Can You Use A Coffee Filter In An Air Fryer? Details Here

Last Updated on May 19, 2023 by River Tree Farms

Have you ever wondered if you can use a coffee filter in an air fryer? Can they replace parchment papers and aluminum foil for lining the air fryer baskets?

To answer the question, ‘can you use a coffee filter in an air fryer?’ allow me to say no. Like paper towels, coffee filter paper are flammable. So they can catch fire during the cooking process.

But interestingly, if you want to bake in an air fryer, you can use the paper coffee filter as cupcake liners.

In this article, we will dig deeper into the matter of using the coffee filter in an air fryer. So read till the end.

Can You Use A Coffee Filter In An Air Fryer?

Can You Use A Coffee Filter In An Air Fryer

Coffee filters or French Paper made of paper pulp and vegetable fibers. They are placed inside a coffee machine. In a coffee maker, a coffee filter filters the coffee grounds.

Whether you can use a coffee filter inside an air fryer depends on some factors. Such as:

  • Purpose of putting
  • Method of cooking

To keep the air fryer clean, many use various liners made of parchment or, unbleached paper, etc.

The coffee filter, too, if used as a liner, will prevent messy bits of food and make cleaning food remnants a breeze.

But let us look at what can coffee filters really do for air fryer recipes:

  • The coffee filter is highly flammable.

Unlike other air fryer liners, the coffee filter can quickly start a fire inside the air fryer. Cheap coffee filters are highly flammable like wax paper.

Air fryer mainly operates under very high temperatures of up to 4500 F, which make coffee filter burn. This makes the coffee filters not very air fryer safe.

However, If you do not have other air fryer liners, you can use the coffee filter. But you must use the lowest temperatures in the air fryer. Ensure that you only cover the surface of the pan.

  • It is highly porous

A coffee filter has a design such that hot coffee will pass through, filtering any particles. So, the wet batter will slowly sip through, creating a vast messing the air fryer.

You can use it if your ingredients are dehydrated and you want the coffee filter to act the role of an air fryer liner.

  • It is not non-stick

Using a coffee filter is not good as the food will stick to the coffee filter. The coffee filter is thin, and it will be tough to separate it from the food once it sticks.

  • Finding the Perfect Size

Coffee filter choices for basket fryers are very limited. You can hardly find the basket-style coffee filters. For your air fryer tray, you will probably need a couple of coffee filters. And cone-style coffee filters are hardly usable as nonstick basket fryer liners. 

Can you use coffee filters instead of parchment paper?

Air fryer parchment sheets are the ideal air fryer accessories. Parchment paper liners have a specific design for the air fryer that ensures:

  • Perfect airflow
  • Even heating
  • Fitting in the air fryer chamber

I know that coffee filters are relatively cheaper than parchment paper. But please use parchment paper instead if you want to line your air fryer.

Or rub some butter onto aluminum foil, and you can use that too.

Why would you use parchment paper instead?

Let us have a quick comparison of the two.

NameParchment paperCoffee filter
Size:ThickVery thin
Porosity:Not porousHighly porous
Heat Resistance:Highly heat resistantFairly heat resistant
Primary use:Airfryer linerCoffee particles filtration

Can I use coffee filters as cupcake liners?

Many claims that they use coffee filters instead of the cupcake liner. But from my personal experience, it will not perfectly serve the purpose.

Mainly because:

  • The coffee filter drips the cake batter, unlike the cupcake liner. You will have to clean a lot of mess from the dough and the little oil that seeps through unless you use a mold too.
  • The coffee filter will not separate from the cupcake when you finish cooking it as it is not nonsticky.
  • The coffee filter may burn in the baking process as it may not withstand the baking temperatures.

Frequently Asked Question

Are coffee filters heat-resistant?

Coffee filters are not heat resistant. They are ‘hot resistant.’ What do I mean?

A coffee filter will contain and hold hot coffee. But it will not withstand hot temperatures inside an air fryer.

The environment is dry and hot inside the air fryer, unlike the wet and hot filtering coffee. There is, therefore, a high chance that the coffee filter will burn inside the air fryer.

Can I use coffee filters to filter cooking oil?

Yes, you can. The coffee filter is beneficial when filtering the oil that has been used for deep fry. It will filter all the impurities slowly and perfectly. Ensuring that the oil remains clean and free from burnt bits of food.

How long does it take for coffee filters to dry?

It depends. If you want to reuse the coffee filter, you can perfectly do so after drying them for 30 to 60 minutes. And you can also use them up to 4 times. Also, you can recycle it using some creative coffee filter hacks.

But if you are thinking of putting wet batter, it is not a good idea.


Sometimes, a coffee filter might be a temporary solution for your air fryer when you run out of air fryer liners. But the fact remains that you can’t use it often in an air fryer as it is not the best substitute.

Perhaps you are looking for an alternative air fryer liner. Maybe you do not even know what to use as an air fryer liner. But no matter how appealing the thought of a coffee filter as an air fryer liner look, it is not a good idea.

So all the air fryer enthusiasts out there looking for air fryer hacks, don’t turn to coffee filters for this task.

Instead, use silicone baking mats, parchment liners, or tin foil.