15 Most Common Farberware Air Fryer Problems – How to Fix Them!

Last Updated on May 19, 2023 by River Tree Farms

Why is the Farberware Air Fryer having problems? Possibly that your air fryer is not working as it should. For any appliance, there are some primary conditions it must meet during its usage. The Farberware Air Fryer model is not exceptional and should work well with these requirements.

Many people do not know about Farberware Air Fryer Problems. I know you might be thinking that your air fryer is breaking. Most probably, no, it is not! Most of us have faced a common problem with this air fryer.

Therefore, this article will give you a better idea of this appliance, the Farberware Airfryer problems, and how to fix the common issues.

Common Farberware Air Fryer Problems and Solutions

ProblemPossible CausesSolution
The Farber air fryer is not working 1. The air fryer loses plugging into the power socket.
2. The wall socket switch is off.
3. Faulty wall socket.
4. Blown fuses.
5. Damaged power cable.
6. Not pressing the start button.
7. Wrong cooking time and temperature settings.                                 
1. Plug the air fryer properly into the power outlet.
2. Turn on the wall socket switch.
3. Replace the wall socket.
4. Replace the fuses.
5. Replace power cables.
6. Press the start button after plugging in and pressing the power button.
7. Set the correct time and temperatures according to the Faberware air fryer manual instructions.
8. Reset the Farber air fryer.
The Farber air fryer turns on, but it doesn’t heat up1. Damaged heating element.
2. Internal wiring problems.
3. General system malfunction.
1. Check for clogging and dirt in the heating element.
2. Contact customer care/professional for repair. 
Lcd Display is not lighting1. Damaged wirings, chips, and other connections supporting the display lighting.
2. System malfunction.
1. Contact customer care or an expert for repair.
Error codes1. System sensors breakdown.
2. System malfunction.
1. Reset the air fryer.
2. Contact customer service.
Indicator lights are not working1. Faulty wiring system.
2. Faulty indicator system.
1. Contact a professional / customer care.
2. Replace the indicator system.
The Faberware door is not working1. Broken handles.
2. Food debris.
3. Overcrowded basket.
4. Improperly placed air fryer basket.
1. Replace the air fryer basket pan with handles, and do not open the door forcefully.
2. Check for any food debris blocking the door and remove it.
3. Do not overcrowd the basket; just put a layer or two of the food.
Farberware airfryer fan not working1. Fan obstructed by something.
2. Fan Motor broke down.
3. Wiring and connection problems.
4. No cooking function was selected.
1. Check for any obstructions and clear them.
2. Replace the fam motor –with a professional one.
3. Select a cooking function
4. Contact customer care.
Damaged Faberware air fryer timer knob and temperature knob1. Forceful usage and significantly beyond the limit.
2. Accidental knock-off breaking the knobs.
3. Loose timer and temperature knobs.
1. Always use the timer knob within the indicated limit.
2. Be cautious when you are handling the air fryer and especially around the area of the knob.
3. Fasten off the knobs.
4. Contact customer care or an expert for repair. 
The cooking process doesn’t start.1. Improper air fryer basket positioning.
2. No cooking function selection.
1. Position the air fryer basket properly. You can refer to the Farberware air fryer manual.
2. Always select the correct cooking function.
Farberware produces an odor/smell.1. It happens when the air fryer is new from the manufacturer’s desk.
2. Improper cleaning of food residues and debris.
1. When your Farberware air fryer is new, run it when empty at 400 degrees Fahereint between 10-15 minutes, leave it to cool, and then clean the air fryer basket using mild dishwashing soap and a soft sponge.
2. Clean your air fryer properly after every use, and ensure no residues are left.
Farberware air fryer produces smoke1. New appliance.
2. Cooking very greasy food.
3. Use high-low smoking point oil.
4. Wrong selection for the food to be cooked.
1. Run the air fryer for 10 minutes without food and clean it after cooling.
2. Cook less greasy foods.
3. Use oils with a high smoking point, like avocado oil.
4. Choose the correct cooking function that matches your ingredients.
Undercooked food in the Farberware air fryer1. Cooking in low temperatures.
2. Not flipping the food in the cooking process.
3. Having less cooking time.
4. Overcrowded basket.
5. System malfunction.
1. Set the correct cooking temperatures.
2. Flip and shake the food halfway through the cooking process.
3. Set the correct time or add more time.
4. Put one layer when cooking to ensure that hot air evenly reaches the food.
5. Contact customer care.
Farber air fryer overcooked food1. Not flipping the food, so the food overcooks on some parts.
2. Very high temperatures than required by the ingredients.
3. Prolonging the cooking time.
4. The auto shut-off feature is damaged, so there is no control of the temperatures when they get too high.
1. Flip and shake the food after a couple of minutes in the cooking process.
2. Regulate the temperatures accordingly.
3. Set the required cooking time according to the recipe instructions.
4. Contact a professional or customer care for the auto shut-off feature repair.
Faber air fryer soggy and non-crispy food1. Cooking food at shallow temperatures.
2. Select a cooking function not compatible with your ingredients.
3. Too much moisture in your food before putting it in the air fryer basket.
1. Set the correct highest possible temperatures.
2. Select the correct cooking function for the ingredients.
3. Pat dry your food before placing it in the air fryer basket.
Farberware French fries are soggy, unevenly cooked, and not crispy.1. Frozen potatoes.
2. Very most potatoes dripping water.
3. Purely no oil is used.
4. Low temperatures used in cooking.
1. Use freshly cut potatoes.
2. Wash potatoes before peeling; do not wash after, but if you must, leave them for some time to dry or pat dry using a clean cloth.
3. Select the French fries cooking function instead of trying to adjust the temperatures and time manually.

We have mentioned the common Faber air fryer problems in a precise way. If you  still cannot figure out whatever is wrong with your air fryer and it is misbehaving in the cooking process, try the following reset method:

  • Switch off the farber airfryer
  • Unplug your Farber air fryer from the power outlet
  • Leave it to rest and cool for between 20-30 minutes
  • Plug it back and switch it on

If this method works, your Farber air fryer has a minor issue. Suppose the problem persists, or it comes back almost immediately. In that case, It will be best if you contact customer service or a professional knowledgeable about the Farber air fryer system and its functioning.

Please note:

If you do not understand the problem with your Farberware air fryer or do not know what to do, Do not attempt to fix the problem. It will otherwise worsen the situation of your air fryer, posing a risk of total breakdown. Consider contacting customer care for assistance.

Does the Farberware air fryer have a reset button?

Yes. Farber airfryer has areset button at the bottomof the airfryer. You can, however, confirm from the Farber air fryer manual, depending on the model you are using.

The primary function of the reset button is to automatically shut off the air fryer when it senses too much heating inside. It, therefore, prevents the food from burning or overcooking.

You can also use it to reset your Farberware air fryer if the unplugging method we discussed earlier did not work. Sometimes it is hard to reach the button as it looks like it is tucked inside. Use a pencil and carefully press the button once. The air fryer will return to the default settings.


We hope that this article has clarified any potential issues with your Farberware Air Fryer, and hopefully, it will give you some insight into what you can do to fix them.

As you can see, the Farberware Air Fryer may be a high-quality, durable product, but it has flaws. Users have run into heat issues and light indicators, and sometime it will not even ultimately work, thus frustrating you big time.

So hopefully, now that you’ve read this article, you will quickly solve your problem now and in the future.