Why Are Brita Stream Filters Sold Out? Here’s The Reason

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If you’ve ever tasted chlorine in cold tap water, you know how much it ruins the original taste of the water. But even if your tap water doesn’t have added chlorine, there are still plenty of other impurities and minerals that can disrupt the taste.

What can you do to make sure you have great-tasting water? You need to own a Brita stream filter as it purifies your water and removes bad tastes and odors. It will also reduce lead, copper, and mercury, among other undesirable minerals found in water.

How easy is it to get a Brita stream filter in the market? This article will give you much more information on the Brita stream filter.

Brita Stream Filters Overview

Brita Stream Filters

Brita Stream filters are available in two filter types:

  • Pitcher filter- Filters water poured into a Brita pitcher, and they are considered more effective at removing water contaminants.
  • Faucet filters are less common than pitcher filters and are believed to be less effective in reducing horrible taste and contaminants.

How available are the Brita stream filters in the market? They are currently unavailable in most of their outlets and e-commerce sites. They are currently sold out because the demand is higher than the supply. All of us want to own a Brita stream filter due to its convenience and reliability, making it very popular in most regions. Considering the pandemic era, the manufacturer is currently at its lowest capacity making it hard to meet the demand.

Are Brita stream filters good?

Are Brita stream filters good

The most definite answer is yes. There are hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon, and many verified users report that their filtering pitcher relatively filters out contaminants in their cold-water supply.

So why are we saying that the Brita stream filter is good? It is a technology-based filter that purifies your water directly from your supply. It instantly works on your cold drinking water as you pour even several glasses of water one after the other. We can therefore say that it is:

  • Easy to use-Once you buy It starts its work until you replace it.
  • Saves time- You do not have to undergo a complex process of filtration.

When you use the Brita Stream pitcher, you’ll have cleaner, better-tasting drinking water without spending a lot of money on bottled water or buying an expensive home filtration system.

What does the Brita stream filter out?

Why Are Brita Stream Filters Sold Out

The Brita Stream filters out:

  • Lousy taste (chlorine and metallic)
  • odors
  • Lead
  • Chlorine
  • Cadmium
  • Mercury
  • Benzene

Brita stream filter is identified as an activated carbon filter because it uses granular carbon to filter out contaminants by the process of absorption.

Does the Brita stream filter out lead?

Yes, it does. The Stream can filter out lead up to 99% of the time. According to the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), which provides certification for various products, including water filters, certified Brita Stream pitchers contain materials that can reduce lead content by 99%.

The good news is that most tap water has relatively low levels of lead and other contaminants, and that’s a plus to the Brita stream’s ability almost to eliminate 100% of the lead traces.

How long does Brita stream filter last?

One filter can purify 40 gallons of water or about two months of use.

However, some factors, such as your local water supply condition, can affect this time frame. If, for example, your supply is hard water, you need to change the Brita stream filter in a lesser time since hard water has more mineral deposits. These deposits quickly build up in your filter and interfere with the filtration process.

Another consideration is the number of people in the household. The more people, the faster they wear out. It is always estimated that 40 gallons of water are equivalent to the 10-cup water use capacity per day. So your filter condition will depend on either much more than the 10-cup capacity or way less of the same. Therefore, you can consider whether your filter is still in good working condition.

When should I replace my Brita stream filter?

When you use your Brita stream filter regularly, the filter should be replaced after 40 gallons or every two months, whichever comes first. If you have a large family that uses lots of water, or if you find yourself drinking more than eight glasses of water per day from your Brita stream filter, consider replacing your filter sooner to get the most out of it.

Additionally, you should always follow your sense of taste when using your Brita stream filter. If the filtered water doesn’t taste fresh anymore or if there is any trace of a metallic taste, it’s time to replace your filter. If the water is also all chlorine or any other strong odor, it is time to replace your filter.

You need to replace your Brita stream filter regularly because the carbon gray present in the filter doesn’t push contaminants away from filtered liquid—they pull them in like little sponges until they become saturated. At this point, they will and replaced with new ones.

Why is Brita not a good filter?

Whereas we have focused so much on the good side of this filter, let’s look at the other side a little bit.

Here is the main reason they are not good:

They do not eliminate Bacteria, Fungus, and Viruses

Most users will not think of this as they know they are getting pure water from Brita stream filters. Chlorine might have killed them, yes, but there could still be a chance of recontamination in the supply process.


When the Brita stream filters are vast available, it seems those of you who already don’t own one will do.

The reason is that when you buy Brita Stream filters, your wallet gets a little heavier, and the taste of your tap water is dramatically improved. And with it, it’s never been easier to pour yourself a glass of great-tasting filtered water straight from your kitchen faucet.

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