Bella Air Fryer Problems? Here Are Some Tips!

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It is always very frustrating to have issues with an appliance you have trusted for several months or even years. We expect them to work as always, and sometimes that expectation is not met.

It happens with any kitchen appliance. When it comes to Bella Air Fryer Problems, they become more irritating than usual because they can ruin the provision of your healthy, oil-free that no other appliance in your kitchen will provide.

That said, if you are a Bella Air Fryer owner and are facing issues with your gadget, this article is for you. Hopefully, my review will help you identify and fix the Bella air fryer problems so that your experience is as positive as possible.                                                      

Bella air fryer Problems and Solutions

Bella Air Fryer Problems

Problem No 1:

Bella air fryer is not working

When we are talking about the air fryer not working, it might be just a part of the air fryer that is not working or the whole system of the air fryer. We are going to look at both below:

When the entire system is not working, the possible reason is:

  • Improperly positioned air fryer basket

The Bella air fryer will not work when the air fryer basket is not in its correct position. It is a safety feature for most air fryer brands, so your air fryer will not start running and cooking anything.

 Always insert the air fryer basket properly. You can refer to the Bella air fryer manual.

  • Loose plug-in

A loose plug into the power outlet will make you think your air fryer has a problem. Any slight knock might make the plug lose; however loose the pin is, your air fryer will not power on, leave alone work. Ensure that the plug insert is firm in the power outlet.

  • Damaged power cable

If you see any bends or fraying on the air fryer’s power cable, it is not working. The air fryer depends on the power cord for the power transmission. If it is not working, the air fryer will also not work. Repair or replace any damaged power cable.

  • Faulty power socket

A faulty power socket will not provide power to the power cables plug. So there is no power for your air fryer, and it will not work. Replace the power socket or use another working socket in the kitchen.

  • Blown fuse

Fuses in the air fryer plug blow when a power surge protects your air fryer. The air fryer will not work again until there are working fuses to continue watching your air fryer. Therefore, replace the fuse with new working fuse.

  • Power outage

Imagine it can be a power loss in your home or area. Before anything, confirm that your air fryer is not working because of a power outage. Wait until there is power restoration, and your air fryer will start working.

  • Power off

You may plug the air fryer, but if you forget to power it on, the air fryer will not work.

Power the air fryer on immediately after plugging it in.

The Bella air fryer can also have a particular part not working, as discussed below:

The Bella air fryer fan is not working

The air fryer fan may stop working if:

  1. The safety switch is not active
  2. The fan is loosely attached                         
  3. The fans motor is faulty
  4. Debris is obstructing the fan circulation

To fix this:

  • Ensure the safety switch is active
  • Fasten the fan
  • Clear any obstruction from the circulatory fan circle
  • Contact customer care to replace the broken motor.  

Bella air fryer touch screen not working

The air fryer touch screen is not working because:

  1. The touch screen has been mishandled or forcefully pressed
  2. Exposure to some water that most likely sipped through
  3. Foreign materials inside the touchscreen
  4. Wires and other disconnections powering on the touchscreen
  5. The touchscreen is in inactive mode
  6. Error code display; hence cannot select any other option

To Fix This

  • Contact customer care for assistance in case of water or disconnections.
  • Reset using the Bella air fryer reset button to return the air fryer to default settings.

I have written an in-detail article about Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working. Check here:

The Bella air fryer power button is faulty.

The air fryer will not turn on if you can’t use the power it on. You can only contact customer service for repair.

Problem No 2:                                              

The Bella air fryer is not heating up


  • Internal wiring disconnections cut the power from reaching the heating element.
  • Improperly closed door and or lid.
  • Incorrect temperature and timer settings.

To fix this:

  • Contact customer care if the issue is beyond your capacity.
  • Make sure there is a clicking sound when you close your door to ensure that it is properly closed.
  • Set the correct temperatures and understand the difference between degrees Fahrenheit and Celcius.
  • Set the correct timer.

Problem No 3:

Bella air fryer foul smell/odor


  • Just newly used.
  • Previous cooking residuals.
  • Power cable/plug burning.

To fix this:

  • In the first use of your Bella air fryer, power and start up the air fryer with nothing in the air fryer basket. Let it run for at least 15 minutes. Let it cool before washing it with mild dishwashing soap and water.
  • Ensure you clean the Bell air fryer after every use. Be particular in removing any debris and dirt. Keep your air fryer dry.
  • Check for any burnings and melting on the power cable and the plug. Disconnect and contact customer care.

Problem No 4:

Bella air fryer smoky while cooking

Causes of the smoky air fryer

  • Cooking food with a lot of oil and grease that splatters into the heating element causes smoke.
  • Using oil with a low smoking point.
  • Burning residuals or food debris on the heating element.
  • An overcrowded basket allows food to fall on the heating element.
  • Very light ingredients will blow to the heating element by the circulating air.
  • Too high temperature burning the food.
  • Electricity faults like wires burning.

To fix this:

  • Cook foods with less grease and oil or use tin foil to prevent splatter to the heating element.
  • Ensure the heating element has no residuals or nothing falls on it.
  • Clean Bella air fryer heating regularly according to the user’s manual.
  • Use oils with high smoking points, like avocado oil and vegetable oil.
  • Use the correct temperatures to prevent the burning of food.
  • Unplug and contact customer care if you suspect an electrical fault.
  • Always use the air fryer in a well-ventilated room.

Problem No 5:

Food undercooked, overcooked, not evenly cooked, or not crispy

Possible Causes:

Bella air fryer undercooked food

  • Too low cooking temperatures for the recipe.
  • Shorter cooking time than required by the ingredients.
  • Overloaded basket.
  • Faulty air fryers heating element or fan.

To fix this:

  • Strictly adhere to the cooking temperatures and time given in the recipe. On the other hand, select the suitable cooking function preset in your air fryer.
  • Do not overfill your airfryer. It is recommended you put just one layer or 2 for light ingredients.
  • Ensure sufficient heat circulation inside the air fryer; otherwise, the heating element or the fan is faulty, so contact customer care.

Bella air fryer overcooked food

  • The Bella air fryer reset button is faulty.
  • Too high temperatures.
  • Longer than the required cooking time.
  • Faulty ventilation vents.

To fix this

  • Contact customer care or professionals to replace the reset button as it is capable of the auto shut-off feature in the air fryer
  • Use the required cooking temperatures and time.
  • Do not place the air fryer in contact with the wall, especially on the side with the vents.

Bella air fryer food is not evenly cooked

  • Not shaking the food.
  • Overcrowding the basket.

To fix this:

  • Shake the food halfway through cooking so that all sides ideally come into contact with the hot air.
  • Do not put too much food in the basket so that hot air can penetrate through.

Bella air fryer food is not crispy

  • Not using oil at all.
  • Low cooking temperatures.
  • Overload air fryer basket.

To fix this:

  • Spray some cooking oil on the food before air frying.
  • Use higher cooking temperatures.
  • Put a small amount of food in the basket.

Why does my Bella air fryer keep turning off?

  • Loose plug-in.
  • Improperly inserted air fryer basket.
  • Incorrect timer and temperature settings.
  • Faulty power cable.
  • The system is misbehaving and malfunctioning.

How do you reset the Bella air fryer?

  • Switch the air fryer off and unplug it from the power outlet.
  • Please leave it to rest for at least 15 minutes.
  • Plug it back and see whether the Bella air fryer touch screen is now working and the appliance is not misbehaving. The error code will also disappear.


Press the Bella air fryer reset button to return the air fryers to the default settings.


You have just read the right article!

The Bella air fryer, as a whole, is an excellent little machine. It is a revolutionary piece of kitchen equipment that makes it easy to cook and gives you the option to save money.

However, as with all new technology, some minor problems may need to be addressed at home. If the problem is beyond you, the Bella air fryer manufacturers and sellers will be ready to solve these problems and sometimes at no cost if you have not exhausted the warranty period.