Why Is My Power XL Air Fryer Not Heating Up? Here’s The Reason

Last Updated on August 15, 2023 by River Tree Farms

A power xl air fryer can be referred to as a staple in the kitchen once you own it. It allows you to make delicious food without using oil instead of using very little fat. However, sometimes the power xl air fryer doesn’t heat up as it usually does when you want to use it.

This can be frustrating, especially if your ingredients are ready and you are set to start cooking.

Why is My power xl air fryer not heating up?

power xl air fryer not heating up

Fortunately, there are some things you can do by yourself to get your power xl air fryer heating up. We’ll walk you through some common problems that make the power xl air fryer not heat up and how to fix the problem.

1. Power-Related Issues

It is expected that your power xl air fryer is just not heating up because of power disconnections in the air fryer. The power xl air fryer won’t heat up if there is no electricity supply to the air fryer. There are several power problems we could experience, including:

  • Damaged power cables

The power cord should be free from visible damage and fraying. You can also feel with your hands for any broken part. If used over time, the power cord may have experienced wear and tear and cannot supply power to the air fryer.

  • Faulty socket

A faulty socket will not supply power to the air fryer through the power cable. If you insert another electrical appliance in your socket and it is not working but working in other sockets, then for sure it is the power socket damaged.

  • Blown Fuse

The power cable plug has an internal safety gadget called a plug, which, when it blows, the power is not transferred through the power cable to the air fryer.

  • Loosely attached power cable

This applies in two ways: One, the plug could be loosely attached to the power socket on the plug end. Two, the power cable on the air fryer’s back can be loose; therefore, in both of these two incidences, there will be no power getting into the air fryer.

  • Power loss

This is the most unlikely reason, as power loss is detected instantly in most households because of the constant use of electrical gadgets. However, it can be the reason for your air fryer not heating.

Solutions to power xl air fryer power-related issues:

  • Replace the power cable, sockets, and fuses, whichever is damaged, and make sure it is of the power xl air fryer. Contact customer service for replacement if you can not prevent further damage to your air fryer.
  • Ensure your air fryer power cable is firmly inserted into the power socket and the air fryer itself for a successful power supply.

2. Temperature and timer settings

The power xl air fryer has preset cooking functions. This means you have one press of the process you need with an already set temperature and time, and your air fryer heats up ready to cook. However, when you need to try another recipe, not in the present, you need to set your temperatures and time.

If you, for example, set shallow temperatures, You will think your air fryer is not heating up. To set your temperatures correctly, you need to note the difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Incorrect temperature and time sets will not trigger your air fryer in the cooking process; therefore, your power xl air fryer won’t heat up.

The solution to Temperature and Timer setting

Follow the power xl air fryer temperature and time setting guide when not using the preset cooking functions.

3. Air fryer basket position, lid, and the door closing

Is your air fryer basket positioned correctly inside the air fryer? Is the cover in place?

As a safety feature, the power xl air fryer will go into cooking mode when the air fryer basket is in the correct position, and the air fryer’s lid and door are closed well; otherwise, it will not heat up.

A solution to Air fryer’s Basket position, lid, and doors

Ensure your power xl air fryer basket is correctly positioned. The cover should be closed, the door closes well with a clicking sound, and the air fryer will heat up if all is in place.

4. Heating Element

If all of the above are alright, the remaining possible problem is the faulty heating element. A faulty or damaged heating element will lead to your power xl air fryer not heating up.

A possible solution to the heating element

You can only contact customer care to repair or replace your heating element.

The power xl air fryer fan is not working.

The possible reasons for your air fryer not working are:

  • The door is improperly closed

When you close the door, it automatically presses the drawer down, the fan switch below the drawer powers on, and the fan starts running. This is a safety feature in the air fryer, so the fan never works unnecessarily.

To fix: Close the door properly, ensuring there is a clicking sound to prove the door is closing.

  • Faulty Motor

If your door is closed correctly, the cooking process has started, and the fan is not working, then the motor that powers the air fryer fan is faulty or worn out over time.

To fix: Contact customer service to replace the motor.


The Power XL Air Fryer is a unique tool for cooking your favorite foods, but like any other machine, it has some drawbacks.

One of the most common problems with the power xl air fryer is not heating up. We have checked all the reasons your power xl air fryer is not heating up. However, Suppose the air fryer will not still heat up. In that case, we recommend contacting customer care to provide you with more instructions on troubleshooting the problem and better present themselves for repair.