Ge Dishwasher Control Panel Not Working: 7 Tips To Fixes!

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After loading dirty dishes one morning, only to discover your GE dishwasher control panel not working; is that how you would like to start a day? I bet not.

What could be the reason your GE dishwasher would act this way? Well, there could be a few of them. But the most common cause is maybe it is not getting proper power supply. Or, perhaps the control lock has been activated somehow.

So, how do you solve these issues? Do you need to call a technician? How about you join us on the journey and find some quick solutions before calling for help?

Why Is My GE Dishwasher Control Panel Not Working?

Why Is My GE Dishwasher Control Panel Not Working

You never know when an electric device will start malfunctioning. That’s like their nature. So, if your GE dishwasher control panel is not functioning, don’t panic. Let’s try to figure out why it is happening.

Here is the list of some common and possible reasons for the control panel not working.

1. Not Starting At All

One of the common problems with GE dishwashers is that they won’t start at all. You will get to see a completely black control panel with no lights.

If that happens, check the power connection first. Check whether the connecting cord is properly plugged in. If you find no problem with the cables, check the outlet itself. Make sure there is electricity in the outlet.

Sometimes, this situation can occur despite the outlet and wires being in proper condition. Why? Well, maybe you haven’t closed the dishwasher door properly. To ensure your safety, the GE dishwasher won’t start until the door is latched correctly.

2. Touchpad is Not Responding

If you press a key on the touchpad and it doesn’t respond or takes too much longer, there may be an issue with the dishwasher’s touchpad.

The touchpad is an essential part of the dishwasher. You give all the necessary commands using it. It shows the status of the current cycle, lock status, etc. It also lets you know when there is something wrong with your dishwasher. You may see some codes displayed on the touchpad. Get the manual of your machine and see what that code means.

Now, how can you confirm that the touchpad is faulty? Despite the light being on, some keys may not work at all. Some buttons may take more than 5 seconds to accept your command. If that happens, it is probably a touchpad issue.

3. No Lights On Control Panel

There can be a few reasons for the control panel not being lit. For example- an improper power supply, an unlatched door, or maybe something else. But in the previously mentioned two cases, the dishwasher won’t start at all.

But have you ever faced a situation where there are no lights on the control panel, but the dishwasher is running? If yes, it is probably the thermal fuse.

GE dishwasher features a thermal fuse that doesn’t let it overheat during a cycle. If this fuse blows up, there will be no lights on the control panel. However, your dishwasher will run just fine. Yes, there are probably some internal damages that you need to repair. But that doesn’t stop your dishwasher from cleaning the dishes.

4. Control Panel Locked

The last thing you would want is an overly curious kid trying to mess with your dishwasher. That can be pretty dangerous. That’s why nowadays, most dishwashers have a child safety lock feature. With this feature activated, kids can not access the dishwasher’s mechanism. Even if they press any key by mistake, it won’t work.

So, if you see your control panel stuck and no keys working, don’t panic yet. The child lock has probably been activated. It also locks the control panel, restricting key commands. You can turn it off, and your control panel will return to normal.

5. Faulty Control Board

The main control board is the ultimately in charge of the whole dishwasher. From the amount of power needed for the machine to run to the duration of a cycle, everything is controlled by it. So, if there is any problem with the main control board, your dishwasher won’t start at all, let alone the control panel.

However, looking for damages in the central control board should be kept for last. It is not really common. But if it occurs, you might need to spend a decent amount replacing it.

How Do I Fix The Control Panel On My GE Dishwasher?

How Do I Fix The Control Panel On My GE Dishwasher

We have already described your possible problems with the GE dishwasher’s control panel. But what are the solutions? Can you fix them on your own? Or do you have to call the company for help?

Before getting professional help, let’s try something ourselves first.

1. Proper Latching And Power Supply

Before doing anything else, make sure the dishwasher door is properly latched. To prevent water leaking and safety measures, your dishwasher won’t start until the door is closed properly. So, if your one has any fault in its latching system, fix it first.

Now, make sure you are plugging the dishwasher into an outlet with power. Untangle the cords and fix there is any loose connection.

2. Reset Or Reboot

Resetting the dishwasher works like magic in troubleshooting the control panel. If your control panel starts malfunctioning before, in between, or after a cycle, do not hesitate to reset it. Resetting sets it back to the original factory settings, canceling any previous settings.

Now, how to reset it? Press the reset button once or twice (depending on your dishwasher model). Wait for a few seconds. If it doesn’t work, try unplugging the machine from the power outlet. Re-plug again after a minute, and it will start rebooting.

3. Clean The Wires

With time and frequent use, the wires can get dirty with dust, dirt, or other particles. It can be a valid reason for interrupted electricity flow. And hence, it is sufficient to mess with the dishwasher’s control panel.

Try cleaning the ribbon cable and wires properly. Make sure they are firmly attached in their junctions without being loose.

4. Unlock The Control Panel

Having a child lock safety feature is a blessing for those who have little kids in the house. However, with the child lock activated, it also locks the control panel. You must unlock or deactivate it to have the control panel work again.

Look for the ‘heated dry pad’ and keep it pressed for at least 3 seconds. The child lock icon will blink twice before deactivating. The control panel is also unlocked now.

5. Touchpad Replacement

If only some touchpad buttons are not working, the problem lies with the touchpad. In most scenarios, you will need to replace the touchpad. Without properly working control keys, you can’t give necessary commands to the dishwasher.

6. Thermal Fuse Replacement

The thermal fuse is there to save your dishwasher from overheating. If it blows up, the control panel will have no lights. So, you better change it fast.

Firstly, try to locate the fused thermal fuse near the control panel. It is cylindrical, generally whitish, and has two wires attached. Check the continuity of the fuse with a multimeter.

If there’s no continuity, replace the current one with a new thermal fuse.

7. Control Board Replacement

Even though control board damage is not that common, it is not impossible to occur. If you suddenly have a bad control board, you might need to replace it as a whole. For this job, it is better to call a professional.

How Do I Unlock My GE Dishwasher Control Panel?

GE has been around for quite a long time. With time, their machines have changed and upgraded too. Locking the control panel may differ a little depending on your model.

A control lock or child lock is added to the dishwasher to ensure no accidental start or interruption during an ongoing cycle. It can be activated before, in between, or after a process is complete.

If you have an older GE model, you will find a LOCK pad in it. You need to press it two times within 3 seconds. And the control panel will unlock.

For recent and newer models, you will find a Heated Dry pad/ Dry Boost pad/ Steam, etc. Keep it pressed down for 3 to 5 seconds. If the lock had been activated before, it would blink once or twice and then will be inactive.

How Do I Reset The Control Panel On My GE Dishwasher?

Resetting the GE dishwasher control panel is pretty easy. All you have to do is, look for the reset button. If your model has none, look for the start button instead. Press it once or twice. It varies depending on your model. You better look in the manual first.

After pressing reset/start, wait for one or two minutes. It should return to the factory settings, and the resetting should be complete.

However, if it doesn’t work, unplug the machine from the power source. Wait for a minute. Now, plug it in again. It will reset the device.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Control Panel On A GE Dishwasher?

The cost of control panel replacement on a GE dishwasher may vary depending on the model. You can find control panels starting from only $50. On the other hand, some models have control panels worth $200-$500.

Generally, for most popular GE dishwashers, the control panel replacement costs between $50-$150.

Why Is My GE Dishwasher Stuck On the Lock?

Except for the “Delay start” button, the whole dishwasher and controls are locked when the Control Lock is activated. In typical cases, you can unlock it by pressing the control lock or heated dry pad for 3-5 seconds.

The machine will beep and blink, indicating the lock is inactivated. But if that doesn’t occur, and the whole dishwasher is stuck on the lock, what to do then?

Simply detach it from the power supply and wait for a few minutes. Turn it on and see if there are any changes. If it is still the same, you should call an expert to examine it.

Some questions and answers you must know!

1. Why My GE Dishwasher Is Not Turning On?

Two reasons can be responsible for this to happen. Either your dishwasher is not getting a proper power supply, or the door is not closed properly. Check both parts to detect the problem.

2. Why My Dishwasher Buttons Are Not Working?

Your dishwasher is probably in child lock/control lock mode. In this mode, all buttons are stuck or locked except the start and delay start buttons. Unlock it to have the keys work again.

3. How Long A GE Dishwasher Can Last?

It depends on how you use it. Generally, a dishwasher is said to last for 5-10 years. But it may vary from model to model and user to user.

4. How Do You Know If The Touchpad Needs Replacement?

The touchpad buttons will start malfunctioning when there is an issue with the touchpad. You may find some keys working just fine, whereas others are not.


GE dishwasher control panel not working is uncommon for GE users. There can be a couple of reasons for it to act this way. From not getting enough power supply to the control panel being locked, the causes can be diverse. We have covered the most common ones people face regularly. We have also given solutions we think work best in those cases.

Did it help? Have you found a proper way to troubleshoot the control panel on your GE dishwasher? Hopefully, you have.