. Your super taste for crocs will not allow you to leave your heels, but you cannot be wearing crocs with stains and dirt surrounding them.

You have recently cleaned your white crocs, but they are not becoming as perfectly white as the new ones. I have an efficient planner explaining how to clean white crocs within minutes.

White crocs and crocs with fur can be stressful while trying to clean if you don’t know how to do it. After reading this guide carefully, you will learn how to clean crocs for an excellent outcome without damaging them.

How To Clean White Crocs

Wearing dirty crocs or crocs which look ugly because it lacks their original color can be very embarrassing. You cannot want to throw away your favorites crocs only because they are dirty.

The expert in the cleaning industry has good guidelines to help you clean your white crocs until it retains their original color.

Crocs with fur also have their cleaning procedures, and this calls for your full attention not to destroy your white crocs. Let us see which ways are best for cleaning white crocs.

What Is The Best Way To Clean White Crocs

There are various ways of cleaning white crocs and getting the most impressive outcomes. Depending on your choice, you can use different products in cleaning white crocs. Here are some of the products.

  • Soap and water solution.
  • Baking soda and vinegar
  • Magic eraser
  • Bleach soak

How To Clean White Crocs With Soap And Water Solution

Using soap and water solution is a simple, cheap, and yet effective recommended method of cleaning crocs.

The steps below apply to cleaning white crocs without fur using water and soap solution.


  1. Start by cleaning your crocs with plain water to allow most dust to drain from your pair of white crocs.
  2. Prepare a large basin with col waters and pour two spoonfuls of soap solution.
  3. Put your crocs inside the bowl with a detergent solution and allow to soak.
  4. Dip your crocs pair into the soap solution and gently rub them with a scrub brush focusing on dirty areas and edges.
  5. Focus on underneath parts where stains must have accumulated. Scrub them with a soft brush to avoid wear and tear.
  6. Pay attention to the inner sole and hidden areas. Take a baby cloth and wipe to clear dirt where the brush can’t reach.
  7. Rinse your crocs with plain water and place them to dry. Remember to keep your wet crocs away from direct sunlight.

How To Clean White Crocs With Baking Soda And Vinegar

Dirty crocs with a bad smell are disgusting. It is advisable to use baking soda and vinegar in cleaning to remove that odor and dirt. When cleaning these white crocs with baking soda and vinegar, there are procedures to follow. Let’s check!


  1. Make equal parts of baking soda, vinegar, and water in a bowl. Stir to make a thin paste.
  2. Spread the thin paste on your crocs using soft clothing or a soft brush. Ensure that the paste reaches all parts and hidden elements from top to underneath.
  3. Crocs holes are always a challenge to deep clean, and in this part, you can use a cleaning pipe to spread the baking soda vinegar paste.
  4. After spreading this paste all over, leave your crocs for five to ten minutes before rinsing them with plain cold water.
  5. Rinse your white crocs thoroughly with running cold water.
  6. Allow the white crocs to dry in a well-ventilated area without direct sunlight or any heat source.

Your white crocs shine again with no smell!

How To Clean White Crocs With Magic Eraser

Sometimes you are in a hurry, and you want your white crocs clean in a few minutes; this magic eraser will save you. Magic eraser is one of the most effective ways of cleaning white crocs.


  1. Soak the magic eraser sponge inside a basin with warm water. Wait until the sponge has absorbed enough water and can’t take it anymore.
  2. Rub the magic eraser sponge gently against your white crocs, outside and inside, to eliminate all dirt.
  3. Ridges and holes are not easy to clean up, and in this part, you can use the outer piece of the magic eraser sponge to remove dirt.
  4. Rinse your pair of crocs with plain cold water and dry it up with a basic white towel.

How To Clean White Crocs With The Bleach Soak

If your white crocs have changed color from white to yellow or cream, it is advisable to use bleach soak to remove the dirt color. The bleach soak procedure is only applicable for dirty white crocs.


  1. Put slightly warm water into a bowl and spoonful of bleach solution or powder.
  2. Wear rubber gloves and submerge your pair of white crocs into water and bleach solution, soak it for two hours.
  3. While still wearing the rubber gloves, remove your pair of crocs from the bowl with a bleach solution and rinse them thoroughly with cold water.

The brown or yellow stains in your white crocs are eliminated after cleaning them, and your crocs are fresh and clear white.

Machine Washing White Crocs

It is important to note that it isn’t advisable to use a machine washer for cleaning your crocs because the temperature inside the machine is too hot.

Hand washing is recommended for cleaning all kinds of crocs, and this is because these crocs contain croslite resin, which the washing machines can destroy and deform your crocs.

Some people still use the washing machine for cleaning white crocs, and the secret is a low spin and very low temperatures of below 30℉ set.

And also have to put your pair of white crocs in a basket before putting them into the washing machine for protection from deforming my agitator.

These are some steps to follow when cleaning white crocs using the washing machine.


  1. Set your machine washer to a low spin and low temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Choose the wool setting and add the detergent for the machine load.
  3. Place your white crocs with or without fur into a basket to avoid damage while the washer is spinning.
  4. Once the cleaning is done, remove your crocs and leave them in an open place away from direct sunlight to dry up. Your white crocs with fur, use a toothbrush to detangle the fur to its original position.
  5. Do not use the washing machine to dry up your white crocs because the washer produces heat harmful to your crocs.

Handwashing Your White Crocs

It is the most effective and affordable way of cleaning white crocs. You can groom, dry, and wear your white crocs in a few minutes. Below are steps to follow when handwashing crocs.


  1. Put water in a bowl and add two cupfuls of special shampoo detergent into the water.
  2. Submerge your pair of white crocs.
  3. Agitate the solution to foam up with your hands and leave the crocs to soak for 30 minutes.
  4. Use your hands to scrub your white crocs gently until all dirt is eliminated.
  5. Rinse your white crocs with plain clean water until there are no soap traces from the dripping water.
  6. Hang your white crocs to dry away from direct sunlight.
  7. When your white crocs are dry, use a toothbrush to detangle fur and do it gently in the same direction to prevent curls.
  8. If there are still curls, use steam to reposition them into the perfect position.

How To Clean White Crocs With Fur

Cleaning crocs with fur needs full attention to avoid damage. You must follow the procedure below to get an excellent outcome.


  1. Detach the fur lining from your white crocs. It is easy to remove liners from your white crocs by just flipping on the fasteners and using your thumbs to remove the lining.
  2. Submerge your pair of white crocs in a bowl full of clean cold water. Allow it to soak for 30 minutes to allow any loose dirt to fade.
  3. Deep the fur lining into a bowl of cold water and soap solution and leave it to soak for 20 to 30 minutes.
  4. After the set time period of soaking, rinse the liners with clean running water until there is no soap dripping from the water.
  5. Leave the liners to dry in an open, well-ventilated space to dry. Fur is heat-sensitive, so avoid direct sunlight or any kind of temperature.
  6. Fix the fur lining into your pair of white crocs, and use a toothbrush to detangle them gently. If the fur has curls, you can use steam to straighten the curls.

At this point, you now enjoy the warmth and fresh shine of your clean white crocs.

Can You Put White Crocs In The Washing Machine?

All crocs, black, blue, red, or white crocs are sensitive to heat, and thus the advisable not to use the washer in cleaning your crocs. Also, the machine washer can deform your crocs due to its spinning.

However, some people cannot withstand the manual handwashing of white crocs and uses washing machines. You are wondering how is this possible. It is possible by following safety measures of cleaning using a washer.

The washer is set to low spin and very low temperatures of not more than 30 ℉, and the white crocs are washed while inside a basket for protection.

How Can I Make White Crocs White Again?

If your white crocs are super stained and you are figuring out what to do about it, worry not; you don’t have to throw them away.

The best way to clean your colored white crocs is by using a bleach solution with cold water.

Depending on the intensity of the stain, you use certain beach acid strength. The higher the color, the high the bleach concentration.

Visit your nearby store and be guided to purchase the right bleach detergent. Get a bowl with cold water and add a cupful of bleach solution into it.

While wearing your hand cloves, agitate the solution to dissolve and deep your pair of white crocs inside. Leave it for two hours to soak.

Scrub your crocs gently and rinse with plain clean water until no dirt is dripping from dripping water. Put them to dry away from heat or any direct sunlight.

Enjoy your new-looking white-clean crocs!


When you’re cleaning any white object, white crocs included can sometimes be challenging, especially when you do not know how to do it. You should not think cleaning white crocs is hard since it is not. You just needed to know how to do it.

Remember to note important tips while cleaning all crocs. There is no exposure to any heat. Either solar sources or electricity is banned.

Wash your white crocs with fur and enjoy its warmth every season!

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