Helen Chen Vs Joyce Chen Wok: Key Features And Differences

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They are two names for the wok brands that you may have come across— Helen Chen and Joyce Chen woks. Do you find it interesting that they have the same second name but different first names?

Are they manufactured by the same company or two different ones? And if the same company manufactures them, how would you select the best choice among the two?

We will tell you an insider story of these two types of woks and how they became so popular worldwide in the last few years.

Comparison Table At A Glance Helen Chen Vs Joyce Chen Wok:

 FeaturesHelen Chen WokJoyce Chen Wok
Type of Material UsedCarbon steelCarbon steel
ShaPeFlat bottom shapeRound bottom shape & Flat bottom shape    
SizeBoth 12” and 14.” Both 12” and 14.”
Thickness1.6 mm thickness2.0 mm thickness
HandleBamboo handleBamboo handle & Phenolic handle
SeasonUncoated non-stick wokPre-season wok Uncoated non-stick wok

Overview Of Helen Chen Wok Vs Joyce Chen Wok:

1. Helen Chen Wok

When you visit expert chefs’ videos on youtube, you will realize they use the Helen Chen wok for their cooking. If you have never heard of her, Helen Chen is a woman remembered for bringing a revolution in cookware over the years. She learned about cooking and cookware from her mother Joyce Chen and then she established a new line of Asian culinary tools.

Helen Chen wok is an affordable wok suitable for both experts and beginners. It is a type of carbon steel wok that is capable of withstanding heat fluctuations and therefore doesn’t warp. It can be used on gas stoves and electric stove ranges.

2. Joyce Chen Wok

Joyce Chen woks are one of the famous woks in the market today. As early as 1971 launched, Chen products consisted of high-quality Chinese cooking utensils. With that, she popularized Chinese cookware and held the design patent for a flat bottom wok with a handle. If you need Joyce Chen Wok’s round bottom, it is as well available only that the flat bottom has become more popular. This wok is still incredibly popular to date.

Joyce Chen wok is also a flat-bottom carbon steel wok fit for all types of stoves. It spreads heat evenly because of its flat bottom design and has birch wood handles that do cooking and tossing food easier.

Feature comparisons that need to be considered

There are several different options that you should consider before pulling the trigger on a new wok. You need a wok that gives you satisfaction so stay with me as we go through these comparisons between Helen Chen wok and Joyce Chen wok.


The material used to manufacture the wok contributes highly to the functionality of a wok. In addition, also, the durability of a wok is highly dependent on the type of material used. The most common types of materials used in wok are carbon steel and cast iron. Between the two, uncoated carbon steel is the most popular, with the advantage of fast heat distribution. If it is seasoned properly or pre-seasoned, the wok is durable ( rust-free)and economical.

In this case, both Joyce Chen’s wok and Helen Chen’s wok are made of carbon steel, making them less prone to rust and more durable.


This will be important so that you can choose the best wok for the type of cooker you have. The two available woks are flat bottom and round bottom woks. For a gas stove use either a round bottom or flat bottom wok and for an electric stove use a flat bottom wok.

Joyce Chen woks are available in both the round bottom and flat bottom while for Helen Chen wok it is only available in flat bottom shape.


The size of the wok is considered depending on the need of the user, for example, are you using it for 2 family members or 5? Are you using it at home or in a restaurant?

The Joyce Chen and Helen Chen wok are available in the same sizes.


A good wok’s thickness will range from 1.5mm and 2.0mm. The thickness matters in the even distribution of heat.

Joyce Chen’s wok is a bit thicker compared to Helen Chen’s wok, whereas we are saying a wok should be less thick for easy heating. On the other hand, it should not be so thin as it can cause the food to burn.


The material used to make the wok determines its weight. A wok should not be too heavy for easy handling of the wok and food tossing.

Joyce Chen woks as well as Helen Chen woks are made of carbon steel a material that is light and suitable for a wok.


There are woks with short handles others with long handles. Long handles, compared to short handles, make it easier to toss the food in the wok. The handles should also be heat resistant for protection as they do not heat up as the wok heats.

The bamboo handles by Joyce Chen wok and the bamboo and phenolic handles by Helen Chen wok are both heat-resistant materials.

Which is better, Helen Chen or Joyce Chen Wok?

Considering all the features we have considered above for the best wok, both Joyce Chen and Helen Chen woks are worth going for.

Therefore, we will not take either of them to be better than the other.

Which would be the final choice?

The final choice will be determined by the stove you use. This is because you need to know whether to pick a round bottom or a flat bottom wok.


There are hundreds of wok brands on the market today, Joyce Chen wok and Helen Chen wok are among the most popular. Does this make choosing between the two brands confusing and difficult? Definitely not! This is because this article has highlighted the main factors you should consider when choosing a wok and the qualities each of the two woks have.