Can You Make Meringue In A Blender?

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Can you make meringue in a blender? Yes, you can. The most important tip is to ensure that all ingredients are mixed in the right proportions. The best meringues are made with partially cooked egg whites. Uncooked eggs increase your risk of salmonella poisoning. Fresh egg whites are better than old or pasteurized whites. Whatever type of meringue you need to make, do not use chilled egg white. In addition, you shouldn’t get any yolk into the whites.

Making Meringue In a Blender

Can You Make Meringue In A Blender

Making meringues in a blender should take about 90 seconds. Start by mixing some super-fine baker’s sugar with egg whites. The quantities depend on the amount of meringue you are trying to make.

Beat your egg whites in a clean copper bowl and put them in the blender. You can also beat egg whites in a blender before turning it on. Add some sugar a spoon at a time and whip until you attain a silky finish. Blend for a while until the mixture is firm.

Adding cream of tartar or salt to your egg whites could introduce just enough acid to stabilize them. Lemon juice and vinegar may be appropriate options as well. However, they could make your final result more liquid.

Making Meringues Without a Blender

You can make meringues with other kitchen equipment. Note that the end results depend on the amount of sugar added. The different types include French meringue, Swiss meringue, and Italian meringue. All options can be made even without a blender. Here are a few equipment options that can help you:

Hand Mixers

You can use a hand mixer to make meringue. First, clean all your equipment and ensure that it is dry. There should be no residual oils as they could keep your eggs from foaming. Your granulated sugar needs to be fine, If it isn’t, process it before use. That way, your meringue will dissolve with minimal trouble.

Generally, the sugar and egg white have to be mixed in a ratio of 2:1. Use a whisk to combine them.

Simmer water on a stove and reduce the heat to medium-low after a few minutes. Put the bowl with your egg white-sugar mixture on top of the water and mix with your electric whisk. As you mix, be careful to ensure that water doesn’t get into your mixture.

Work with the lowest speed, ensuring that all sugar is dissolved. The mixture should look slightly white. After all, sugar dissolves, add the second whisk attachment. Mix at the highest speed for approximately eight minutes. The end result should be a glossy, dense finish. Keep mixing until it starts sticking to your whisker. This is known as a Swiss meringue and is popularly used by commercial food processors.

By Hand

Did you know that you can make meringue by hand? It is a good option if you don’t have a blender. You’ll need a whisk balloon and a dry mixing bowl. Put your egg white in the bowl and tilt as you beat to add in as much air as possible.

Although the process could take a while, there should be some foam in no time.

Gradually add sugar as you continue to beat your mixture until it becomes white, firm, and glossy. Whether you want stiff or soft peaks, you can keep beating the mixture.

Food Processor

Although food processors may not be the most popular equipment for making meringues, they work. If yours has a whisk and folding took, you should have no trouble making any type of meringue.

Start by attaching the whisk and beating your egg white at a high speed until it attains stiff consistency. Add about half of the sugar you plan on using and keep whisking until you get a glossy mixture. Lift the processor head to use the folding attachment and increase the speed. Fold in the remaining half of your sugar.

The Best Equipment for Making Meringue

The best equipment for making meringue is stainless steel, glass, or copper bowls. While they are all great, copper is the best option. It has ions that react with egg whites resulting in a fluffy finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you whip egg white in your blender?

Yes. You can easily whip your whites in a blender if you want to. However, some things will influence the result you get. First, your blender jar has to be very clean and dry. Do not use very cold eggs as they may fail to whip properly. Opt for eggs at room temperature.

Can you make meringue in a food processor?

An electric whisk is great for making light and airy meringue. However, food processors work just as well. The secret is to use crush your sugar first.

Can you make a meringue without a mixer?

Even though an electric mixer is great for making meringue, it isn’t your only option. With some muscle and a good whisk, you can use other equipment. Hand mixers, blenders, and food processors work too.

What is the best way to make meringue?

1. Separate your yolk from the egg whites
2. Whip your whites until you attain stiff peaks
3. Add granulated sugar, one tablespoon at a time as
you continue whipping
4. Add some flavoring as you prefer and continue beating to incorporate all sugar

Why is the cream of tartar important for meringue?

Cream of tartar is one of the main ingredients for meringue. Its main purpose is to stabilize the whites and prevent curdling. A cream of tartar will increase the airiness of your meringue.


If you are a fan of the dessert, you have probably asked the question ‘can you make meringue in a blender?’ at some point. Yes, you can. Like with every other appliance, however, the secret to good meringue in a blender is in precision and the utensils you use.  Measure your ingredients well and use clean, dry utensils. You can also use a whisk balloon or electric hand mixer. Even though manual processes can get tiring, they work.