Power Air Fryer Oven Basket Not Rotating: 7 Easy way to Fix!

Last Updated on May 19, 2023 by River Tree Farms

The Power Air Fryer Oven is a revolutionary new method to cook food. It is a kitchen appliance that makes you make crispy golden brown food without using oil or just a little oil.

However, there are times in an air fryer when a particular issue develops. One common issue is the power air fryer oven basket not rotating. If the oven basket is not spinning, the air fryer will not function as it should.

What causes the oven basket not to rotate, and what should be done? There are a few things you can do to fix it. In this article, we’ll go over the most common problems and solutions.

Should an Air Fryer basket Rotate?

Yes, an air fryer basket should rotate. The air fryer cooks by circulating superheated air around your food to produce crisp food with 80% less oil. The food inside the air fryer basket needs to be rotated in the cooking process to be evenly cooked. It will also allow the food to have uniform crispiness and uniform golden brown color on your food.

Why is the power air fryer oven basket not rotating?

Why is the power air fryer oven basket not rotating

The most common thing that would make your air fryer basket not rotate is:

1. Incorrect Insertion of the basket in the air fryer

The power air fryer basket will only turn if inserted well into the rotisserie shaft socket.

If the power xl air fryer rotating mesh basket is loosely fixed to the air fryer, it will not be able to function as designed.

2. Broken Rotation Button or you didn’t press the Rotation Button

The rotation button is the one that initiates the rotation of the basket in your air fryer. If you don’t press the button or push it, the switch could be broken, and therefore, it will not engage the rotation of the air fryer’s basket in your air fryer.

3. Faulty Rotation Mesh Basket

If the rotation mesh basket is not in the proper condition, even your basket will not rotate. Such reasons would be as small as having a protruding part of the rotation mesh basket.

4. Power connection

The air fryer could be plugged on, and the power is perfectly working, but there could be loose wires that deliver power to the rotating basket. The cables could just be disconnected or have wear and tear for use over time as part of the internal parts wear out.

5. Motor breakdown

If the motor power to function has gone down, for example, it will not be able to perfectly or completely rotate the basket. Equally, the motor could be completely broken down.

6. Overcrowded power air fryer basket

Overcrowding your power xl air fryer basket means you put more excessive food than the basket can hold. Always refer to the user manual to know the amount suitable for your air fryer basket, like, can it have and rotate a whole chicken?

Stacking too much food results in the following:

  • It makes the air fryer basket too heavy for the motor to engage in rotation
  • The crowded food will keep getting stuck somewhere in the rotation cycle, thus stopping the process.

7. Poorly removing the air fryer basket.

Incorrectly removed air fryer baskets could bend or affect a small internal part but are big enough to affect the rotating function in subsequent use.

How To Fix Power Air Fryer Oven Basket Not Rotating

Is the power air fryer oven basket not rotating? Here is the quick fix to the problems we have discussed above as to why your power xl air fryer basket is not rotating.

1. Always insert your air fryer basket correctly.

How do you insert the power air fryer oven basket?

  • Assemble the spit first.
  • Insert the oven basket on the left side of the spit/into the rotisserie shaft socket.
  • Ensure the rotisserie shaft is in the correct position for rotation to occur.
  • Hook the right side of the oven basket into the hanger.

2. Remove your air fryer basket correctly

How do you remove your power air fryer oven basket?

  • Open the air fryer’s door for the cooking process and rotation to stop automatically. Alternatively, switch off the power button.
  • Place the rotisserie fetch tool under the air fryer’s rotating basket.
  • Gently and slightly lift the right side of the rotisserie fetch tool to get the rotating basket out of the bracket.
  • Shift slowly to the left side until the basket’s shaft slide out from the rotisserie shaft socket.
  • Carefully get the air fryer’s basket out.

3. Broken Rotation Button

If the rotation button is not functional, you need to contact customer service for repair or replacement.

4. Rotation mesh basket

Always ensure that the mesh basket is in good condition and as smooth as it initially should be from the manufacturer’s end. If not, you need to purchase another one.

5. Motor breakdown

If the motor breaks down, it needs to be replaced by a professional because it is a bit technical to replace it yourself.

6. Power connection

If there are loose wires, it will mostly be in the internal part, and you need to contact customer service.

7. Overcrowded Basket

Only put the correct capacity of ingredients inside the air fryer basket. It is advisable to just put one layer instead of stacking, and the rotation will be perfect.


The Power Air Fryer Oven Basket must rotate to function at its optimum level. This is an essential component of the machine’s design, as it helps keep food moving so that it cooks evenly.

Suppose you find the power air fryer oven basket not rotating or stops rotating in the cooking process. In that case, the good news is that there are several ways you can quickly fix this issue yourself if you know what’s going wrong before calling customer service for repairs. Feel free to try the above troubleshooting methods discussed in our article.