How to Connect Cosori Air Fryer to WiFi in 9 Easy Steps

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What do you know about the Cosori air fryer? Most likely, you are aware that it is a kitchen appliance that makes delicious, healthy food without using all the oil required in traditional frying.

Cosori air fryer is also an intelligent air fryer that connects to wifi during use.

If you’re considering buying a Cosori Air Fryer, you likely want to know how to connect Cosori Air Fryer to wifi. Is it?

It’s simple! I have clearly explained step by step what you need to do.

Suppose you have your Cosori air fryer there with you. In that case, additionally, you need to have your iPad / iPhone or Android device that has access to WI-FI and Amazon Alexa/ Google assistant.

Why does Air Fryer need wifi?        

1. Intelligent Monitoring

When using a WiFi-enabled air fryer, you can remote control the ongoing activities of the air fryer in the comfort of your couch, home garden, or even bed.

The air fryer will connect to your mobile phone through a specific app supported by your air fryer brand and model. For instance, the Cosori air fryer wifi app is called Vesync. You can get the app from the Apple App Store, users, or the google play store. This app allows you to start, monitor, and even stop the cooking process without going to the kitchen.

You will monitor the temperatures and cooking time and adjust accordingly; thus, your food will never overcook or undercook. The app also acts as a shake reminder, so you can rush to the kitchen and shake your ingredients for even cooking.

2. Safety

The mobile phone app connected to the air fryer’s wifi will notify you when things are not in order in the air fryer. For example, if the air fryer overheats and you are not in the kitchen, the mobile app will notify you, and remotely you will be able to stop the air fryer preventing fire hazards.

3. Voice Control

The wifi connectivity in an air fryer will allow it to connect with Amazon Alexas/Google Assistant. You will only need to command the air fryer on what to do without touching it or the mobile phone but speak. You can, therefore, multitask and get your work at home done simultaneously without interference.

4. Delayed and Flexible cooking

You can prepare your ingredients, put them in the air fryer basket, and cook them later at your comfort and desired time using your mobile app or Alexa voice control.

5. Cooking memory

The app will save all the dishes you have previously prepared together with all the settings used. You can select the settings that turned out perfectly for a particular meal and keep them for future use.

6. Recipes Bonus

Most WiFi-enabled air fryers use the app with more than 100 recipes to prepare different favorite dishes.

Does Cosori Air Fryer have wifi?

Yes, Cosori smart airfryer have wifi.It is powered by the Cosori air fryer app called Vesync, found on the app store and google store.

The WiFi-enabled air fryer and the Vesync mobile app allow you to remotely control your air fryer without necessarily being in the kitchen to use the control panel.

The wifi enables the Cosori air fryer to connect over a voice command through the intelligent home function, Alexa.

How do I connect my air fryer to wifi?

  1. Connect your phone to the available wifi connection of at least 2.4 GHz.
  2. Download the VeSync app or scan the QR code from the app store or play store.
  3. Login in if you have an existing account or sign up to create an account.
  4. Connect your Cosori air fryer to the power and turn it on. You will see a steady wifi icon blinking on the display screen. If the wifi is not blinking, press the power button for about 5 seconds, and the wifi icon will appear.
  5. Turn on the wifi icon on your Cosori air fryer.
  6. Back to your VeSync app on your mobile, enabling access to search for devices.
  7.  Press the home button and select the ‘plus’ icon, and it should bring up a category called ‘kitchen-Cosori smart air fryer.’ Select to connect to the Cosori air fryer.
  8. Confirm the model number. The model number location is at the base of your air fryer or the Cosori Smart wifi Air Fryer manual.
  9. It will connect, and you can start your unique experience with your air fryer.

How do I reset my Cosori Air Fryer wifi?

If your Cosori air fryer wifi is not working, reset it by pressing the power button for 5 seconds and repeat the process until the wifi icon blinks rapidly on the digital display. Then reconfigure your Cosori air fryer to the VeSync mobile app.

The Cosori air fryer wifi reset will also be necessary after:

  • Power loss- Disconnects the wifi connection.
  • Internet outage-no wi-fi connection.
  • Change of wifi routers-Change of passwords.

All the mentioned instances disconnect the air fryer’s wifi connection leading to its disconnect to the VeSync app.

When the wifi connection and restoration are back, turn on the wifi on the air fryer and your phone.

To connect the air fryer to the VeSync again, you need to relaunch the VeSync app to restart the connection.


Now that you’ve connected your Cosori air fryer to wifi, you’ll be able to control your air fryer from anywhere in your comfort.

Sure, I know learning how to connect your Cosori air fryer to wifi seems  like a pretty simple process, but there are a few things you must keep in mind:

Ensure the device is connected to wifi and the internet connectivity is excellent. If you still have a problem connecting the Cosori air fryer to wifi, learn more on the Cosori smart wifi air fryer manual.

Overall, I would recommend this Cosorti smart air fryer!

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