How to Use Air Fryer Liners (Beginner’s Guide)

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Do you have an air fryer and have a hard time cleaning it up after every use? Are you looking for something easy to use to simplify your work cleaning an air fryer? The air fryer liners will ease the struggle of cleaning an air fryer. The liners are very easy to use and can absorb any cramps.

What is an air fryer liner?

An air fryer liner is a pre-cut paper placed at the bottom of an air fryer to prevent foods and cramps from sticking into the air fryer. They contain holes that help in the circulation of air. The air fryer liners come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate all your needs. If you cook some greasy foods, these liners will save your air fryer from blockage and sticking.

Why use an air fryer liner?

Air fryer liners will save you a lot of energy that you would have spent cleaning your air fryer after cooking. Spillages can occur while you are cooking some foods. An air fryer liner placed at the bottom of the air fryer is easy to clean and ensures no food particles get in the air fryer. These sheets help food steam without sticking into the air fryer. More reasons why you should use an air fryer liner include;

  • The liners keep food from tearing. Delicate foods like fish fillets don’t pull when placed in air fryer liners.
  • Clean-up is significantly easier. These liners are made up of papers that don’t stick; hence cleaning up is very simple.
  • The liners protect your basket and racks. There is no hard scrubbing hence reducing the wear and tear in the stands.
  • They are very affordable and can also be homemade.

How to use Air fryer liners?

Most of these air fryer liners will come with a manual on using them. The process is simple and easy to follow. If you want to use the liners in your air fryer:

Step 1: Get the best quality air fryer liners. Ensure that you get liners that fit perfectly in your fryer. If they do not fit perfectly, you can cut them to your desired size and shape.

Step 2: Connect your machine to power and preheat.

Step 3: Spread the liner on the bottom surface of your air fryer without the baskets and tray.

Step 4: Place your food into the liner and place it back in the appliance.

Always ensure that the temperatures match your ingredients. If the food requires high temperatures, heat the air fryer to that degree. It would be best to also heat your air fryer before putting the liners.

Where do you put your air fryer liners?

Liners should be placed at the bottom of your appliance when the air fryer is heated. The liner should cover the bottom of the basket and not under the base. Cut the liners to fit the size of the bottom of your appliance.

How do you use air fryer parchment liners?

Some liners do not have holes to circulate air. In this case, use a hole puncher to create holes. It would help if you did not use liners with no food. For you to effectively use the parchment papers, you should;

  1. Read the manual. When you buy your air fryer, ensure there is a manual with clear instructions. Different models have different manuals, so a manual will show you what is heat resistant and can and cannot be used.
  2. Use perforated parchment paper. A good parchment paper should be perforated to enable good air circulation. If the paper doesn’t have holes, make yours.
  3. Place the parchment paper at the bottom of your basket and not beneath it. Also, ensure that it does not cover the spaces for air circulation.
  4. Heat the air fryer first before placing the parchment paper in it. You should also not put the parchment paper with no food on it. The paper is very light and can fly around, causing the fire.
  5. Get good-quality parchment paper. Use FDA-approved parchment papers. An air fryer can heat up to 400℉, and when the quality is compromised, it will easily catch fire.
  6. Avoid reusing parchment paper. With the extreme temperatures that have been used in the air fryer, the parchment paper will come out soaked and damaged and should not be reused.

Parchment papers are used best when there are acidic foods like tomatoes to avoid contact with the reactive air fryer basket.

How do you use air fryer filter paper?

These filter papers are like parchment paper. They are heat-resistant and non-stick. When making your foods, they are heat-resistant; hence you can check them without getting burned. They are non-stick; thus, foods do not stick to the paper when there is a spillage. These papers come in different shapes and are made of food-grade material, so they are food-friendly and do not bleach.

How long do I cook things in an air fryer?

Foods in an air fryer tend to cook up faster due to air circulation around the air fryer. The oil used in the air fryer is only a fraction that could be used in regular cooking. However, you will cook at various temperatures and at different time durations because of how tasty, or complex the foods are.

Chicken breast370℉20-25 minutes
Burgers350℉8-10 minutes
meatballs400℉7-10 minutes
Steak400℉7-14 minutes
Tilapia400℉6-8 minutes

The temperatures of an air fryer will depend on the type of food you are making. Frozen foods will need a high temperature as compared to snacks. Check the temperature with a thermometer to be safe, although many air fryers will indicate the temperature and the minutes.

Should I line my air fryer with foil?

Whether or not you should use foil depends on the food you make. Some acidic foods like tomatoes and citrus react with aluminum; hence you should not use foil. For foods that don’t respond with aluminum, you can use the foil, but it should only be in the base of the appliance.

However, the model of the fryer also affects whether or not you should use a foil. Refer to the manual for precautions to be on the safe side. Ensure that you leave space in the aluminum foil for airflow circulation.

Can I put a paper towel in an air fryer?

It would be best if you did not put a paper towel in an air fryer as they prevent air circulation, disrupting the cooking process. Experts don’t recommend paper towels because;

  1. There is uneven cooking. If there is no proper airflow in the fryer, some parts of the food may be left uncooked while others may overcook.
  2. Fire can break out. The paper towels can cause a fire in your house, and when the air fryer catches fire, the paper towels will burn out; hence no traceback on the cause of the fire. An air fryer uses scorching temperatures when frying foods and can heat up, causing the paper towels to catch fire.

Experts do not recommend materials that are affected by extreme temperatures. Steel cookware is not also appropriate as it is not a good conductor of heat. However, You can use paper towels to absorb the excess fat from your food with proper inspection.

Will baking paper burn the air fryer?

Placing baking paper without food can burn the paper causing damage to the fryer. You can use baking paper to heat up to 425℉ in an air fryer. Baking pieces are user-friendly and grease resistant. You can make yours using parchment papers or buy from the nearest store with measurements fitting your air fryer bottom or an inch lower.

Can I put wax paper in the air fryer?

Anything that can melt is not recommended to be used in an air fryer. You should not use wax paper because it can melt.


An air fryer liner is very effective in today’s world. As seen above, liners use 100% food-grade material hence very safe for your health. The liners contain a non-fluorescent agent and eco-friendly wax. The taste of the food is not compromised, and the look of your food remains nice since there are no breakages with foods like fish.

Many people love the air fryer liners as they protect your air fryer basket from all the scrubbing. They are straightforward to clean, and using them is very simple. The liners are also fit for your oven so serving multiple purposes.

You do not need the air fryer liners to use an air fryer; however, it is worth investing in all the listed advantages of an air fryer. In this 21st century, an air fryer liner should be in every homestead. You don’t have to break your bank in the process.

The liners are also very affordable, with a pack of 100 pieces going for $ 7.15. They will save you the time you would have spent cleaning up the air fryer basket and the repair costs that would have come up after sticking and blocking. You will never regret investing in an air fryer liner.

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