Cuisinart Air Fryer Digital Vs Manual – Which One Is Right For You?

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Air fryers are the most convenient kitchen appliances for cooking quick, healthy food. There are two main types of air fryers available in the market: digital control and manual control types. The Cuisinart Air Fryer, for example, has both digital and manual versions.

You would face a dilemma in deciding whether you should go for a digital or manual air fryer. What should you choose? The Cuisinart air fryer digital vs. manual debate is a never-ending one. In this article, we will clear all your doubts and give you the details of both types of air fryers so that you can make the right decision!

Cuisinart air fryer digital vs. manual: Quick Comparison!

What is the comparison between Cuisinart air fryer digital vs. manual? Have a look at the below table

Air fryer modelCuisinart DigitalCuisinart Manual  
Control typesLCD screenknobs
Preset FunctionsAir Fry Bake Broil, Pizza, Roast Toast Bagel Reheat Warm Dual CookAir Fry Convection Bake Convection Broil Bake Broil Warm Toast
Added functionsSlow Cook Braise Defrost Dehydrate Proofing    None
MaterialStainless steelStainless steel
Temperature range800F to 4500F2500F to 4500F
AccessoriesOven rack
baking pan
Air fryer basket
Crumb tray
Oven rack
baking pan
Air fryer basket
Crumb tray
Capacity18 Quart18 Quart
Auto shut-offYesYes
Interior lightingYesYes
Dimensions17.0 by 21.73 by 15.76 inches15.5 by 16.00 by 14.00 inches
Weight20.3 Pounds21pounds
Wattage1800 watts1800 watts
Surface installationCountertopCountertop

Pros and Cons of Cuisinart air fryer


  • Large Capacity

It has a large capacity of 18 quarts compared to other air fryers; You can have a 12-inch pizza and 3 pounds of chicken wings.

  • Versatility

It is a multi-functional air fryer with various presets running from broiling, baking, air frying, defrosting, roasting, bagel, grilling, and pizza. The wide temperature range greatly supports its versatility.

  • It is easy to use

The control panels are easy to use, and it has an adjustable 60-minute timer thermostat.

  • Safety features

Built-in auto shut-off senses when the air fryer is about to overheat and automatically shuts off.

  • No preheating

It saves your time as no preheating is needed as it achieves high temperatures fast.

  • Accessories

The air fryer comes with essential accessories that will help you cook almost anything you want in the air fryer. The accessories include an oven light, oven rack, baking pan, and air fryer rack/basket.

  • Sturdy and durable

It is made of heavy-duty stainless steel that is strong and not prone to rust, thus its durability.

  • It is easy to clean.

The air fryer is made of a non-stick interior coating, making it easy to clean.


  • Heavyweight and big

It is a bit heavy, especially lifting it around from its counter space.

It is big and, therefore, takes a lot of counter space

  • Noisy

The fan makes moderate noise.

What is the difference between a Cuisinart air fryer digital vs manual?

  • Controls

The Cuisinart air fryer digital has a digital control panel consisting of six buttons, an LCD screen( cock, timer, temperature, and cooking functions), six buttons, and a selector dial.

The Cuisinart air fryer manual has a manual control panel consisting of 4 knobs ( toast-shade selector timer, preset, preset functions, and temperature) and an interior light button.

  • PresetPreset Functions

The Cuisinart air fryer digital has ten cooking functions: air fry, dual cook, bake, broil, pizza, reheat, roast, toast, bagel, and warm with extra cooking functions for Slow Cook, Braise, Defrost, and Dehydrate,

The Cuisinart air fryer manual has7 cooking functions: air fry, roast, broil, warm, convectional bake, convectional broil, and bake.

  • Temperature

The Cuisinart air fryer digital has a broader temperature range of 800F TO 4500 F and a customizable timer for each preset function. Therefore, it can have a wider range of cooking functions and slow cook, braise, and do more tasks requiring low temperatures.

The Cuisinart air fryer manual has a temperature range of 2500 F to 4500 F and an adjustable thermostat. It doesn’t feature low temperatures and thus omits some low-temperature cooking functions.

  • Dimensions

The Cuisinart air fryer Digital is slightly bigger with a length of 17.00 by width and 21.73 by a height of 15.76.

The Cuisinart air fryer manual has a dimension of 15.5 lengths by 16.00 weight by 14 height.

  • Weight

Despite the larger Cuisinart air fryer Digital, it weighs less than the manual. The digital weighs 20.3 pounds, while the manual weighs 21 pounds.

Common Similarities of Cuisinart air fryer digital vs. manual

  • Material

Both Cuisinart air fryers digital and manual are very sturdy stainless steel materials. The interiors like the air fryer baskets and grills are non-stick, and all the removable parts are dishwasher safe.

  • Accessories

The Cuisinart air fryer digital and manual come with the essential accessories: an Oven rack, Baking pan, Air fryer basket, and Crumb tray. They make cooking using the air fryer easier and a lot more convenient.

  • Capacity

They are both large capacities of 18 quarts. That is considered a significant size in an air fryer as it can hold 12-inch pizza, 3 pounds of chicken wings, a 4-pound whole chicken, and six slices of bread.

  • Features

Both air fryers have interior lighting and a safety feature-auto shut-off that prevents the overheating of the appliance. Therefore your food will never burn or overcook in these air fryers. They also both have an adjustable timer of 1 hour/60 minutes.

  • Power

They have the same power of 1800 watts, powerful enough to cook your food in the air fryer using superheated air.

  • Warranty

They have the same warranty of 3 years, such a long time to receive free repair from the manufacturer.

Which Cuisinart air fryer is best digital or manual?

I will say that both of these air fryers are great units with very many similarities. They are both sturdy, easy to use, clean, high power, and versatile enough to cook various dishes.

However, which Cuisinart air fryer stands out, digital or manual? A digital gadget is always an improvement of the manual version itself. So without being biased, Cuisinart air fryer digital is best due to the following reasons:

  • It has an easy-to-use digital LCD
  • It has more preset cooking functions
  • It weighs less than the manual
  • It has a broader temperature range, even very low-temperature cooking

What is the difference between Cuisinart Toa-65 and 60?

Cuisinart Toa-65 and 60 is that Cuisinart Toa-65 is the digital air fryer toaster oven, and Cuisinart Toa-60 is a manual air fryer toaster oven. Precisely their main difference is:

  • The interface of the Cuisinart Toa-65 has a digital LCD control panel, while Toa-60 has a manual control panel.
  • The Cuisinart Toa-65 has 13 cooking functions, while Toa-60 has seven cooking functions.
  • Cuisinart Toa-65 has a temperature range of 800 F TO 4500 F, thus supporting low cooking temperature and slow cook, whereas Toa-60 has a temperature range of 2500F to 450 0 F, not helping low-temperature cooking and slow cook.

Is the Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven worth it?

Yes, a million times worth it. The reason why Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven is worth it includes:

  • Its versatility: It is just one kitchen appliance that takes the role of many other gadgets.
  • It is straightforward to use with already preset cooking functions
  • It is convenient as it cooks your food quickly compared to other traditional cooking methods.
  • Safety features- Like the auto shut-off that prevents overheating of your appliance
  • It is a durable, sturdy air fryer- Made of stainless steel, which is robust and prone to rust.
  • It is easy to clean as it is steel, and the interiors are non-stick coatings.
  • Healthiest cooking- cooks using superheated air instead of traditional deep-frying methods, thus using little to no oil with up to 80% less.

Can you use parchment paper in the Cuisinart air fryer?

Yes, you can use parchment paper in your Cuisinart air fryer. What is the use of parchment paper in an air fryer?

  • It makes clean-up a breeze-The perforated parchment enhances the flow of air while at the same time avoiding oils, grease, and even residuals in your air fryer, making cleaning easier.
  • It protects your oven-Some oils and sticky substances would be hard to remove from the air fryer; thus, the parchment will work as a protective unit from the oily and sticky substances. It prevents messy reheats.
  • Human safe and dishwasher safe– Parchment papers are made of human-safe silicon.

What should you avoid when using parchment paper in an air fryer? Please do not put the parchment paper on during the preheating process as it will fly inside the air fryer, getting caught in the heating elements. Put the parchment paper with ingredients inside the air fryer as you are ready to start the cooking process.

Can you grill in a Cuisinart air fryer?

Yes, you can grill in the Cuisinart air fryer easily and quickly. It has a double-sided grill and griddle plate, making grilling in your air fryer easy. You can perfectly sear your steaks and vegetables and many more grilled favorite dishes.

Is Cuisinart air fryer easy to clean?

Yes, the Cuisinart air fryer is very easy to clean as it is pure stainless steel. The air fryer baskets, pans, and cooking accessories have non-stick coatings making them easier to clean. You can also clean efficiently as all the removable parts are dishwasher safe.

Can You Use Aluminum Foil In Cuisinart Air Fryer?

Yes, you can use aluminum foil in Cuisinart Airfryer only if you safely and correctly place it on the air fryer basket. So how do you put your aluminum foil on the air fryer basket? Make sure you do not cover the sides of the basket but just the surface where you will place your food. The aluminum foil will catch fire if it comes into contact with the heating element of your air fryer. On a positive note, the aluminum foil will keep your air fryer clean and free from oils and sticky residuals.

Can You Put A Plate In A Cuisinart Air Fryer?

Yes, depending on the heat resistance of the plate. The plate must withstand the very high heat reached in an air fryer of about 4000 F.


Are you still on the fence about which is better? The Cuisinart Air Fryer Digital or Manual?

A manual is an excellent option for you who need something simple and easy to use. It’s also a good option for those looking for a low-cost way to get started in air frying. On the other hand, the Cuisinart Air Fryer Digital has many more settings, allowing you to choose from various foods and cooking times. This means that it can be used for mainly any food or recipe, not just fried foods like chicken wings or french fries.

On Cuisinart air fryer digital vs. manual, both options come with their pros and cons, so refer again to the article and decide wisely.

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