Why Is My Instant Vortex Air Fryer Not Working?

Last Updated on May 19, 2023 by River Tree Farms

As an Instant Vortex Air Fryer user, you may face problems from time to time. Like any other electrical gadget, it’s not perfect.

If you’re having problems with your Vortex Air Fryer, i.e., your Instant Vortex Air Fryer is not working, don’t worry! We’ll help you figure out what went wrong and how to fix it.

This article will focus on the common problems with the Instant Vortex Air Fryer and how to resolve them.

If the issue is more severe than what you can fix yourself, we recommend taking your air fryer back to the store. Or, contact customer care, where they can help you further.

Why My Instant Vortex Air Fryer Won’t Turn On?

Your air fryer toaster Oven can be a really convenient alternative for deep fryers. But when it doesn’t turn on during cooking time or in the middle of your cooking cycle, things can be frustrating!

Here we assembled a list of possible reasons it may happen:

  • Broken power socket- No power supply from the outlet to the air fryer.
  • Damaged Power cable- No power supply to the air fryer.
  • Blown fuse- Replace the fuses inside the plug.
  • Improperly placed air fryer basket-there should be a clicking sound on the door.
  • Faulty power button- No way to turn on the appliance.
  • The overcrowded basket-the door doesn’t close properly; thus air fryer doesn’t turn on.

Why Is My Instant Vortex Air Fryer Not Working

Instant Vortex Air Fryer not working

We will start with the fundamental reasons why the instant air fryer is not working. We are going to categorize these problems as internal and external. So let’s get started:

1. External Problems:

  • Power outlet

The first step is to check if the power socket is working correctly. You can do this by inserting your air fryer’s power cord into another power socket to rule out that the air fryer has a problem.

If, indeed, the Instant Vortex Air Fryer is working in another power socket. The problem is the power socket you had previously connected to your air fryer.

  • Power loss

Check if your connection is experiencing a power loss. You can insert the power cord of your air fryer into a different connection to check.

  • Tripped Plugging in

A Loose plugged plug will not get the power from the wall socket. The connection between the plug and the power outlet must always be firm.

2. Internal Problems

  • Blown Fuse

A fuse is a small security device found inside the power cable plug. When there is a power surge, the fuse gets damaged instead of your instant Vortex Air Fryer. When faulty, You will find your Instant Vortex Air Fryer not working. 

  • Power Cable

The power cable attached to the Instant Vortex Air Fryer wears out fast. It is the first to go before any other part of the air fryer because of its nature of work.

You can look for exposed live wires out of the frayings. If you find this, the chance is your power cable is not functional anymore. It will not deliver power from the power socket to the air fryer and will not work.

  • Incorrectly placed Air fryer basket.

Instant Vortex Air Fryer has a removable air fryer basket for cooking ingredients.

As a safety precaution, the air fryer does not work if you do not correctly position your air fryer’s basket.

If the basket is overfilled, the door will not close properly. The air fryer will not be able to work.

  • Broken Air Fryer

Instant Vortex air fryer has several unique and top-notch features.

All these parts of the air fryer can fail at some point, making your Instant Vortex Air Fryer not work.

Below are the features that, if break down, can lead your air fryer to not be in excellent working condition:

  • Heating element
  • Digital Touch Screen Display
  • Air fryer’s fan
  • Heating element essential parts
  • Buttons on the control panel

Why Does My Vortex Air Fryer Keep Turning Off?

Is your air fryer keeps turning off during cooking time? These may be the reason why:

  • Power disconnect

Your Vortex air fryer has a higher voltage than your power outlet can support. Consider using a power outlet that can help your air fryer.

  • Plug-in

The air fryer keeps turning off because the plug is on and off the power outlet. Firmly insert the plug to ensure it is not loose in the cooking process.

  • Damaged cable

A damaged cable will turn off the Instant vortex air fryer. Replace the damaged power cable.

  • Improperly closed lid

The instant Vortex air fryer will only work if the lid is closed correctly.

  • Improperly placed air fryer basket.

The instant vortex air fryer has a safety feature to avoid accidents and energy wastage. The air fryer will stop working if the air fryer basket is not in its correct position.

  • Malfunctioning parts of the air fryer

The instant air fryer will keep on turning off if the parts are worn down due to overuse.

If you have used it for soo long, consider replacing it with a new one. The Instant Vortex has many capable air fryers in its line. Such as the Instant Vortex mini air fryer.

If not, then contact customer care for repair.

What Can You Do When Your Instant Vortex Air Fryer Is Not Working?

There are many things you can try to bring back your air fryer to working condition before giving up on it.

First thing is to identify the problem. If you have pinpointed it, then try one or more of the suggestions below:

  • Replace the power outlet if faulty.
  • Wait for power restoration if there is an outage.
  • Firmly attach the plug to the power outlet.
  • Replace fuses if they are damaged.
  • Replace a damaged power cable.
  • Place the air fryer basket correctly.
  • Shake your air fryer basket and remove excess ingredients.
  • Contact customer service for repair.

Instant Vortex Plus Touch Screen Issues

Instant Vortex air fryer’s control panel features a touch screen. The most common issue with the touch screen is that it’s not responsive to your touch.

You can reset your air fryer to see if it starts working properly as lags are common after prolonged use.

If the problem still persists, it may be an internal problem. Your air fryer may have a problem, either in.

  • the wiring system,
  • the diodes,
  • or the computer chips

If this is the case, you need to contact customer care.

It can also be a code error problem whenever you select any function. It means that your air fryer has a problem, not necessarily the display touch screen.

Instant Vortex Plus Door Issues

Your Instant Vortex Air Fryer’s door is not closing correctly for the following reasons:

  • Loose rivets

An air fryer door has a rivet, and the door doesn’t close well when it becomes loose.

You can use a screwdriver to tighten the rivets, and your door should now close properly.

  • Improperly positioned air fryer basket.

The air fryer’s door will not close if the air fryer basket is not in its correct position as a safety precaution.

Place your Instant Vortex Air Fryer in its designated position.

  • Overcrowded basket

The air fryer basket will not fit well if you overfill it. Follow the manufacturer’s ingredients maximum limit, and the door will close properly.

  • Wrong Handle Placement

If the handle is not in its proper state, the door will not close. Lifting the handles and sliding the drawer and the door should work fine.

  • Incorrect air fryer assembling

For many reasons, you may take apart your air fryer. If the air fryer was dismantled and mantled again, it might not be correctly assembled, Causing problems at the door.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on your Instant Vortex Air fryer assembly.

  • Particles and Residuals

Food particles, oil, and grease residuals can cause build-up inside the air fryer chamber. Build-ups or any other material will interfere with the normal functioning of the door.

Regularly clean off any particles and residuals from the door.

How To Reset The Instant Vortex Air Fryer?

Step by step, you can either:

  1. Switch off the air fryer.
  2. Unplug the air fryer from the wall socket.
  3. Let the air fryer rest for ten minutes.
  4. Plug the power cable and switch on the air fryer.

Or alternatively, you can try to;

  1. Put the Instant Vortex Air Fryer in standby mode.
  2. Press and hold the time+ and temperature + for about 5 seconds.
  3. The air fryer should beep twice if resetting has happened.
  4. If not, repeat the process until successful.

Cleaning and Caring for your Air fryer

Your Instant vortex air fryer toaster oven has definitely made your life easier. To keep using it for a long time, you have to take care of it too!

Depending on your air fryer models, caring for it may vary. But the basic rulings stay the same:

  1. Clean it after each use with soapy water and a damp cloth to get rid of food odors and superficial food debris.
  2. Follow the manual’s safety precautions during cooking time.
  3. Select the correct cooking program during cooking time.
  4. Wipe the surface with warm water if you see food content sticking to it.


Using an instant vortex air fryer is very simple and fun, but it can also be frustrating when yours just don’t work!

The good news is that these issues are usually quickly resolved. Following the instructions provided by your air fryer, you can fix them. We have walked you through some tips on different issues too.

Check our website for other helpful tips on similar matters. Happy air frying!