Is Your Blackstone Air Fryer Not Working? Here’s What to Do

Last Updated on May 19, 2023 by River Tree Farms

Your black stone air fryer not working can be a point of concern and worry. We understand how essential it is among your kitchen appliances. From time to time, you might face problems with your beloved air fryer. Invisible or visible damage may render your appliance unsafe. It can also ruin your batch of food.

There are many reasons for not getting optimum cooking from your air fryer. Faulty motors, issues with the control panels, and wiring are some of the common reasons. The problem with temperature setting is another common issue. Excessive heat and burnt or undercooked foods are indicative of the problems.

Problems like that usually require basic troubleshooting steps. I’ve compiled the below-mentioned steps from an air fryer expert. So if your Blackstone air fryer stopped working while cooking, this article is for you!

How Does My Blackstone Airfryer Work?

The Blackstone air fryer comes as a part of the Blackstone air fryer griddle combo. However, the air fryer is an independent unit. It air fries just like any other air fryer oven or even better. The primary source of energy for the whole system is propane gas.

The black stone air fryer depends on two sources of power. The propane to fire up the air fryer burner and the electricity that powers the fan. The fan then circulates the heat throughout the cooking process to air fry your food.

Why Is My Blackstone Air Fryer Not Working?

Blackstone Air Fryer Not Working

The black stone air fryer is not working due to three main problems:

  1. Problem with Propane Tank
  2. Problem with Power Connectivity or Electricity
  3. Problem by System Malfunction

Let’s know about these problems in detail to figure out why your air fryer stopped working:

1. Propane Gas Related Problems

The black stone air fryer needs gas from the propane tank. As the primary fuel source, propane filled fuel tank ignites the system. The gas problems will arise when:

  • Failure to press the igniter button of the air fryer

By pressing the igniter button, you supply the energy to air fry your food. Many people are just pushing the electrical switch. Once you press that switch, the fan starts working, producing noise. You may think the air fryer is working, but the air fryer needs the propane ignition to function. The proper ignition step calls for pressing the igniter button.

  • Gas depletion

Propane burners need propane to function. The Blackstone air fryer and Blackstone griddle top are propane burners. So, propane is their fuel. If the fuel tank is empty, the combo cooking device won’t start. There won’t be any heating element for blackstone air fryer. So check if gas has depleted from the fuel tank.

  • Poor Propane Gas Flow

Propane gas has no odor. So it is hard to tell when the gas is leaking from the fuel tank. You can test by lighting a matchbox to test any leakage in the fuel tank. But you must be extremely careful to avoid fire hazards. There can also be a problem with the supply valves, burner tubes, and knobs. As the fuel tank is the heat source, gas flow is necessary.

2. The Electricity/ Power Related Problems

The electricity is what powers the black stone air fryer fan. Without the fan, there will be no hot air circulation inside your air fryer. Ineffective heat circulation will cause poor temperature control. Therefore, the following reasons will cause blackstone air fryer fan not to work:

  • Not Plugging in The Blackstone Air Fryer:

Blackstone Air Fryer Griddle Combo needs to have an electrical power source. This is how blackstone air fryer fan circulates heat. The heat generated from the fuel tank may not be circulated for issues with power.

  • Not pressing Blackstone air fryer Fan switch.

The air fryer fan will start working once you switch on the power. The switch location is at the front of the air fryer beside the warming basket.

  • Damaged power cable

The power cable with cuts, tears, and frayings will cause stop working. It is also a risk to the user. It will not run the air fryer fan. If power cords are faulty, the user should change them immediately for safety reasons.

  • Faulty power outlet

The wall socket is the standard power outlet for the power supply to the air fryer. A faulty wall socket will not supply power. The blackstone air fryer fan will then stop and cause ineffective heat circulation.

  • Blown Fuses

The power cable plug has fuses that blow as a safety mechanism protecting the air fryer. When the fuses blow, the power cable will not work. So, it will not supply the power needed to run the blackstone air fryer fan. Issues with the fan will cause Ineffective heat circulation.

  • Loose Plugging in

You might think you have connected the power cable to the power outlet, but the plugging is loose. It will not tap the power from the source to the plug and up the power cable to the air fryer.

  • Dead Battery

The blackstone air fryer has a battery-operated igniter. Ignition needs a double battery. This is a unique feature. Batteries are not provided with The blackstone air fryer griddle combo. Check the igniter box to see if the battery socket has batteries. Also, check if the batteries are dead.

3. System Malfunction Problems

System malfunction means a specific part or multiple parts of the air fryer are not working. For example:

  • Fan not working

The fan will not work if there is no electricity supply due to faulty power cables or power issues. If you do not turn on blackstone air fryer fan, the fan does not run. It also can be that the fan is broken and needs repairing.

  • The blackstone air fryer is not heating up.

Faults in temperature settings can cause heating issues. Ineffective heat circulation may cause the blackstone air fryer to not heat up.

  • General system failure

The Blackstone air fryer has complex internal wiring and other connections. If there is a single loose connection or disconnected wiring, the air fryer will not work. Lack of repair, old parts, and poor maintenance cause a general system failure.

How To Fix The Blackstone Air Fryer When It’s Not Working?

Fix The Blackstone Air Fryer When It's Not Working

Now that we know the reasons blackstone air fryers may not work, let’s discuss how to fix those problems.

1. Gas issue:

  • Always press the ignition button to start the air fryer cooking process.
  • Ensure the fuel tank is filled.
  • Check the valves and the knob’s conditions.
  • Clean the burner assembly in case there is any obstruction.
  • Contact customer service for repair if necessary.

2. Electricity Issue:

  • Always press the fan switch on
  • Repair or replace the damaged power cables
  • Plugin correctly
  • Replace the blown fuses
  • Replace faulty socket
  • Replace dead battery

3. System Malfunction problems:

The blackstone air fryer has tons of attachments. So finding out specific system malfunctions can be tough. There are indicators of system problems. The light is not working, the touchscreen is not working, the fan is not running, etc.

How Do You Ignite The Blackstone Air Fryer?

Below are the steps for igniting the black stone air fryer:

  • Switch on the air fryer fan button.
  • Turn the temperature knob to the preferred cooking temperatures, i.e., high, medium, or low.
  • Press the ignition knob

How Long Does The Blackstone Air Fryer Take To Heat Up?

The black stone air fryer will instantly heat up when you press the ignition button. However, it will take more time to heat up if you take time between pressing the fan switch and the ignition button. Otherwise, the air fryer will heat up in less than 5 minutes.

When to Seek Professional Help?

Try to confirm if it is not the minor problems we discussed for air fryer not heating up.

If not, please call customer care. Try to repair or consider replacing your appliance with another Blackstone air fryer.


Now you’ve discovered what can cause your Blackstone air fryer not to work. Also, how to fix the problem and how to prevent future problems. If you find your black stone air fryer not working, try to use our tips.

You can use the solutions discussed above first. But if the problem still persists, consider calling customer service. You can also replacing your blackstone air fryer. Happy air frying!