How To Use A Cake Breaker: A Great Working Process

Last Updated on May 19, 2023 by River Tree Farms

Now you are in the best source of how to cut a delicate cake. All the time invested in baking that sweet cake could let you down at the crucial moment of slicing the cake. It would be best if you learned how to use a cake breaker.

This article will walk with you step by step to make you an expert on how to use a cake breaker. You will also learn how to cut the cake in any manner you fill, like using a cake breaker comb, cubes, layers, and halves with your cake not crumbling.

What is a cake breaker?

A tool that resembles a comb with a handle and long prongs for cutting a delicate cake-like sponge cake. The Angel cake breaker’s other use is to transfer cake to the serving plates. It is a substitute for a blade knife. They serve as a guide for the bladed Knife to prevent the cake from crashing.

There are two types of cake breakers on the market:

  • Victorian cake breaker
  • Silver cake breaker

Victorian cake breaker

It is also known as a cake breaker, angel food cake breaker, and cake server. A specialized tool with long tines replaces the blade used for serving cake. The tines are three inches in length and cylindrical. Its material of construction is steel and brass. The Dimensions of the Victorian cake breaker are 11 inches long and four inches wide. It has its origins in England, and it is exquisite. It’s a great addition to your kitchen.

Silver cake breaker

These are available in many online stores and kitchenware outlets and are also considered vintage cake breakers. You will find numerous silver and silver-plated types online as angel food cake breakers which are very popular with high-end customers.

What is a cake breaker used for?

It is for cutting very delicate cakes. They resemble decorative combs, and their purpose is to leave Victorian angel food cakes and other fragile cakes with their airy texture by exerting a minimum amount of pressure while cutting them into slices. The cake breaker is the ideal tool to ensure that you do not have a deflated or a pile of cake.

Adding Whipped egg whites to the mixture of the cakes gives the cakes a very light texture. The angel food cake breaker allows you to slice the cake without crumbling.

What does a cake breaker look like?

The tool looks like a steel comb with about eighteen long tines fixed on a metal rod set on a handle. The handle can be wood, plastic, bake-light, steel, brass, or silver. The tines are cylindrical and are about four inches long. Its design is suitable for easy handling.

How to use a cake breaker?

  • Clean your cake breaker perfectly. Using a  piece of cloth, dry it. A wet cake breaker will break the cake into small undesired pieces.
  • The cake is incredibly soft, so before placing your hand on the cake, please wear gloves on each hand to avoid fingers exerting pressure on the cake.
  • Now, place the cake breaker in your hand. Press the cake breaker into the soft food cake using a gentle back-and-forth movement to cut the cake. Cut according to the desired shape and size.
  • Cut the cake as you did for the first piece and place them carefully on a clean plate.
  • Sit down and enjoy the pieces of cake with family and friends.

Using a cake breaker requires skill and experience. Most new users find it hard to use the cake breaker.

How to clean a Cake Breaker?

Using soap and water

All you do is clean the cake breaker immediately after use. The cake breaker should be clear of the leftover cake. Scrub it with warm soapy water and rinse it with cold running water. Leave to dry on the utensils rack.

Using baking soda

The cake tends to get stuck in the tines. You can add some baking soda and warm soapy water to loosen it and rinse it with running water.

Lemon and vinegar

You can clean your cake breaker with lemon and vinegar. It gives better results than the methods mentioned above.

Ensure that you dry your cake breaker to avoid rust.


Cutting fragile cakes, angel food cakes, and Victorian cakes may be an experience you would not like to remember, but do not worry anymore. Your cutting edges will be clear and precise if you practice the cake breaker and the tips described above.

The cake breaker’s cleanliness is also vital in getting the right cake cuts and avoiding piles of crumbled cakes. The cake breakers are vintage collections that you should store well to prevent damage.