Why is Blackstone Air Fryer Not Heating Up? Here’s what to do!

Last Updated on September 19, 2023 by River Tree Farms

Your Blackstone air fryer is not heating up when you have set up everything for roasting/searing/baking sulks. You have no idea whether it will be a quick fix, a visit to the repair center, or an expensive ship back.

If it is an operational fault, you are going to fix it faster than you can believe and resume your cooking process. But a technical or mechanical problem will require expertise to resolve.

Of course, you have your Blackstone air fryer instructions, but a guide expounds the resolutions further. If you cannot grasp whatever is in the booklet, look at this short guide to determine the source of your air fryer problems.

Why Isn’t My Blackstone Air Fryer Heating Up?

Why is Blackstone Air Fryer Not Heating Up

Your Blackstone air fryer not heating is a symptom of several malfunctioning components. That’s more complicated and requires an expert to scrutinize and resolve the problem. It could also mean an operational mishap where you mishandle its components.

Read the below factors to enlighten yourself on the genesis of the heating problem in your air fryer and ways of resolving it for good. Have a glance!

1. You Didn’t Plug-In Or Switch On Your Appliance

Not plugging in or switching on your appliance is an operational error that can cause your Blackstone air fryer not to heat up. Your air fryer is an electrical gadget that heats up only when there is power flow in its element.

Do not assume that you connected the plug and switched it on. It could cost you heavily calling home a tech only for him to find out that it is an unplugged/unswitched connection. A bit of keenness will save you from embarrassment, so inspect the cable to determine if it is plugged in or the switch is on for continuity.

2. The Plug Or The Internal Thermal Fuse Is Faulty

Your Blackstone air fryer has both the plug and the internal fuse. When either of these crashes, that’s a basis for not heating up.

A damaged fuse is a mechanical malfunction whose quickest solution is a replacement. But first, test both fuses for continuity and then replace them with a functional one if necessary. If the fuse isn’t the problem, check the heating element.

3. The Heating Element Is Old Or Malfunctioning

Your appliance’s heating coil/element emits heat, which blows over your food with the help of the fan. The component is extra fragile and can break during cleaning and inserting/removing the tray.

In addition, it is not rare to reach its dead-end while other components are still functional, as its work is immense. That’s why it is not heating up. Check for physical damages such as breakage and test with a multimeter to determine its condition.

A replacement of a dead component can save you a summable amount of money as you don’t need to purchase a new appliance. But if you find yourself replacing the element more often than normal, your appliance’s electric wiring could be faulty, thus causing a short circuit. A complete investigation by tech can help diagnose the hitch appropriately.

4. Is Your Air Fryer Drawer Closed? 

When your air fryer drawer is open, the oven will not start, nor will it heat up. Worry less, as your Blackstone air fryer is not faulty. Failure to heat up is a safety mature. All air fryers function so that they will never start or heat up, and the fan will not work unless you close the drawer appropriately. A closed drawer controls the heat from causing a fire in your kitchen.

5. Did You Select The Temp/Time?

Failing to select the appropriate temperature or dialing a low one will not allow heating up. What is the temperature required for your recipe? Dial the digits correctly to ensure that the oven heats up sufficiently. Let the levels match your recipe requirement.

6. Faulty temperature knob

You have dialed the temperature correctly, but the heating element is not producing enough heat. The oven temperatures are not rising, so the controls could be the problem. You need to open the panel and check if the interiors are functioning.

In most cases, when the control panel is not working, the dial will not also not function. You can consult a technician if the Blackstone air fryer service center is out of reach.

7. Your Blackstone Air Fryer Is Obsolete

Overuse of any kitchen appliance can lead to antiquation. You love your Blackstone air fryer, but it is falling apart.

Although your air fryer looks outwardly neat, the internal operations are dead. The buttons, wiring, and even the cables begin malfunctioning. Eventually, the heating element cannot heat up. There is nothing you can do with an obsolete appliance.

Your choices are limited to buying a new appliance. Check out our guides on the best air fryers in 2023 and pick your choice. In addition, find out on your Blackstone air fryer instructions manual the right way to dispose of your dead unit.

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How Long Does The Blackstone Air Fryer Take To Preheat?

Blackstone Air Fryer Take To Preheat

Before the actual cooking, your air fryer will require preheating. Preheating is a preparation for the cooking program that you will select and its temperature requirements. But how long will your air fryer take to preheat?

When turning your air fryer, you will have to run the preheat function for 5 minutes. When the five minutes are over, you can place your food in the drawer, select the program and begin the cooking process by resetting the recipe’s Tempe/time.

And to equip you with a few preheating tips;

  • Preheating saves cooking time.
  • The process aids in cooking your food evenly.
  • Thaw your food quickly by preheating your Blackstone air fryer.
  • If you forgot to preheat, add an extra five minutes to the cooking time.
  • Your food is not going to flop if you forget to preheat.
  • Ingredients cook right away.
  • Preheating your oven gives you desirable crispiness.

The golden rule for preheating your Blackstone air fryer is to check the specifications in the manual. Some models differ in the operation process. You will find others with preheat setting control. That’s easy to use as you only press the preheat control, and you are good to go.

When the time is up for preheating, they alert you. Whichever way, your gadget is unique and requires mastery of the operation processes to succeed in your recipes.

Does The Blackstone Griddle With Air Fryer Need Electricity?

Blackstone Griddle With Air Fryer Need Electricity

Many griddles use propane to power them. Your Blackstone model too. But a combo unit with an air fryer and a griddle top will require electricity.

Though the propane fuels the unit, it is sufficient to heat the griddle surface but not to run the air fryer. You will still require electricity to power the fan, which circulates hot air when you are searing, frying, baking, etc.

Your Blackstone air fryer fan requires 125 watts to rotate. That means a regular 120 VAC source is sufficient to power your oven, which you can’t get from propane fuel. If you do not have power, a generator can help supply you with the required power for your Blackstone griddle and air fryer combo.


With your Blackstone air fryer not heating up, you cannot move beyond stacking your ingredients in the air fry basket. Not having the necessary tips for handling your appliance worsens the situation. And that’s the motive for this guide; to share with you the perfect approach to heating issues.

A broken heating element, non-functioning temp/timer knob, obsolescence, misplaced drawer, and even a faulty socket, are some of the causes of your air fryer not warming up. Some fixes require you to dig deeper in your pocket, while others are free to solve. Diagnose your appliance appropriately to avoid unnecessary costs.