How do you fix an E2 error on an air fryer?

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The beauty of an air fryer is that it cooks food quicker and with fewer oils than traditional deep fryers. Unlikely you will find a household without an air fryer, for it has become the most convenient kitchen gadget to use.

However, it can be frustrating when you experience some error code problems while using this appliance.

The most common error code is E2. So, how do you fix an E2 error on an air fryer? It highly depends on the model of your air fryer because different brands display E2 error codes for various reasons. Therefore, this article will discuss other brands’ E2 error codes and how to solve the problem.

What does E2 error on my air fryer mean?                                          

Several things can cause E2 errors on your air fryer. Understanding your air fryer brand is essential to knowing the E2 error code.

Can you operate your air fryer if it has an E2 error code? No, until you resolve the problem.

The E2 error code in your air fryer could mean:

  • Fuse Short Circuit/ Sensor Damage

The fuse can get damaged, leading to an E2 error code. For the air fryers with anti-dry sensors, the air fryer will have an E2 error flashing when the sensors become loose.

  • Thermal sensor failure

The thermal sensors fail when the air fryer’s pot gets clogged; thus no aeration and the sensors will not be able to function normally. The E2 error code will therefore flash on display.

  • Overcrowded Baskets

If you have put more than the capacity of your air fryer basket or you have overfilled the basket, the air fryer can have an E2 error code.

  • Air fryer Overheating

The air fryer easily gets damaged if it remains overheated for a long time in the cooking process. Too much cooking oil is one of the reasons that could make your air fryer overheat. Another reason is using the air fryer for a prolonged time. It will disrupt the air fryers functioning and, therefore, display an E2 error code.

  • Air fryer Malfunction

Sometimes an air fryer will flash an E2 error code with none of those mentioned earlier. It means it is a system malfunction that you do not understand, as the most internal parts of your air fryer.

How do you fix an E2 error on an air fryer?

Are you experiencing an E2 error code on your air fryer? Here are some things you can do to fix it, depending on your air fryer’s brand.

  • Fuse Short Circuit/ Sensor Damage- If the fuse is damaged, you need to replace it with new fuses. If your available sensors have any problem or damage, It is best to contact customer service since this is an acute problem requiring professional fixation. With that, you will not have any E2 error code problems.
  • Thermal sensor failure- Do not put a cloth or paper on the pot of your air fryer. Ensure you keep your air fryer at about 15 cm from the wall. If this doesn’t work, you need to contact customer service.
  • Overcrowded basket- Remove the basket and shake so that the ingredients can scatter and create some space. If the ingredients are too much, they might not cook evenly even if the air fryer cancels the E2 error code. The best solution to this is always using a big air fryer basket and putting the required amount of food in the basket according to the manufacturer’s instructions manual.
  • Overheating- Ensure you do not use too much oil when cooking in an air fryer. Please switch off the air fryer and unplug it to let it cool naturally, and the E2 error code will be naturally resolved.
  • Air fryer malfunction- If you cannot figure out the problem with your air fryer, It is always advisable to contact customer care. Fixing it yourself would cause more damage or even a permanent malfunction.

All brand’s E2 Error Code Solution

Air fryer BrandE2 Error code causeSOLUTION
Instant vortex air fryerAnti-dry sensors damage
Overcrowded Basket
Contact Customer Care. Shake the basket or remove some ingredients Unplug and let it cool.
Morphy Richards air fryerTemperature sensor problemContact customer care to replace the temperature sensors.
Philips air fryer   Thermal Sensor
Thermal sensor short circuit
Keep your air fryer aerated. No cloth/paper on the air fryer’s port, and keep it at a distance from the wall. Contact Customer Care
Power air fryerThermal sensor short circuitContact Customer care
Gourmia air fryerThermal sensor short circuitContact Customer care
ninja dual air fryerThermal sensor short circuit System malfunctionContact Customer Care

So, what does the E2 error code mean in an air fryer? E2 error code could mean many things, as we have discussed. It is, however, clear that an E2 error code mainly flashes if you have a thermal sensor problem. It could also be a general system malfunction. When your thermal sensor fails, it is always good to contact customer care to avoid further damage to your air fryers.


E2 is a standard error in almost all air fryers. This article has helped you identify the cause of the E2 error code in your specific air fryer. If we have not mentioned your air fryer’s brand here and you have the E2 flashing error code on your display, you first check the air fryer’s manual. It should have specific instructions on troubleshooting the E2 error and fixing it. I

How do you fix an E2 error on an air fryer? If you have tried all the things we have mentioned in vain and still have troubles, your problem will best be fixed by customer service, so do not hesitate to contact them for further assistance.