Bosch Dishwasher No Lights On Control Panel – Easy Fixes

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One way to tell that your dishwasher is on is by checking the lights on the display or buttons. Without these lights, the appliance will appear dead, even when on. The bad news is that if your dishwasher control panel isn’t lighting up, you can leave it on for long hours. This will, in turn, consume a lot of electricity.

In most cases, Bosch dishwasher no lights on control panel means there’s an issue with the power supply. Control panel problems can also cause this issue to arise. It is worth noting that checking lights on the control panel is not the best way to tell if your Bosch dishwasher is on or off. Stay tuned to understand why a Bosch dishwasher may not display lights on the control panel.

Why Is My Bosch Dishwasher Display Not Working?

A dishwasher control panel has light-emitting diodes underneath. The sole function of these diodes is to light up the digital display and the buttons of the dishwasher. By lighting up, the diodes state that the appliance is on and displays the active functions. So, if your Bosch dishwasher display is not working, one of the following could be the issue: –

1. Power supply issues

The light-emitting diodes beneath the control panel need electricity to light up. If there is a power supply problem, such as no electricity reaching the diodes, the display will not work.

2. Faulty control panel

The absence of light on the display may make the Bosch dishwasher completely dead, or so you may think. Even so, it could be an issue with the control panel. For instance, if the light-emitting diodes on the control panel blow out, the display will not light up regardless of the presence of power. Other control panel components may also be faulty, causing the whole display not to light up.

3. Faulty control board

The main circuit board powers the dishwasher’s functions, including the control panel’s lighting. If it has a problem, you may notice that the dishwasher won’t turn on the lights.

4. Control Panel child lock is on

The Bosch dishwasher has a child lock safety feature. This feature prevents unsupervised children from turning on the appliance and running dishwasher cycles. Activating this feature cuts off the power supply to the appliance. This means that whenever the child lock feature is active, there will be no light on the control panel.

5. Blown fuse

The thermal fuse blows up whenever the dishwasher’s internal temperature exceeds the higher limit to cut off the power supply. In such a case, the control panel display will also not light up due to lack of power.

6. Door not closed

The Bosch dishwasher has one great safety feature that ensures that the appliance only turns on when the door is closed properly. Thus, no control panel lights could indicate that you haven’t latched the door well.

Bosch Dishwasher No Lights on Control Panel: Troubleshooting Tips

bosch dishwasher no lights on control panel

As discussed above, various issues can cause the Bosch dishwasher’s no lights on the control panel problem. It’s up to you to troubleshoot the dishwasher and devise a perfect solution for it. Check out some awesome troubleshooting tips for a Bosch dishwasher with no lights on the control panel.

Fix the power supply

If power is not reaching the dishwasher, you should consider resetting the circuit breaker in your consumer unit. To achieve this, turn off the circuit breaker switch, wait for about a minute, and turn it back on.

Or, you can remove the fuse and put it back in place after a few seconds. If these actions don’t solve the problem, check for connection issues. Such include loose power cables, disconnections, and low power supply.

Fix faults in the main control board

Check out for any faults in the main dishwasher control board and fix them. These could be anything from loose connections to burnt components such as resistors. Take note that the problem could sometimes be too big to fix; in such a case, replacing the whole control board would be ideal.

Reset the control panel

Digital devices need resetting once in a while to ensure proper functioning. Remember, you can always reset the control panel to see if the lights come back on.

If resetting doesn’t solve the problem, it shows that there is a bigger issue. In such a case, check for loose or cut connections between the control panel and the main dishwasher control board. Fix any loose connections and test if the panel lights up. If the problem persists, consider replacing the whole control panel.

How Do I Reset the Control Panel on My Bosch Dishwasher?

To reset the Bosch dishwasher display panel, long-press the reset button for a few seconds, say three to five. This process restarts all the control panel functions. It also helps solve some functional problems. The user manual will guide you more concerning resetting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my dishwasher still run if there is no light on the display?

Yes. Provided all other dishwasher parts are in good condition, you can still run a wash cycle even if the display is not working. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to read anything on display or tell which functions are active.

Do I need an expert to fix a dishwasher with no lights on the control panel?

It all depends on what’s causing the problem. For instance, if it’s an issue with the power supply from the consumer unit, a simple reset can fix it. That means you won’t need an expert to come and do this for you, considering the resetting process is straightforward. But you should consider hiring a qualified service technician for more complex tasks.

How do I tell which electrical components are faulty?

You can test the continuity of each electrical component. This helps to check whether a component is in good condition or not. If you need help doing this, qualified service personnel can help you.

Final Words

If you encounter a Bosch dishwasher no lights on control panel, check the power supply. This could either be the power supply to the control panel or the general supply to the dishwasher. Also, check whether the control panel is faulty or has faulty components on the control board.

Depending on what’s causing the problem, you can reset the appliance or replace the faulty parts. Remember, it’s important to seek services from a home inspection expert to avoid guesswork that can cause more damage.