The 5 Best Low Wattage Air Fryer For RV (Compact Yet Powerful)

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Picking the best air fryer for RV will make your life and that of your family or clients enjoyable in their travels.  You will cook the best meals in transit and on your other camping expeditions.

But one thing you got to be sure about is the size, among other factors. Picking a giant air fryer will not only be cumbersome but may also not fit perfectly in your limited space.

You don’t need a power guzzler air fryer to suck all your RV’s power. An appliance restricting you to only basic cuisine isn’t worth your pennies. This air fryer guide helps you pick an ideal mini oven for all your travels.

Our list considers that you have a limited power source and want to get rid of deep fryers, pressure cookers, dehydrators, and regular pots/pans, so it is an all-in-one appliance list. Pick your fit!

Comparison Table

Model NameMaterialCapacityWattage
Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 Grill with Air FryStainless Steel4 Quart1760 watts
NUWAVE Brio 7-in-1 Air Fryer OvenPlastic7.25 Quarts1800 watts
DASH Tasti-Crisp Electric Air FryerPlastic2.6 Quarts1000 Watt
CHEFMAN Small Compact Air Fryer Healthy CookingPlastic2 Quarts1000 Watt
Elite Gourmet EAF-0201BG Personal 2.1 Qt Air FryerSteel2.1 Quarts1000 Watt

Our Top Picks:

Have you no time to research or fully read our article? Ok then, no worries! You can purchase our Top picks products. It’s one of the best air fryers on our list.

Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-In-1 Grill With Air Fry

We think the Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-In-1 Grill With Air Fryer is the best air fryer for RV because it is a smart grill that can do six different things. It has an air fryer, a grill, a roaster, a bake, a broil, and a dehydrator. It is also XL so it can fit a lot of food.

The air fryer can cook food quickly and evenly. The grill can make food crispy. The roaster can make food tender. The bake can make food fluffy. The broil can make food juicy. And the dehydrator can make food healthy.

Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-In-1 Grill With Air Fry

Can You Use An Air Fryer In RV?

Nothing limits you from using an air fryer in your RV travels. Recently, the gadget is now number one for RVers. It gives you the ability and freedom to whip up an exquisite meal on the go as you enjoy your RV lifestyle.

Your RV has a kitchen space with a mini counter where you can place a mini air fryer and bake, roast, dehydrate, seer, reheat, and taste many recipes in your travels.

You are good to go with your air fryer if you have the proper amperage in your RV. That’s why we advocate for a medium-voltage air fryer that doesn’t suck off power and leave your other devices power-hungry.

To use your air fryer effectively in the RV, disconnect some appliances when cooking to ensure that your cooker gets sufficient power.

The 5 Best Air Fryer For RV (Small and Low-Wattage)

One of the ways to improve your RV experience is by using an air fryer. But you wouldn’t just walk into a store and pick up this gadget. You must consider several factors like size, voltage, specifications, and many more. This list simplifies that for you. Have a look.

#1) Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 Grill with Air Fry

Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-In-1 Grill With Air Fry

Key features

  • 6-in-1 functionality
  • 4-quart capacity
  • Smoke control system
  • 75% less oil


Top on our list is the Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1. The miniature oven is a 4-quart cyclone grilling technology gadget that combines intelligent features. It has a smart food thermometer, a smart grill, and a combination of brilliant buttons that helps keep off guesses in your cooking.

With this smart XL grill, you can sear and sizzle your food to the perfect doneness. The outcome is obvious; crispy, juicy, and great-tasting meals in your RV.

Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 utilizes 500°F cyclonic air to char grill your roasts with the desired flavor. If you love char-grilled marks, this is the oven to go for.

The smart cook system includes nine customizable doneness levels and four smart protein settings. That means all your meats will attain the perfect doneness with a touch of a button. No over/under cooking.

It is a compact large-capacity air fryer. Ninja FG551’s frill grate holds up to 24 hot dogs at a go! If you got six steaks, they would fit and cook perfectly. And with the oven’s compact design, it can fit perfectly on your RV’s mini kitchen countertop.

Why we recommend

Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 functionality, compactness, and large capacity are a plus for every RVer.

#2) NUWAVE Brio 7-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

NUWAVE Brio 7-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

Key features

  • 7.25-quart capacity
  • 100 pre-programmed menu presets
  • Linear thermal technology
  • Reversible rack


Nuwave Brio 7-in-1 is another perfect air fryer for RV. We picked the air fryer because of its multiple presets that work in the toast, defrost, reheat, dehydrate, broil, bake, air fry, and grill features. These are all conveniently positioned and come with a 50-memory slot for saving frequent recipes.

 If you are on the go, you will find this oven easy to pick and position in your RV., thanks to its style and compactness. Besides its compact design, the air fryer is user-friendly. The controls are within your reach, precise, and easy to read in dim and light situations.

This Nuwave model comes with dishwasher-safe components that are not also difficult to hand wash. Its reversible rack is magic! It allows multilayers when cooking to prevent crumping your food on a single rack, so you can cook different recipes and save time and energy.

Cooking with Nuwave Brio 7-in-1 is convenient. The temperature ranges from 50°F to 400°F in the accuracy of 5°F increments, so you can make heat adjustments to fit your situation.

Any temperature you pick will be consistent and accurate throughout the cooking process, so no fluctuations hence perfect results. You have the freedom to make it hotter to cook faster and cooler to cook your food longer, depending on what fits you!

With this best energy-efficient air fryer, you have no messy fats, plus you can pick your favorites from the freezer and cook them directly without thawing. The basket and other components are nonstick, and the air fryer does not smoke or heat your RV.

Why we recommend

NUWAVE Brio 7-in-1 Air Fryer Oven is overall the best energy-efficient air fryer. It does not smoke and is highly recommended by RVers.

#3) DASH Tasti-Crisp Electric Air Fryer

DASH Tasti-Crisp Electric Air Fryer

Key features

  • AirCrisp Technology
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Nonstick air fryer basket
  • Auto shut


Grab this electric air fryer for healthy and the best RV air fryer recipes. Dash Tasti-Crisp air fryer cooks using AirCrisp Technology that reduces added oils by 70-80%. This modern technology doesn’t affect the flavor of your meals.

It is super quick, thus ideal for cooking in RVs where time is a limiting factor. Your food gets ready within minutes, plus the outcome is crispy and tasty. The friendly user interface includes clear dials, convenience knobs, and a three-prong plug, and it is lightweight. With a 31.5″ long cord, you can use any socket within your RV’s kitchen area.

The basket capacity for this unit is 2.6-qt, perfect for 2 to 3 persons. Generally, the air fryer is compact and will not consume your already limited space.

It is safest to use this best air fryer in your RV. Its auto-shut-off feature prevents overcooking and overheating. The air fryer’s cool-touch handle offers safety from burns and, at the same time, easy holding.

Dash Tasti-Crisp’s air fryer design is versatile. You can cook unlimited recipes, plus the crisper basket has a large surface area in the Air Fryer. That way, every meal gets sufficient air circulation, and the outcome is faster and crispier.

Why we recommend

DASH Tasti-Crisp™ Electric Air Fryer is versatile and will cook various RV air fryer recipes without any limitations.

#4) CHEFMAN Small Compact Air Fryer Healthy Cooking

CHEFMAN Small Compact Air Fryer Healthy Cooking

Key features

  • 200°F – 400°F temperature range
  • 2-quart basket
  • 60-minute timer
  • Auto-shut-off


Choose healthy living with a Chefman Small air fryer. You will achieve 98% less fat when frying, baking, broiling, roasting, grilling, etc.

The air fryer’s temperature range allows you to select what suits your recipe. And with the manual timer control, you can choose within a 60 minutes range all your foods. Reheating is also possible by pressing a button, so the cooker solves all your microwave needs.

Chefman Small air fryer comes with a compact design making it convenient to use in tiny spaces in your RVs, camping, and dorms. It is an ideal size for a small family of, say, one or two people, but you can improvise and cook your food in batches.

If you are looking for an easy-to-operate appliance, pick the Chefman Small Compact air fryer. This air fryer is a must-have, from the user-friendly interface to cleaning and storage. The air fry basket is nonstick and detachable for easy cleaning.

On the exterior, you have a cool-touch handle and surface that will never scold your hands. The auto shut-off adds to your safety and security while using this air fryer for your RV.

The little oven has a rigid body for lifelong durability and a sleek design for great aesthetics.

Why we recommend

Chefman Small, Compact Air Fryer is compact, has a durable body, and combines the perfect aesthetics.

#5) Elite Gourmet EAF-0201BG Personal 2.1 Qt Air Fryer

Elite Gourmet EAF-0201BG Personal 2.1 Qt Air Fryer

Key Features

  • 2.1-quart capacity
  • 180F to 395F degrees temperature range
  • 30-minute timer
  • Auto-shut-off
  • Cool-touch handle


Get this perfect cooking companion fryer for camping, RVs, dorms, and other limited spaces. Elite Gourmet EAF-0201BG Personal 2.1 Qt makes the perfect fit if you are looking for compactness and style.

The air fryer is easy and safe to use. The convenient control panel has all the knobs you need to operate this air fryer. The dials are clear and perfectly illuminated for use in dim and lit conditions.

After cooking, use a dishwasher to clean and sterilize the accessories for subsequent use. For exterior cleaning, wipe the air fryer with a clean damp cloth to restore its shine.

The basket and tray are nonstick and hold 2.1Qt, equivalent to 1.5lb. You will cook faster and safer than you will in a deep fryer. No smoke, spatters, or burns.

The cool-touch handle allows you to pull the drawer safely and remove your food. Elite Gourmet air fryer has a cool exterior that will not burn your hands when operating.

For controls and versatility, this mini air fryer has an adjustable time and temperature range from 180F to 395F degrees. The 30 minutes timer works by shutting off automatically at the end of the cooking period.

Why we recommend

Besides versatility, Elite Gourmet EAF-0201BG Personal 2.1 Qt is perfect for a single person, safe, super-fast, and has an excellent user interface.

What To Consider Before Purchasing the Best Air Fryer For RV

Comparatively, picking an air fryer for your kitchen seems easier than for RVs. The reason being you have all the space to place your device in your kitchen. When choosing an oven for your RV, you have to weigh several considerations before purchasing the cooker;


Your RV holds a mini kitchen, living room, dining area, and sleeping area. Sometimes, you may have to combine some spaces to accumulate every detail. Adding bulky appliances to the already tiny environment will not do you justice. Go for the smallest size that suits your requirements while at the same time offering you durability and versatility.


What’s your desired capacity? How many people are you looking to serve in your travel? As you consider the compactness, remember to pick a capacity that will not require you to cook several batches to satisfy your family.


The best appliance for an RV should be versatile. The appliance should offer several preset programs to cook different meals. With a versatile machine, you will roast, toast, dehydrate, bake, broil, sear, etc., which eliminates the need for regular pots, pans, toasters, deep fryers, grills, microwaves, and many more gadgets. An all-in-one appliance is worth every penny.


Overspending doesn’t necessarily mean that you go home with the best air fryer in your RV. Similarly, cheap stuff can be a nuisance. You don’t want to end up with a melty air fryer or one that disintegrates before you are halfway through your journey.


Wattage is a very crucial factor to consider when purchasing the best air fryer for camping and RVs. The gadget doesn’t have the same fuel you use on the cooker and stovetop. These use propane while your air fryer is electrically powered. The power source for your device is your RVs engine. That said, you don’t want a machine that embezzles all the power. You still need power for your freezer, refrigerator, washer, etc., so get one that has the right wattage.

Can I Take My Air Fryer Camping?

Yes, you can take your air fryer for camping, but you need to be sure that there is no moisture or extreme heat on your camping ground. Your air fryer is an indoor device that requires shielding from rain and sun so ensure that you use it under shade.

In addition, you need to get an air fryer that is compact to fit in your limited space. Remember that your equipment requires an electric supply.

Camping ground with a power supply is rare, so carrying a generator will come in handy. But you will have to be careful with the wattage/voltage requirements for both types of equipment, lest you blow your device.

Here is why you need an air fryer for camping;

  • Superfast in delivering meals.
  • No sitting to watch over your food as it cooks.
  • Saves you from coal and firewood smoke.
  • More compact and portable than regular grills.
  • Versatile: it cooks different foods, including fries, roasts, and bakes.
  • Consume less power than other electric ovens.

Can You Plug An Air Fryer Into A Generator?

Unlike other ovens and cookers, air fryers are the best cooking companions for RV and other travel. Their compatibility and portability make them easy to carry in outdoor events.

Everything is a plus about air fryers, but how do you power them?  Can you plug your air fryer into a generator?

Firstly, your air fryer is only safe to use with a generator if the wattage for both pieces of equipment is comparable. That is why wattage is a significant factor when purchasing the air fryer for RV and other outdoor events.

Give a preference to air fryers with a voltage between 500V and 1200V. Anything beyond that is a beast appliance that should remain at home. A generator that produces 5,500W to 7,000W is perfect.

Suppose your air fryer is more than 1300V; you need a more potent generator above 8,500W. That will give you power for two hours. If the output requirement is higher, consider using an inverter generator.

Can you use an air fryer in a caravan?

Yes, you can use an air fryer in a caravan. The machine is superfast in your meal preparation, thus allowing you time to enjoy. An air fryer is more portable, compact, easy to use, lighter weight, and easier to store than other cookers and ovens. With mini-oven, you can explore RV air fryer recipes with less or no oil.

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Final Thoughts

Your idea of using an air fryer in your RV travels is noble. You will get rid of many gadgets, including a deep fryer, microwave, oven, cooker, and many more.

The best air fryer for RV does not consume space and fits on your caravan’s small storage shelf. You can cook with it on a small table, stand, or mini kitchen counter. Besides your RV experiences, the mini gadgets are suitable for camping and outdoor adventures.

With the right generator, you should plug your air fryer and cook exciting snacks, roasts, veggies, and bakes. You will find them a perfect companion for personal use because of their compactness, superior functionalities, quick performance, and energy efficiency.