Can You Whip Egg Whites In A Blender?


Eggs are important ingredients in many delicious meals. You need them for your cakes, French toast, egg rolls, pasta meals, and more. However, the question ‘can you whip egg whites in a blender has probably crossed your mind at some point. The answer is yes, you can. When you whisk egg white, it may not … Read more

Does Blending Protein Powder Destroy It?


Do you want to introduce some protein into your diet? Blending some protein powder with your smoothie or juice is a great idea. It could help you get your required protein intake. Protein powders help build your muscles, repair tissues, and make important hormones and enzymes. The main question for many people is ‘Does blending … Read more

Can You Make Meringue In A Blender?


Can you make meringue in a blender? Yes, you can. The most important tip is to ensure that all ingredients are mixed in the right proportions. The best meringues are made with partially cooked egg whites. Uncooked eggs increase your risk of salmonella poisoning. Fresh egg whites are better than old or pasteurized whites. Whatever … Read more

Why Are Butterfly Knives Illegal?


Did you know that butterfly knives are illegal in some parts of the world? The controversial knives date as far back as 1710. They were first recorded in the French book “Le Perret” as Balisong Knives. In the United States, there are legal restrictions, especially in states with strict regulations on knife possession. Knives are … Read more