Why Is My Brita Filtering So Fast? (3 Main Reasons)

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Slow Brita filters can be annoying, but faster than normal filters are worse. You are certainly here because your Brita filter is so fast. You might be wondering why my Brita is filtering so fast. Various reasons lead to Brita filter’s fast operation.

There could be a slight mistake you made and impact Brita’s functioning, right? We got you covered, so worry no more, and that is why this article explains to you the factors that led to fast operation and its specific working solutions. Camp here for important insight ends.

Why Is My Brita Filtering So Fast?

Usually, Brita filters faster than normal when installed wrongly. It is very important to read, understand and follow the manufacturer’s manual guide accordingly.

When you pour water into your Brita filter and realize it’s working faster than the normal rate, it isn’t working correctly. Check out keenly; there could be leakage, and it needs fixing soon.

Here are some of the major reasons why your Brita filter works faster than the normal rate.

1. Manufacturing Defect

Like any other product, Brita filters go through a series of checkings to see if it fits for human use and safety before they’re released to the market.

Brita filters are made of a carbon layer that filters harmful particles, and when water moves so fast, it means the carbon layer isn’t there to slow the process of filtration.

If such a faulty Brita reaches the market and lands in your home, you’re just unlucky. And in this case, you’re not supposed to drink that water since it’s not safe.

Contact the manufacturer and explain the problem; most likely, you will get a replacement or get a satisfying solution.

2. Wrong Installation

It is very significant to fix the Brita system correctly to avoid any gap that could lead to leakage and faster filtration.

If your fixing misses a slight step or the locking system is not tight, your Brita filter will probably miss correct purification for better tasking waters.

By ensuring that your Brita filter is perfectly locked, you will not experience any leakage in the water filter and no abnormal quicker purification.

3. Broken Parts

In most cases, broken parts result from reckless changing of the filter. When the filter is damaged when changing, even the carbon dust layer available is interrupted, causing an unusual fast flow of water during filtration.

Paying attention to every detail while changing your pitcher filter or faucet filter will slow down the probability of broken parts.

Contact your provider for further guidance and solution in any confirmed breakage cases.

How To Fix Too Fast Brita Filter

Keenly paying attention when changing your Brita filter can save you from any leakage that could cause too fast a purification process.

Also highly important to use the manufacturer’s manual guide while installing your Brita filter. The guide is always correct, and you’ll rarely find Brita malfunctioning when steps are followed systematically to the end.

How Fast Should Water Flow Through A Brita Filter?

Normally Brita filter takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete the water filtration process. However, the purification depends on the type of water in your area.

Hard water contains tiny particles, making a filter strain while filtering water makes the process slow and takes longer.

In some regions, water is filtered by cleaning companies before being supplied to individuals. In this case, the water filtration process will be so easy and take the shortest time possible since the water is already harm-free.

1. Air blocks

During filtration, some of the challenges that hinder the continuous flow of water are air blocks. Air creates walls around the filter, making it hard for water to pass through, slowing the purification process.

To eliminate air blocks, dip your filter into a budget full of clean water. If the filter stays afloat, it means there are still air blocks. Submerge again, remove it and install it into the Brita filter.

2. High Sedimental Level

The small particles available in hard water make filtration in the Brita filter a tedious process. The Brita filters are not designed to eliminate extreme levels of contaminants. The particles, therefore, slow down the water filtration.

The Brita filter becomes ineffective due to interfered filters, and hence water filtered is not for consumption and needs to be fixed by replacing the filter with a new one.

The higher the level of particles, the slower the filtration process, and the lower the amount of the particles, the faster the filtration.

How Do I Know If My Brita Is Working?

All Britas comes with a light indicator. There are three different color lights, each communicating something to the user.

The yellow light indicates that the Brita filter is coming to its end. The red light shows that the Brita filter is expired, and the water passed through it cannot be filtered, thus unsafe for consumption.

Greenlight in Brita filter displays that your filter is working effectively, and you still have enough time before making a replacement.

Every Brita filter is created to accommodate a maximum of 40 gallons of water. And when this limit is reached, it becomes ineffective.

Pay attention to every light color indicated to protect you from consuming water from an expired filter. Nothing surpasses instructions’ obedience.

Problems With Brita Water Filters

Brita filters can only accommodate up to 40 gallons of water, making it costly since you’ve to replace your filter every time it attains its maximum capacity.

Filters are fragile, and any small mishandling hinders successful water purification calling for frequent filter replacement.


If your Brita filters water in less than ten minutes, most likely, the device is defective and needs a check-up. The problem can be from the installation stage. Slightly wrong fixing your Brita filter can lead to ineffective fast water purification.

When you suspect your filter is defective, inspect it and call your manufacturer. Explain your challenge in a detailed manner to get meaningful and the right help.

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