Power Air Fryer Xl Reset Button – Instantly Fix Any Problem!

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Power Air Fryer xl Reset Button is a useful feature for air fryer users. It can help if the users face any problem with its features not working properly. The reset button on a power air fryer xl design will reset your fryer back to the default settings fryer.

Resetting will restore the air frying presets you made to your Power Air Fryer xl. It includes temperature settings, cooking sensors, and cooling fan circulation, among many others.

The power air fryer xl reset button may fix many basic errors. Among them, intense heat, display errors, and control panel problems are common issues.

If you need to reset your power air fryer xl, this article is for you!

About Power Air Fryer Xl Reset Button And Location

About Power Air Fryer Xl Reset Button And Location

The power air fryer xl reset button is just a simple safety button, yet essential. The button is light grey in color. It is located below the lower right side on the LCD digital screen of the power air fryer xl. Utilizing it returns the air fryer to default settings.

Resetting switches on all the cooking sensors. The changes you made can cause the air fryer to malfunction. The factory reset function can resolve those problems. This is why the resetting process is critical.

The Purpose of the Power Air Fryer Xl Reset Button

Purpose Of The Power Air Fryer Xl Reset Button

The reset button on your Power air fryer fulfills two features. It can act as a

  • Safety Measure that acts as an automatic safety switch. So when the fryer gets heated, this switch can automatically turn it off. Then the machine will restart at a lower heat level and pressure. This will prevent blown fuse, and burnt or overcooked food.
  • Troubleshooting Feature that resets functions back to original and resolves the issue easily.

Only reset the power air fryer xl in case:

  1. The appliance stops working properly.
  2. It becomes unresponsive.
  3. Power air fryer xl flashing light stops indicating air fryer fan circulation.

Guide to resetting the Power Air Fryer XL Reset Button Easily

resetting the Power Air Fryer XL Reset Button

The power button is at the bottom-most and the central part of the Digital display screen. It has the shape of a pencil eraser. Follow these two major ways to reset your air fryer. The process is described in detailed instructions down below:

The first way of resetting involves:

  • Unplugging the air fryer: First, you need to unplug the fryer’s power cable from the power outlet. Unplugging the power cord will cut the power supply to the air fryer. Your Power AirFryer needs to cool down. Then it is good and safe to open.
  • Clearing the fryer compartment: Empty and move any food or food residuals from the air fryer basket. Clean the basket out of the machine because Power Airfryer is not waterproof.
  • Resetting period: Let the air fryer rest unconnected for about 10-15 minutes. It is a resetting period when your air fryer reset to return to the original settings.
  • Plugging in the air fryer: Plug back the power air fryer xl cable into a power plug. Press the power button to turn the device on. Check if the power air fryer xl is working properly. The air fryer will reset to the correct settings. But this is not a factory reset. For factory settings, you need to use the power air fryer xl reset button. It is explained below in the second method.

The second way of resetting involves:

  • Pressing and releasing the power air fryer xl reset button now that the power air fryer xl is cooled down.
  • If a power xl flashing light ‘C’ appears on the digital display, the fryer has gone back to default settings.
  • The cooking sensors will go back to presets.

Reset Button Safety Precaution: Things to Remember

During resetting the air fryer, some precautions should be taken for safety reasons. Some of them are:

  • Please read the user manual properly before starting.
  • Do not use it when the power air fryer xl is still hot.
  • Just press lightly to reset the fryer.
  • Do not persistently press the reset button if the power air fryer xl flashing light C does not appear.
  • Make sure the fryer doesn’t have faulty components before resetting.
  • Use the reset button only when necessary.

Please note:

Your air fryer might still be misbehaving after using the power air fryer xl reset button with no C is flashing. In this case, you need to contact the manufacturer’s customer care. The appliance could be experiencing a major system malfunction.

Reasons for Power Air Fryer Xl are not working.

There are several reasons your power air fryer xl is not working even after resetting the device. Often faults in the control panel or faulty extension cord can cause this problem. Other reasons include:

1. Power loss:

It is the first thing you should check when your air fryer is not working. Your household may have different connections for lighting and power outlets. If so, make sure the external power supply is okay before you assume your air fryer is not working.

2. Faulty Socket:

Any time your power air fryer xl is not working, check your power outlet first. A faulty electric socket does not power the air fryer. Try connecting your air fryer to another power socket to rule out a defective wall socket.

3. Damaged Power Cable:

The power cable can get worn and torn down over a period of time. This can cut the power transfer capability through the line. Check for some visible folds and tear in your cable. A faulty power cable cannot protect the device from a power surge.

4. Blown Fuse:

A blown fuse can be another reason why the device is not working. The plug of an air fryer has a built-in safety feature called a fuse. It prevents the air fryer from getting damaged during an electrical surge. When the fuse gets blown, the plug cannot continue the power flow to the fryer.

5. Improperly closed Air Fryer Basket:

The power air fryer xl design is such that if the air fryer basket is not closed and inserted correctly, the air fryer will not work at all. It works as a safety feature for you and ensures proper food cooking. So make sure you insert the frying basket properly.

6. Air fryers System Malfunction:

If the reasons above are ruled out, your air fryer might have severe system malfunctions. One major or several internal parts can be faulty. Such as a blown thermal fuse. Blue smoke or an unpleasant smell is indicative of system malfunctions. Do not take the problem into your hands in this case, and make sure you contact customer care.


The power air fryer xl reset button is essential for your air fryer. It is a built-in automatic shutdown function to save you from accidents. It also allows you to use the air fryer again after it has started misbehaving.

The reset button will automatically shut off the air fryer whenever it overheats. So, it keeps your food crisp and prevents burning or overcooking.

We hope this article has helped you better understand the power air fryer xl reset button. Now you can get your air fryer back up and running again!