How To Assemble A Cuisinart Food Processor?

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Among the big brands food processors, Cuisinart food is one of the best. They have an option for every homemaker. But sometimes users face the problem of how to Assemble a Cuisinart food processor.

The food processor user manual suggests placing the base on a stable surface. Then attaching the bowl to the base. The blade assembly goes on the food processor bowl accessory adapter. To know the full process in detail, keep reading to find out.

Cuisinart Food Processor Breakdown

Cuisinart Food Processor Assembly

Assembling Cuisinart food processors isn’t as difficult as it may seem. All you need to do is follow the instructions. The instructions can be found in the food processor user manual.

Generally, these processors have bowls and boxes of attachments. They include some:

  1. Food processor blades
  2. spatula
  3. Cuisinart Food Processor Pusher
  4. food processor bowl
  5. recipe book with delicious food recipes
  6. and slicing discs to chop food into pieces

The number of parts you get depends on the model of your processor. The Cuisinart 7 Cup food processor has shredding discs. As well as a motor base unit, food pushers, a flat cove with a feed tub, a disc stem, and a food processing cookbook.

The Cuisinart 11 Cup Food Processor has everything the aforementioned has. In addition, it gots two slicing discs, a spatula, and a chopping blade. Also, it has pusher attachments and a cover with a large feed tube. Follow these steps to clean your food processor before assembly.

Cuisinart Custom 14 Cup Food Processor is an excellent food processor. Authors of food processing journals have raved about its compact design for years. It is their first choice for a kitchen makeover. 

For making food preparation easier, it has: 

  • blade attachments
  • disk attachments
  • grater attachment

Its 14-cup capacity food processor bowl is perfect for big families. This food chopper focuses on minimizing food waste. A detachable disc stem prevents hunks of food from hiding on discs. The food pressers push down the food particles easily. The additional small bowl act like mini food processors.

Cuisinart’s three-year warranty with an additional five-year warranty on the motor is noteworthy. It can easily outperform many expensive blenders.

Cuisinart Food Processor Assembly

Assembling the Cuisinart 11 Cup Food Processor or 13-Cup Food Processor is easier. You have to follow the assembly instructions.

The tips below are appropriate for most Cuisinart units. This includes the Cuisinart 8-cup and 11-cup food processors. If you have any challenges, refer to the user manual.

1. Clean the Parts

Cuisinart food processor parts require cleaning before assembling. Start by cleaning the separate parts of your food processor. As it’s a larger machine, cleaning your processor after assembly is a lot more complicated. You may have trouble completely getting rid of bacteria and germs.

Luckily, cleaning the accessories and parts doesn’t require much. Most food processor models are dishwasher-safe. Except for the motor base, they are all top-rack dishwasher safe. Handwashing them is a great idea as well. When you are done, use a clean towel to dry them.

Try to get rid of old food ingredients before working with new ones. The food processor bowl cover also needs cleaning.

2. Start With the Motor Base and Food Processor Bowl

Gently put your Cuisinart food processor motor base on the kitchen countertop. Ensure that it is facing in your direction. You’ll need to lock your motor base with the bowl. Lifting it by the handle, put your food processor over the motor base. Turn it anticlockwise to lock the food processor bowl onto the motor base.

3. The Chopping Blade

As we know this food processor design features a blade for chopping. Place your chopping blade over the work bowl accessory adapter. Ensure that the blade fits perfectly, or it may not rest well at the bottom of the bowl. This is one of the most important steps of the assembly process. Refer to the food processor manual if faced with problems.

4. Plug It In

With the above steps out of the way, your Cuisinart unit is ready for use. Plug it into a power source and test it out. Add ingredients to match your food processor bowl and add the cover with a feed tube. Lock it by turning the feed tube anticlockwise.

Align the pusher and feed tube opening and try sliding it down. You can then start blending and experimenting with different recipes. It is a kitchen powerhouse that will do chopping tasks in seconds.

The Blades of Your Cuisinart Food Processor

Putting the Blade Into Your Cuisinart Food Processor

Your unit can’t function without a well-installed blade. Start by cleaning the blade and drying it. Place it gently over the bowl accessory adapter. When you are sure that it is perfectly rested at the bottom of the bowl, avoid touching it. The blade is sharp and likely to injure you.

The current machine doesn’t feature any dough blade. But the metal blades are perfectly good at making bread dough, pizza dough, pie dough, etc.

If Your Cuisinart Food Processor Won’t Start:

Cuisinart is a pretty reliable brand. Check if everything has been installed properly. If yes, your food processor should have no problem starting. If your unit doesn’t start, don’t panic. The issue is most likely fixable. Here are a few possible issues to look into.

1. You Haven’t Plugged In Your Unit

This is the first issue to check for. If you haven’t turned on the switch or plugged in your device, your food processor won’t start. If you are running late on dinner or eager to try out a new recipe, you can easily forget to turn on the switch. Ensure that the switch is plugged in and on the power outlet.

2. You Have a Faulty Power Outlet

If you are certain that your device has been plugged in properly, but it still won’t turn on, check the outlet. The power outlet is probably an issue. Consider fixing it before you try to restart your food processor. Try plugging a different appliance into the outlet to find out if it is the problem. You never know when electrical issues may arise.

3. A Faulty Motor

If the motor of your Cuisinart unit is faulty, it won’t start no matter how well you assemble the parts. Even if the blades are perfect, the motor is whirring, and everything looks good, there may still be a problem. Unplug your unit and check its engine. A professional should tell you if you need a new motor. Check for cracks, leaks, and any other signs of damage.

4. Damaged Cable

Check the cable for damage if everything else seems fine. If there are any exposed wires, they may be the reason your Cuisinart food processor isn’t working. A faulty power cable is more than an inconvenience. It could be a safety hazard.

When checking your power cable, run your fingers through the entire length. That way, you can easily catch all exposed sections. Keep the cord away from sharp objects and inspect it every few days.

5. Rusty Blades

This shouldn’t be a problem when dealing with a new food processor. However, it is common with older units. Check your blades for signs of rust often. Cleaning them with a scratching pad is ideal when you need to remove rust without being too harsh. Use mild soap, and when you are done, dry the entire food process to minimize the risk of rusting. Rust creates a blockage that can damage your machine.


Cuisinart ensures the quality of product. It is far superior to its counterparts with an average rating. It excels at common kitchen tasks and lessens food waste.

If you are wondering how to assemble a Cuisinart food processor, go through your user manual. It is a simple process, and you can start trying out new recipes in no time. There are a few common issues if the unit won’t start even after assembly. They include rusty blades, a faulty motor, and a faulty power outlet.