Pizza Crisper Vs Pizza Pan – What’s The Difference?

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If you are like most people, you probably enjoy a slice of homemade pizza once in a while. No matter how you love your pizza, the question of using a pizza crisper vs pizza pan has probably come up. Understanding the two and how they differ from each other is essential. Knowing that they are appropriate for different needs will help you prepare crispy crust or chewy pizza, depending on your preferences.

Quick Comparision Between Pizza Crisper And Pizza Pan

FeaturePizza CrisperPizza Pan
MaterialAluminum or Stainless SteelCast Iron or Aluminum
PurposeTo cook thin, crispy pizza crustTo cook pizza with a crispy bottom and soft top
Heating MethodConductive heating through the baseConductive and Convective heating through the sides and base
Temperature ControlLimited temperature controlMore temperature control through the sides and base
MaintenanceEasy to clean and maintainRequires regular seasoning to maintain non-stick properties
DurabilityDurable and long-lastingHeavier and more durable, but may rust if not properly maintained
PriceAffordable to moderately pricedModerately priced to expensive
Recommended forThin-crust pizza loversThick-crust and deep-dish pizza lovers

What Is a Pizza Crisper?

Pizza crisper pans are ideal when you need crispy thin-crust pizza. They may also be perfect for baking breadsticks. The perforated pizza pans are meant to directly transfer heat from the source to the pizza bread.

The holes also promote the release of moisture, ensuring that your crust is brown and crispy. Pizza crisper pans are typically placed at the lowest oven rack. The cooking process is a lot faster than with pizza pans.

Pizza crispers are also known as perforated pizza pans or pizza pans with holes. They are relatively affordable, and they serve as a fantastic alternative to pizza stones. Pizza crispers are typically made with aluminum which makes them durable. You can increase their longevity by avoiding caustic oven cleaner, which causes a chemical reaction that could affect your pan. Instead, clean them with mild dishwashing soap.

What Is a Pizza Pan?

Pizza pans are flat-based pans that bake soft, thick-crust pizza. The base is solid and has no perforations. Since heat distribution takes a longer time, the cooking process is longer as well. Since there is no way for excess moisture to escape, the pizza bread turns out to be chewy and soft.

Pizza pans are typically made with heavy cast iron. Therefore they are also appropriate for cooking your pizza on a grill. A pizza pan can be used as a pizza tray to move pizza from the oven to the table as well. If you want to reheat leftover pizza or heat frozen pizza, these pans are perfect.

How Are Pizza Pans and Pizza Crispers Different?

The main difference between pizza pans and pizza crispers is in the crust. While pizza crispers are perfect for thin-crust, crispy pizza, pizza pans result in thick-crust soft pizza. While pizza crispers have tiny holes on the surface, pizza pans have solid surfaces with no holes. Therefore, pizza crispers release excess moisture while cooking, but pizza pans retain it.

The cooking time is slow with pizza pans since there is a delayed transfer of heat from the oven to the pizza dough. On the other hand, pizza crispers have fast-moving temperatures that cook pizza fast. Pizza pans are typically made with cast iron, and pizza crispers are usually made with aluminum.

Pizza Crisper Vs Pizza Pan: Which One Should You Choose? 

The choice depends on what you want. Even though the general purpose is to bake pizza, the results are different. A pizza crisper will be your ideal choice if you enjoy a crispy crust. If, however, you want your crust to be thick and chewy, choose a pizza pan.

The cleaning processes are different as well. Cleaning pizza crispers can be a challenge because of the small holes at the base. However, pizza pans are very easy to clean.

Pizza pans are versatile as they let you cook any type of pizza that you prefer. Heat is spread evenly, and you can use them for fairly crispy or soft chewy pizza crust. They may also be appropriate for cooking sautéed veggies, eggs, and chicken. The uses of pizza crispers are limited.

Pizza Screens

Pizza screens are fantastic alternatives to perforated pizza pans. A regular pizza screen is an aluminum mesh with a flat surface. It works a lot like a pizza pan with holes as it allows full circulation of hot air. All pizza screens are different. While some have small holes, others have bigger ones.

They are perfect when you need to ensure that heat gets to the top of the pizza. Pizza screens help cook your pizza in a shorter time than pans with holes.

The biggest downside of pizza screens is that they increase the likelihood of your pizza crust burning at the bottom. The aluminum surface concentrates lots of heat at the bottom.

How to Choose a Pizza Pan

Whether you choose a pizza pan or a pizza crisper, there are a few things to keep in mind. The right pan is durable and capable of delivering pizza to your liking. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Material Type

The material used to make your pan matters. It determines how long the cooking process will take and the cleaning process. Generally, stainless steel and cast iron are the best materials. They spread heat evenly and don’t require much effort in maintenance.


Efficient pizza pans must have strong handles. You should be able to get them out of the oven without worrying about the sides snapping. No matter how good your pan is, poor handles will have your delicious pizza on the floor. Aluminum handles are ideal.


Choose the edges depending on what you love. If you like deep-dish pizza, pans with edges will help you cook pizza with stuffed crust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pizza pans with holes better?

Pizza pans with better when you are interested in crispy, thin-crust pizzas. If, however, you want a chewy and soft crust, pizza pans are ideal. Since perforated pans heat up pretty fast, the cooking time reduces significantly.

What do restaurants use?

Most restaurants seek to produce soft, doughy pizzas. The baking process is slow, and the crust is thick. Therefore, pizza pans are more appropriate than pizza crispers.


Are you confused between pizza crisper vs pizza pan? Both of them are amazing. However, the best choice depends on the crust you like and the level you are willing to put into maintenance. If you are interested in thin-crust crispy pizza, pizza crisper pans are the right choice. Pizza pans are better when you want thick-crust, soft pizza.