How To Turn Off Sound On PowerXl Air Fryer? No Beeping!

Last Updated on May 19, 2023 by River Tree Farms

The Power XL Air Fryer is a versatile kitchen appliance that cooks food with little or no oil and grease. Therefore, this air fryer will allow you to prepare foods with fewer calories hence healthy food. It also cooks your food pretty quickly compared to other appliances like the toaster oven.

However, one thing can take your comfort for some time: the loud beeping and buzzing that happens at different times in the air fryer.

Do you want to learn how to turn off the sound on the Power XL air fryer? Then, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll take you through some simple steps that will have you turn off that annoying buzz in no time.

How to turn off the sound on the power xl air fryer

How to turn off sound on power xl air fryer

It depends on what sound in the air fryer you have noted. There are different categories of sounds in an air fryer. Some are natural sounds produced by the power xl air fryer in the cooking process. Such sounds include:

  • The sound of a working fan inside your air fryer
  • The sound of the air fryer rotation basket
  • At the end of the cooking process
  • Different errors in your power xl air fryer
  • System malfunction

We are saying that we can not turn off all sounds since some sounds are just a cooking process. However, we can only look at the sound amplified through the power xl air fryer speakers, such as the beeping sound.

How do I turn off the beep on my XL air fryer?

Below are the ways you can turn off a beeping sound on your power xl air fryer:

  • Power off your power xl air fryer and unplug the power cable.
  • Using a knife, carefully open the lid of the air fryer.
  • Inside, you will see a little black round cylinder just at the top of most of the Power xl air fryer.
  • Using the pliers, disconnect the wire that connects to that black cylinder.
  • Connect your power xl air fryer to the power outlet to check whether the beeping sound is gone.

Please note: The sound of the working fan or maybe a rotating basket remains.

Why does my power XL air fryer keep beeping?

power XL air fryer keep beeping

There Are various reasons why your power xl air fryer keeps beeping. The reason could run from something very minor to very technical. Let us look at some of the causes and how to fix them quickly.

  • Error codes

A beeping sound with displayed error codes means that there could be a problem in the internal parts of your air fryer. For example, if your power xl air fryer has faulty thermal sensors, It will have an E2 error code on your display. At the same time, the air fryer will have a beeping sound until the problem resolves.

To Fix This- You need to contact customer care to fix this since it is a technical issue requiring special care.

  • Stuck buttons

If any power xl air fryer button gets stuck, the air fryer will likely continuously beep. Pressing on hard and aggressively or having some dirt could cause a button to get stuck, interfering with the normal process of the air fryer. Like the button would continuously press the reset button-pushing everything else to be at a standstill.

To Fix This- Try pressing the button once to see whether it will be in a usual pose. You can use a toothpick also to remove the stuck button carefully. If all turns futile, consider contacting customer care.

  • Faulty heating element

The heating element is the head of an air fryer’s functions, from air frying to roasting. If the heating element is faulty, your air fryer can do nothing except beep to tell you that it cannot cook. The heating element may not necessarily be wrong, but a simple issue like getting residue stuck to its oil or grease interferes with its function.

To Fix This– Check for possible visible damages on the heating element or any residues. If there are visible damages, contact customer care, and if it is the residuals, carefully remove them.

  • Start-up Failure

You may have switched on the air fryer and even put on the ingredients, but you did not start up the air fryer. Instead, you did not select the correct temperatures and time or the preset function. The air fryer will beep to remind you to start your cooking process or select the correct settings.

To Fix This- Correctly select the temperature and time settings. Connect the air fryer to the power whenever you want to use it and start the cooking process.

  • Timer Alert

The beep indicates the end of the cooking process according to the time selected. It doesn’t mean the food is ready, but the time you set is up. However, the air fryer beeps in a preset function once the process is complete.

To Fix This– Get your food out of the air fryer basket if ready. If not prepared, add select some time for cooking.

  • Temperature Setting

The power xl air fryer will beep if the temperatures inside the air fryer are extraordinarily high or too low. There will also probably be an error. It might also mean that the air fryer’s fan is faulty. The thermal sensors will prompt the beeping sound.

To Fix This- Set the correct cooking temperatures, and if too hot, switch the air fryer off first and let it cool before using it again.


The Power XL Air Fryer can be an excellent tool for your kitchen, and an all-time appliance for great crispy meals. Power xl air fryer is even better when you can use it without listening to its sound. Having a quiet air fryer is incredibly convenient. Fortunately, there are several ways to silence the Power XL Air Fryer so you can enjoy delicious fried foods without noise.

This article has given you the basics of turning off sound on the power xl air fryer. Now that you know the secret, you can enjoy your meals peacefully!