Can You Put Hot Coffee In A Plastic Solo Cup?

Last Updated on May 19, 2023 by River Tree Farms

Over the years, the use of plastic cups has drastically increased all over the world. The Solo Cup Company produces two types of plastic cups one is made for hot beverages, and the other one is made for cold drinks. The most common type of solo cup is the Red Solo Cup. Some of these plastic cups come with reclosable lids, which help to prevent spillage and also help to maintain the temperature of coffee inside the cup.

Well, can you put hot coffee in a plastic solo cup? The answer is no because toxic plastic additives are released when you pour hot coffee into solo cups, and when they enter your system, they lead to health problems. Hot coffee in plastic cups makes them soft and bendable, enabling toxic fumes from the plastic to mix with your coffee.

Can you drink coffee in a plastic cup?

Hot Coffee In A Plastic Solo Cup

Plastic which belongs to the polymer family is used to make products such as cups, bowls, and disposable plates. There is a chemical known as Bisphenol A (BPA), which is used for manufacturing plastic products to make them softer and more flexible. Therefore, drinking coffee in a plastic cup is like deducting more years from your life. The more you drink coffee from plastic cups, the more plastic additives you ingest into your system.

There are a lot of complications that are caused by drinking coffee in a plastic cup. Some of them are:

Hormonal imbalance

Plastics contain estrogenic chemicals which imitate the estrogen hormones in humans. Estrogen hormones regulate the reproductive system, manage cholesterol levels, keep the brain and the heart strong, and protect the bones as one. Therefore when you use plastic cups for drinking coffee, the estrogenic chemicals in your body may lead to hormonal imbalance.


Did you know that the use of plastics can affect your fertility? You can never be aware of this until you start having complications. If you are trying to conceive a couple then you should limit using plastic products. The BPA chemical can negatively affect women when they are trying to conceive and their babies after they are born.

Other diseases

Other diseases caused by the frequent use of plastic are diabetes, stimulating prostate cancer cells, respiratory disorders, and mammary gland stimulation.


No matter how cheap and appealing to the eyes they are, solo cups are not good for hot beverages because they leach, which leads to health problems.

Iced coffee in the red solo cup would be ideal because leaching won’t occur, and the temperature will not affect the plastic cup.

Besides being health hazardous, plastic is also dangerous to the environment when not disposed of properly. They not only pollute the environment but also lead to global warming.

If you don’t feel comfortable using plastic products, you can use stainless steel or glass products.