8 Ways To Fix Dash Air Fryer Won’t Turn On

Last Updated on June 14, 2023 by River Tree Farms

Your Dash air fryer won’t turn on! You have tried fixing the hitch and getting your food done but can’t identify the issue. That’s a reason enough to spoil your dinner plans. Your heart is full of regrets for bringing home this air fryer.

Firstly, we want to assure you that you have one of the best air fryer models. With Dash air fryer, you can reheat, bake, air fry, Broil, and try your dream recipes. Your new oven uses hot air circulation to cook your food. You will no longer need deep fryers in your kitchen if you have an air fryer!

But you got an issue at hand; the Dash air fryer cannot turn on! It is because of several faults, including a twisted power cord, jammed switch, or even a power rationing in your location. In addition, a blown a fuse will cause your Dash air fryer not to power on.

Luckily, all the above issues have a fix. And that’s why this guide is relevant. Our quick tips will help you maneuver around and get your miniature appliance up and cooking.

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Why Won’t Dash Air Fryer Turn On?

Dash Air Fryer Won't Turn On

As mentioned above, several hitches would make your Dash air fryer not turn on. Some of the problems are mechanical, and others technical.

Here is why your Dash fryer won’t run on;

1. Ill-Placed Air Fryer Basket

Cooking in your Dash air fryer means using extreme temperatures (up to 400 degrees F. This heat is high enough to cause fire, burns, and other disasters.

Let’s figure out that you didn’t close your air fryer basket properly. That’s already a potential danger. Luckily, this oven doesn’t work that way. The unit will not turn on if the air fryer basket doesn’t latch correctly.

The latching mechanism is a safety technique that works so that if the air fryer basket is not lying on its tray precisely and the drawer isn’t closing well, the oven won’t turn on.

2. Power Rationing

While it is the list of your expectations, a power cut in your area will cause your Dash air fryer not to turn on. But we always forget.  In the past, I have had to bang my head while figuring out why my air fryer oven won’t turn on, only to find there was no power in the vicinity.

That was after checking the sockets, fuse, and whatnot. I even called a tech, only for them to ask me to check whether I had power in my house—what a disgusting moment! If any of your kitchen appliances is not turning on, check whether it is a power outage before moving to the other possibilities.

3. Tripped Power Outlet

A tripped socket won’t allow your Dash air fryer to turn on. Causes of a tripped socket include;

  • Electric output overload

Electric output overload happens when you connect several gadgets. For example, you could overload your system by connecting your washer, oven, tv, vacuum cleaner, and air fryer at the same time. The sockets have less power and will trip off and shut connections.

  • Power Surge

Another cause for a tripped power outlet is a power surge, which involves a higher electric voltage than expected. And sometimes lower. Your electric wiring can bear high voltage and shut off as a safety mechanism.

4. Jammed Or Dead Power Socket

If you have a layman’s electric knowledge, you can easily pick a jammed or dead socket. The first test would be to check other sockets in your house, more precisely in your kitchen. That will tell you if the outlet that you have plugged into your oven is faulty or if the entire house is.

Is your house without power? It could be an issue to do with the junction box, or in general. Your home has no power. Once you fork out the issue, use a tester or a voltmeter. That will accurately tell you whether there is a power continuity in your oven or not.

A jammed socket will require a few maneuvers, that is, if you have basic electrical knowledge. That can allow you to use your Dash air fryer as you figure out a replacement.

Unfortunately, with a dead power socket, you have lean options; replacement. But before you plan that, use another socket in your kitchen.

5. Broken Or Twisted Power Cord

What’s the condition of your air fryer’s power cord? Are there visible wire breakages? Your air fryer won’t turn on. Frequent use and rodents are some of the causes of broken power cables.

Keep an eye on your electrical appliances, especially before every use, so that you can repair or replace them. Cooking with a twisted or broken power cord can cause electric shock, so replace it as soon as you notice any breakages.

6. Damaged Fuse

Your Dash air fryer connects to the power source through a plug. The plug comprises three prongs and a fuse that acts as a safety measure for your device against high voltage than the requirement. Old age or mechanical issues can damage the fuse, and your Dash air fryer won’t turn on.

7. Damaged Appliance Controls

Like any other electric gadget, your Dash air fryer is susceptible to breakage. The general functionality of your appliance relies on good mechanical and technical well-being. For example, if the control panel shuts off, your air fryer won’t turn on.

A dead power button will not let your air fryer turn on. For proper damaged appliance diagnostics, you need a technical expert specializing in air fryers or other home appliances operating through a control unit. Otherwise, bare eyes will not tell you which part of your air fryer is causing the unit not to turn on.

8. Obsolescence

Have you been replacing your air fryer parts one after the other? Your machine could be wearing off. End of life is a possibility. Obsolescence equals the number of years you have used your air fryer.

Most air fryers can work for six to seven years. Others will not go beyond the third year. Wearing off depends on the frequency of use and the magnitude of work. If you use your air fryer daily, it may not equate to someone who uses it for a fortnight or month.

So, evaluate how long you have used your Dash air fryer and the output. That will open your eyes and get you on a replacement plan.

What Do You Do When Your Dash Air Fryer Doesn’t Turn On?

No matter what you try, your air fryer has failed to turn on. What can you do to make it work? We have simplified a few quick fixes for you;

Ill-placed air fryer basketPlace the basket correctly. Check for loose drawers and close them precisely.
Power rationingWait for power resumption.
Tripped power outletReduce the number of appliances connected to power to relieve the system. Disconnect your appliance from the power source if you suspect a power surge. Report power surges in your area for quick action.  
Broken/twisted power cordInspect your air fryer’s power cable for physical damages and plan for a replacement.
Damaged fuseReplacement.
Damaged Air fryer controlsGet proper diagnostics Repair or replace.
Jammed /Dead socketGet correct diagnostics. Repair or replace.
ObsolescenceReplace your Dash air fryer with a new version.


Your Dash air fryer won’t turn on because of a damaged fuse, controls, socket, tripped power outlet, loose drawer, obsolescence, and many other causes. Solving any of the above causes requires a keen eye to fork out the issue and apply our recommendations.

If you bought your appliance recently, that might pose a challenge. Make use of your Dash air fryer manual. The document comes with your appliance and contains all the necessary tips.

Alternatively, you have the service center where you purchased your Dash air fryer. The emergency number, email, or chat comes in handy when you are stuck. Contacting them would be the ideal quick fix to your issues. Good luck!