Why Is My Keurig giving Me Coffee Grounds?

Last Updated on May 19, 2023 by River Tree Farms

When making your K-cup, you hope that it brews perfectly. You’d be disappointed to find bitter solids instead of the heavenly sip you anticipate. Coffee grounds in Keurig are a common but avoidable problem. The coffee grounds may result from the grind blocking the exit needle when using a Keurig coffee maker.

They can clog water from brewing after every brew. If you have asked the question, ‘why is my Keurig giving me coffee grounds?’ keep reading to learn more. 

Why Are There Keurig Coffee grounds In Cups? 

If you use a packaged k-cup, there are a few reasons you may have coffee grounds in your cup. The most likely cause of the problem is the lower needle puncturing the bottom of the k-cup is plugged with grounds.

In addition, you should consider using two coffee filters instead of one when setting up your grounds basket. Instead of just one filter under your grounds, add another to cover them.

Your coffee grinder could also be the cause of the problem. Consider investing in a high-quality one for a delicious coffee with no grinds. Blade grinders can save you some money. However, they leave a lot of ground sediments in your cup and may need replacement soon.

The biggest challenge with blade grinders is that your grind size depends on how long you hold your power button down. You have no control over your grind size, and your grounds may be an uneven mix of coarse and fine.

What to Do About K Cups Leaving Grinds In Coffee?

Luckily, you can fix the problem with a paperclip. In the past, Keurig brewers had handy tools for unclogging your exit needle. However, they no longer have those tools. You can use a straightened paperclip instead.

Lift your brewer’s handle, exposing the basket. You should see the needle that punctures the base of the K-cup pod. Enter the straightened end of your paper clip into the needle and move it around gently. Use up and down motions to remove all debris.

If you need to be thorough, take the whole brew basket off. You can do so by twisting and lifting. Use some warm, soapy water to clean your basket and put it back into the machine. Ensure that it fits in perfectly. Complete the process by running a water-only brew cycle.

When you are done, you should be able to enjoy some amazing grind-free coffee. If the issue persists, you may need to use the Keurig descaling solution. It removes scale and calcium deposits that could build up over time. Even though they are non-toxic, they can lower your brewer’s performance.


Why is my Keurig giving me coffee grounds? This is a question that many coffee lovers have asked at some point. Fortunately, it isn’t a hopeless situation. With some patience and a paper clip, you can resolve it. A Keurig descaling solution could be great for removing scale and calcium deposits.