How To Deep Fry In A Wok? Super Easy 8 Steps

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Which cookware do you use to deep fry in your kitchen? Did you know that wok has the greatest cooking technique when it comes to deep-frying? Don’t be surprised that a wok is an awesome choice of vessel used to deep fry all authentic types of deep-fried foods. You can deep-fry a variety of foods, including; French fries, doughnuts, and funnel cakes, just a few to mention.

How do you deep fry using a wok? This is exactly what we are going to focus on in this article so that you can maximize the use of your wok as many of us enjoy deep-fried foods.

Why deep fry with a wok?

Most of the woks are round-bottomed having a concave shape with sloping sides making them ideal to maintain high heat and cooking fast. This shape also helps in putting a lot of food in the wok without necessarily adding the cooking time. This is a credit to its large surface area that provides a lot of space to move around foods without overcrowding while deep frying.

Advantages of Deep-Frying in a Wok

1. Using less oil to fry a lot of food

Because of its shape, where its side rises to slant down, you don’t have to put much oil to reach the desired oil depth.

2. The oil spatter less

Woks sides are high and wide, thus catching any and almost all oil that spatters.

3. Ease of access

The wok’s sides are gently sloping making it very easy to move items in and out and moving them around ensuring an even fry and safety.

4. Fry more at the same time

This is because of its shape and large surface area, meaning you can complete your fry in fewer batches. This eventually saves time and energy consumed by your stove.

How to Deep fry in a wok: Step by Step

1. Precaution and measures

Any kitchen appliance must be stable before use, especially when cooking foods with very hot oils. Before you use your wok make sure that the cooking surface stays still to avoid any accidents and fires.

2. Food preparation

Make sure to have the food you are deep frying in place before switching on your stove. It is advisable to dry the food because placing it in very hot oil would cause accidents. Also, choose the oil you will use since different oils have specific qualities with different uses. In our case, sunflower oil, peanut oil, and vegetable oils are the best since they easily reach a high smoking point, the number 1 consideration of deep frying foods. These oils are also desirable since they don’t have any flavors.

3. Season the wok

it is highly recommended If you are not using a pre-seasoned wok, make sure to season your wok as when deep-frying foods.

4. Add vegetable oil

When your wok is placed on the stove, fill in your wok with the desired depth of oil and allow it to heat. It is always a good idea to have a use-at-home thermometer to check your oil cooking temperatures. In this case, the oil should heat up to between 300-375 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Adjust temperatures accordingly

We have already mentioned the standard temperatures of deep-frying different types of foods. Your work is to adjust and maintain the desired temperatures depending on the type of food to achieve a crispy taste.

6. Place your food in the wok

Carefully put the food in the hot oil, ensuring not to put too much food to avoid overcrowding. Fry until the food is golden brown and dry, using a dry paper towel to drain off the excess oil.

7. Turn off the heat

The food is ready now. Let the wok cool, and then you can filter out the food particles using a skimmer. Store your oil in a safe place to reuse.

8. Clean your wok and store it appropriately

Clean using a soft sponge with hot water and dishwashing soap. Then, wipe it using a paper towel to dry it completely.

How do you deep fry in a wok without a thermometer?

You don’t own a thermometer at home? I know you are wondering how you will tell that the temperatures are between 300–375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Well, you are lucky there are 3 different ways to determine the desirable temperatures.

  • Wood

Deep the handle of a wooden spoon in preheated oil. If the oil bubbles, it is not hot enough, and if it bubbles vigorously, it’s too hot.

  • Bread

If it takes 60 seconds for a 1-inch square of bread to be brown, then the oil is at approximately 3650F.

  • Popcorn

When dropping a single kennel of popcorn in heating oil, it will pop once it reaches 3500F.

How much oil do I need to deep fry in a wok?

It all depends on what food you are deep frying, but typically, you need 2-3 inches of oil that will make sure the food is fully submerged. The oil should never fill past halfway through your wok.

What type of wok is good for deep frying?

Carbon steel woks are the best choice for deep frying as they are relatively light and heat very quickly. You should also consider the round-bottom shape and the non-stick woks.

Can Cast Iron Wok be Used for Deep Frying?

Yes, but they are best used for shallow frying but still can deep fry since they have high heat retention capacity.

Can I deep fry in a nonstick wok?

It is not recommended since the high heat used in deep frying can wear down a non-stick coating.


Deep fry in a wok? Yup. It’s not as hard as you think, and the results are an explosion of deliciousness in your mouth.

If you are not familiar with deep-frying using a wok, do not hesitate to put into practice all that you have learned in this article.

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