Samsung Dishwasher Turns On By Itself: Here’s How To Fix It

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The Samsung dishwasher has a self-starting function. This function lets you instruct the dishwasher to turn on later, say, after three hours. The bad news is that, at times, the dishwasher can turn on even when the delay function is off. So, if your Samsung dishwasher turns on by itself when the delay function is off, it should worry you.

Self-starting can emanate from several factors. They include touching the start button accidentally, stuck buttons, and a faulty control board. At times, the dishwasher may display error codes to inform you about this problem. This blog post expounds more on what can make a Samsung dishwasher turn itself on.

Why Does My Samsung Dishwasher Turn on By Itself?

As mentioned above, the Samsung dishwasher turns on by itself for various reasons. Here is a look at some of the reasons why your dishwasher is starting automatically: –

1. You accidentally brushed against the control panel

Usually, the buttons on your control panel are sensitive to touch. This is important as it enables the dishwasher to quickly respond to the commands you key in the control panel. The bad news is that the sensitivity of these buttons can also work to your disadvantage.

For instance, loading and unloading the dishwasher can trigger the wash cycle. This happens in case you accidentally touch the start button. So, confirm that you didn’t turn on the wash cycle before looking for other problems.

2. The control panel is faulty

The control panel holds buttons for the dry and clean functions, as well as other functions. For instance, if you want to turn on the dishwasher, locate the power button from the control panel and press it. However, if this part is faulty, you may notice your dishwasher starting by itself.

3. The start button is stuck

To turn on the wash cycle on your Samsung dishwasher, you need to touch the start button for about 3 seconds. It will cancel the clean function when you touch the same button for about 3 seconds. Even so, if this button gets stuck in the ON position, you will notice it turning on by itself.

4. The delay function is on

You likely know that the delay function allows the Samsung dishwasher to start by itself at a later time. If the dishwasher turns on by itself, find out if the delay function is on.

For instance, you may have accidentally touched the delay button on the dishwasher. Remember, the buttons on the control panel of a Samsung dishwasher are sensitive to the touch. This means that even a slight brush on a button can activate the delay function.

How To Fix a Dishwasher That Turns on By Itself

How To Fix a Dishwasher That Turns on By Itself

A dishwasher that turns on by itself should worry you. If you’re sure you didn’t activate the delay function, look deeper into the problem and find a solution. The following are useful tips to help you fix a dishwasher that turns on by itself.

1. Reset the control panel

If there is any function you activated, resetting the control panel will cancel it. This will also help stop your dishwasher from turning on by itself. Unsupervised children can also turn on the wash cycle, particularly if the child safety setting is off. Modern Samsung dishwashers have a reset button right on the control panel. You can reset the control panel and start afresh by pressing this button.

2. Reset The Dishwasher

The reset button resets the control panel. But, some functions outside this panel may keep running. This means that, at times, you may have to reset the whole dishwasher to cancel every function and start over.

To reset the whole dishwasher, you must turn the appliance off and disconnect power for a few minutes, say 5. . After a few minutes, turn it back on and reconnect the power. This process should reset the whole dishwasher and solve the self-starting issue. It is known as manual resetting.

Is There a Reset Button on Samsung Dishwasher?

Yes. Modern models have a reset button that resets the control panel. Old models may not have this button. Nonetheless, you can reset your dishwasher manually by cutting power and turning the appliance off and back on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What else can cause the Samsung dishwasher to turn on by itself?

The dishwasher has sensors that trigger the start of the wash cycle. If these sensors malfunction, the wash cycle will likely start independently. So, you need to keep your sensors in good working condition to ensure they don’t send a false signal.

Why is my Samsung dishwasher not turning off?

The thermostat and timer control are the two components that dictate when a cycle should end. If your dishwasher keeps running, are high chances that these two have a problem. Ask an expert to look into it and fix the issue in such a case. The timer control also determines the length of the drying and cleaning functions.

What’s the best way to prevent dishwasher breakdowns?

Wear and tear can cause an old dishwasher to experience frequent breakdowns. For such an appliance, you can increase longevity through timely inspection. You can also buy a whole new dishwasher and forget about frequent malfunctions.

Why is my dishwasher leaking?

Damaged valves can cause a leakage in your dishwasher. Even so, leak sensors should notify you about this issue on time.

Final Words

When a Samsung dishwasher turns on by itself, it could show that there’s an underlying problem. You need to establish the cause and solve it before it escalates. Self-starting results from a faulty control panel and accidental touching of the start function. Other causes include accidental activation of the delay function and stuck buttons.

You need to reset the control panel or the whole dishwasher to solve this problem. While this is easy, you can still seek help from a professional home inspector. This way, you will lower the chances of guesswork that can lead to more complex problems.