Bosch Dishwasher Red Light On Floor – Good and Bad Side

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Bosch dishwashers are beast appliances. Their robust motor and other superior qualities guarantee longevity and excellence. No dish will come out unclean. Plus, they are energy and water savers.

The models come with style, thus not cheap. And so a Bosch dishwasher red light on the floor will terrify you a bit. You must unravel the meaning of this glare. Though red, the light isn’t a danger alert. It signifies a running dishwasher. Learn here great tips about this light. You will also grasp other Botch dishwasher troubleshooting tips.

Bosch Dishwasher Red Light On Floor Not Working – Possible Reasons And Fix.

Bosch Dishwasher Red Light On Floor Not Working

Your Bosch dishwasher showing a red glare on the floor isn’t a sign of breakdown. It tells you that your washer is running. But when this light doesn’t show, it is the opposite. The machine stopped working. Other than panicking, you can rectify the following;

1. Faulty Power Supply

A dishwasher will stop working when the power goes off. It could be due to loose connectivity or a faulty power supply at the station. You have to make a call to determine if your provider is aware. It could be your area experienced a heavy downfall or a storm that left the lines down.

Once you make a report, the power company will treat the issue as an emergency. They will make a follow-up and resolve the hitch.

2. Dishwasher Stops

Your dishwasher may have stopped due to an erroneous power button press. A start-over will begin the washing cycle again and clean your dishes to perfection. To avoid errors, learn its processes in the user manual. Learn more about the symbols that represent different functions depending on your model.

3. Faulty Control Panel

There is a possibility of a faulty control panel. That is not rare on electrical appliances. The dishwasher stops at once or shows signs of failure. The red light on the floor stops glaring, meaning the washer isn’t running.

You can intercept this problem. Resolving the issue will prevent your washer from stopping. Whenever you are not sure, involve a professional. They will help resolve the error and get your Bosch dishwasher working. Servicing your Bosch dishwasher keeps the appliance fit.

4. Door Is Not Latched Correctly

An unlatched door will cause your Bosch dishwasher to stop working. The door unit safeguards your utensils. Also, it prevents the unit from spraying water all over your kitchen. But to stop that, the Bosch technology stops working when the door unlatches.

A door that is not latching doesn’t mean you broke your machine. But a latching hitch is disastrous and needs urgent attention. Determine the causes and the fixes;

  • Loose Strike Plate

The strike plate is the latch insert in your dishwasher. It comes on the door frame and at the top of your appliance. When the feature is loosening or isn’t aligning, the door latch doesn’t lock. The machine won’t turn on, so there is no light on the floor.


Bolt back the loose screws. Otherwise, replace a rusty or broken strike plate.

  • Misaligned Door

The door will incline if you don’t install your machine as it should. That also happens if the surface is uneven. The tilting prevents the door from closing. Also, the dishwasher won’t turn on. And so, there is no red light on the floor.


Repeat and level your installation to prevent tilting.

  • Defective Door Spring

An overstretched or detaching door spring causes door latching issues. The spring could be rusty or broken. Your door latch will not click in place to activate the start switch.


Replace a broken door spring.

  • Greasy Door Latch

A greasy layer over the door latch causes obstruction. The locking system will get stuck or slide and fail to function.


Wipe food and soap from the metal latch to prevent blockage. Keep the soap dispenser tray clean. The soap is a primary culprit for door latch issues.

  • Loose Hinges

The hinges ease the opening and closing of your dishwasher door. If they are squeaky, that’s a sign of rust. Also, crooked hinges are loose and can break.


Remove the frame and the side panels to access the hinges. Tighten them and replace the broken ones.

  • Obstruction

Dishwasher racks and sometimes dishes can obstruct the door. Closing doesn’t happen, so your dishwasher cannot run. Stacking the dishware too high stuffs your washer. The racks can also protrude, causing the door not to close.


Set up your utensils and take note of pans. Tall glasses that may cause obstruction. Fit the racks and ensure the support rails do not protrude.

  • Defective Door Gasket

The gasket composes parts of your dishwasher door’s inner edge. This strip seals your washer so that it is watertight.

After closing the door, the water cannot gush out during the washing process. If the seal gets worn out, the latch will not activate. The first symptom will be water leakage when the machine is running.


Buy a new gasket and replace the worn-out one. It should not be rocket science for you. Peel off the old gasket and press in the new one. If you are stuck, consult the manual.

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Quick Question And Answer About Bosch Dishwasher Red Light

Does the Bosch dishwasher red light on the floor show an error?

The red light on the floor doesn’t show a problem. It is an indicator that your dishwasher is running its cycle. If it stops, then the appliance isn’t operating.

How can I troubleshoot the red light on the floor of my Bosch dishwasher?

You do not need to troubleshoot the red light on the floor of your washer. It isn’t an error but a glare to tell you your appliance is working.


Bosch dishwasher’s red light on flow clarifies that your machine is working. You do not need to troubleshoot that unless the glow stops mid-cycle. If the light stops, maybe you have lost power.

Or the washer’s control panel is faulty. The door may also not be latching. You will need to inspect why it isn’t closing. Examine the gasket, springs, strike plate, and hinges. Rectify your dishwasher’s position so that it doesn’t tilt. And if you are stuck, consult your user manual or call Bosch Home Appliances for further guidance.