Why Is My Dog Afraid Of The Air Fryer? Things To Do!

Last Updated on May 19, 2023 by River Tree Farms

I know you are glad you found this! I’m so excited to relieve your anxiety about your dog’s fear of the air fryer. I am a lover of air fryers, and I love dogs even more. When I got my air fryer two years ago, the first use reduced my courageous Labrador dog into a piece of trembling little thing.

It happened twice, thrice, and enough was enough for the question, ‘Why is my dog afraid of the air fryer?

It is essential to understand what’s happening in your dog’s head.

I did some research and talked to people who had the same problem, and now I know a lot that I will share with you here.

Why is My Dog Afraid of the Air Fryer When I am cooking?

When we talk of the dog being afraid, it will be physical and visible, and you can quickly tell the dog is having an air fryer dog scare. A dog that is afraid of an air fryer will have the following signs:

  • Uncontrollable trembling that looks like a seizure
  • Run away in terror
  • Heavy panting
  • Tucked tail
  • Seek out an escaping spot
  • Whimpering
  • Bark while shaking
  • High-pitch whine

Remember, different dogs will behave differently, and some may not even be afraid, even when in the same running air fryer environment with their partners.

The air fryer will make the dog suddenly afraid when it starts running due for these reasons:

  • The beeping sound

The sound mostly comes when the air fryer’s cooking time has elapsed. The beeping sound is loud and constant, making some dogs afraid and uncomfortable.

  • The whirring noise

The whirring noise of an air fryer is normal due to the cooking process activities inside the air fryer. For example, the air fryer fan will work; in some air fryers, the air fryer basket will rotate, and even the whirl circulation of the hot air. That noise will make a dog hate the air fryer and gets very afraid.

  • A smoking Air Fryer

Many dogs are afraid of smoke coming out of the air fryer. Smoke is very sensory; it will make your dog react. Usually, an air fryer does not emit smoke unless there is an issue with the oil used or a faulty air fryer.

  • Frequency emission

Please note that this is subject to more research. There is a chance that the cyclonic air in the air fryer cooking process will emit an ultrasonic frequency that a dog will hear and get afraid of, but a human will not because a dog has a better hearing sense than a human.

Is an air fryer perfect for dogs?

Yes, it is suitable for dogs, but you need to know what to do if your dog gets afraid:

  • Give the dog treats or bones when the air fryer starts running
  • Play with the balls to make the dog comfortable and used to
  • Acclimatize-Change environment

Can dogs eat air fryer food?

Absolutely yes! And they love it. You can air fry your dog’s favorite food and even make it some treats like biscuits.


I hope that my article has been helpful to you. It is now quite clear why your dog shakes when the air fryer is cooking.

Ringing in your mind is: “why is my dog afraid of the air fryer?” In a nutshell, your dog fears the air fryer because it doesn’t sound like anything familiar. Eventually, your dog will likely be used to the sound of your air fryer. You will also participate in easing nervousness by giving it more attention when the air fryer is in action.