Blackstone Air Fryer Not Working – Troubleshooting Tips

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We all want to eat healthy food, especially in our day to day, where calories have become the source of almost all lifestyle diseases. That’s why your black stone air fryer not working is a point of concern and worry as you need to continue enjoying your healthy, oil-free, and super crispy food.

Why is your Blackstone air fryer not working? Recently, I’ve had a friend having trouble with her Blackstone air fryer. We called customer care and didn’t get much help as there were just minor problems that someone helped us identify and correct, and the air fryer worked perfectly.

I then decided to write this article so you will not suffer as we did, so please read and get help!

Why Is My Blackstone Air Fryer Not Working?

Blackstone Air Fryer Not Working

The black stone air fryer is not working Due to three main problems: The electricity, the propane gas or the System malfunction problem.

The Blackstone air fryer is part of a system with a Blackstone griddle top. The air fryer, however, is an independent unit that air fries just like any other air fryer or even better. The primary source of energy for the whole system is propane gas.

The black stone air fryer depends on two sources of power, the propane to fire up the air fryer burner and the electricity that powers the fan. The fan then circulates the heat the propane-ignited burner produces to air fry your food.

Now that we have understood our air fryer independently from the black stone air fryer grill, let us look at the possible reasons causing your black stone air fryer not to work.

1. Gas-Related Problems

The black stone air fryer needs propane gas as the primary fuel source to ignite the system. The gas problems will arise when:

  • Failure to press the ignitor button of the air fryer

By pressing the ignitor button, that’s when you supply the energy to air fry your food. The main problem with most people is just pushing the electrical switch. Once you press that switch, the fan starts working, producing noise. You may think the air fryer is working, but the air fryer needs the propane ignition to function.

  • Gas depletion

The gas can deplete, and the air fryer will not produce the heat that circulates.

  • Poor gas disconnection

Propane gas has no odor, so it is hard to tell when the gas is leaking along with the supply. You can test by lighting a matchbox to test any leakage, but you must be extremely careful to avoid fire hazards. It can also be a problem with the supply valves and knobs.

2. The Electricity/ Power Related Problems

The electricity is what powers the black stone air fryer fan. Without the fan, there will be no hot air circulation inside your air fryer. Therefore, the following will cause the air fryer fan not to work and, eventually, the air fryer:

  • Not pressing the air fryer switch

The air fryer fan will start working when you switch on the power. The switch location is at the front of the air fryer beside the warming basket.

  • Damaged power cable

The power cable with cuts bends, and frayings will not only stop working, but it will also be a risk to the user. It will not run the air fryer fan.

  • Faulty power outlet

The wall socket is the standard power outlet for the power supply to the air fryer. A faulty wall socket will not supply power to the air fryer.

  • Blown Fuses

The power cable plug has fuses that blow as a safety mechanism protecting the air fryer. When the fuses blow, the power cable will not work, so it will not supply the power needed to run the air fryer.

  • Loose Plugging in

You might think you have connected the power cable to the power outlet, but the plugging is loose. It will, therefore, not tap the power from the source to the plug and up the power cable to the air fryer.

  • Dead Battery

The battery stores the power, which turns on when it has power.

  • System Malfunction Problems

System malfunction means a specific part or multiple parts of the air fryer are not working. For example:

  • Fan not working

The fan will not work if there is no electricity supply due to the power cable or power issues. If you do not switch on the air fryer fan, the fan does not run, or it can be that the fan is spoilt and needs repair or replacement.

  • The black stone air fryer is not heating up

The Blackstone grill and air fryer need propane ignition to work. The air fryer will, therefore, not heat up if you do not press the ignition button. By pressing the ignition button, the air fryer burners start supplying heat to the air fryer.

  • General system failure

The Blackstone air fryer has complex internal wiring and other connections. If there is a single loose connection or disconnected wiring, the air fryer will not work. It can be a general machine failure, mainly if you have used it for a long time without replacing it.

How To Fix The Blackstone Air Fryer When It’s Not Working?

Fix The Blackstone Air Fryer When It's Not Working

About the problems we have discussed above:

Gas issue:

  • Always press the ignition button to start the air fryer cooking process
  • Ensure the gas has a refill
  • Check the valves and the knobs conditions always
  • Clean the burner assembly in case there is any obstruction.
  • Contact customer service for repair

Electricity Issue:

  • Always press the switch on
  • Repair or replace the damaged power cables
  • Plug incorrectly
  • Replace the blown fuses
  • Replace faulty socket
  • Replace dead battery

System Malfunction problems:

If you have confirmed it is not the minor problems we discussed for the fan not working and the air fryer not heating up, please call customer care for repair or consider replacing your appliance with another Blackstone air fryer.

How Do You Ignite The Blackstone Air Fryer?

Below are the steps of igniting the black stone air fryer:

  1. Switch on the air fryer fan button.
  2. Turn the temperature knob to the preferred cooking temperatures, i.e., high, medium, or low.
  3. Press the ignition knob.

How Long Does The Blackstone Air Fryer Take To Heat Up?

The black stone air fryer will instantly heat up when you press the ignition button. However, it will take more time to heat up if you take time between pressing the fan switch and the ignition button.

Otherwise, the air fryer will heat up in less than 5 minutes.


Now you’ve discovered what can cause your Blackstone air fryer not to work, how to fix the problem, and most likely, how to prevent future problems. It’s also important to note that if you find your black stone air fryer not working, do not return it yet.

There are a variety of effective fixes as we have mentioned above you can use first before calling customer service or thinking of replacing. I hope this article has helped clear up some confusion surrounding why your air fryer is not working.

All the best!

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