Ge Profile Dishwasher Leak Detected Reset – Fix It Quickly

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If you’re a homeowner, chances are that you have access to a dishwasher within your home. If you do, you likely depend on this appliance to wash and clean your dishes! As a result, your dishwasher is one of the essential kitchen items you use daily.

However, like many appliances today, your dishwasher may give you a ‘leak detected’ code on display, and the cycle does not even continue. Frustrating right? Imagine it is better than if the dishwasher finished cleaning and you have to clean the floor with lots of water manually.

Ge Profile Dishwasher leak detected reset is by unplugging or cutting off the power at the dishwasher’s circuit breaker and leaving it without any power connection for 5 minutes before plugging it back.

However, the issue causing the leak in your dishwasher needs a solution for the reset process. Keep reading to know why your Ge profile dishwasher is leaking and how you fix the issue.

What is leak detection in a dishwasher?

Ge Profile Dishwasher Leak Detected Reset

Leak detection is a kind of error code that appears in the ge profile dishwasher when there is a water leakage somewhere in the dishwasher. In some models, it will just read as ld.

 A dishwasher has a pan below it that holds small leaks of water that evaporate on their own. If there are leakages in the dishwasher, the pan will have too much water that will not naturally evaporate. The water will also start leaking into various parts of the dishwasher, depending on the source of the problem. It will cause the dishwasher leak detector to display until the water in the tub drains.

It is known as a floor protection feature which tells you that the wash cycle will finish and the floor or the countertop will have water all over caused by the leakages if proper measures are not in place.

When the dishwasher leak detector displays the code, the wash cycle cancels, and the dishwasher will not work until the problem causing the leak resolves, and the appliance is then reset.

Let us, therefore, look at the issues that will activate the ld code on the ge profile dishwasher.

Leak detector on ge profile dishwasher

The ge profile dishwasher ld code will appear through leakages that come from:

1. Door rubber flap/ Door gaskets issues

At the bottom of the ge dishwasher’s door, there is a rubber flap that seals the door and prevents any leakages from the dishwasher. It is the number one cause of leakages in the dishwasher.

The flaps sometimes warp after prolonged dishwasher use due to the temperature changes inside the dishwasher. There also may be physical damages or cuts along the gaskets that might cause the leakages.

To fix this: You must replace the whole door assembly if the rubber flap and the gaskets are leaking as they do not come as a part. If there is a small cut, you can try fixing it with silicone.

2. Defective Float Valve

The float valve is responsible for the water levels in the dishwasher. It uses an electric circuit that shuts off the incoming water when it reaches the required level.

When it is defective, there will be no water limit, so the water comes in and looks for ways to leak out.

The float valve will need a replacement for the control of water.

3. Water Inlet Valve

It is through this valve that the water gets into the dishwasher. If the water enters without the valve closing, it will overwhelm the float valve and leak.

The inlet valve will therefore need replacement.

4. Broken/blocked spray arms

If the spray arms are broken or blocked, they will not spray the water to the target dishes but all over the dishwasher, including at the door, possibly causing the door to leak and awakening the dishwasher leak detector.

Check your spray arms for breakages and blockages and replace them if they are the ones causing the leakages.

5. Dish Overloading

It will cause the water to be blocked continuously by some dishes and not reach the rest. In the end, the water will find its way to leaking, so it is always good to load enough but not extra dishes in the dishwasher.

6. Wrong detergent

Some detergents are specifically for dishwasher use. If you use it otherwise, there will be too much foam ( lots of very soapy water) in the dishwasher, which can eventually cause leakages.

Use the proper phosphate-based dishwasher detergents.

7. Faulty drain pump

Though not a common leakage issue, the ge profile dishwasher ld code will appear if the drain pump seals are loose, causing the leakages.

The seals should be tight to the pump to avoid the problem.

How Do You Reset The Leak Detected On A GE Dishwasher?

The leak detected ge profile dishwasher does not require a reset per se but correction of the leakages. For example, if you reset the appliance and the ge profile dishwasher ld code disappears, the code reappears as soon as you run the cycle since the reset can never solve the leak problem. However, it can still solve the problem if the control board misbehaves.

To reset the leak detected in the ge dishwasher:

  • Turn the power off by unplugging or cutting off the power at the circuit breaker.
  • Leave the appliance disconnected for 5 minutes
  • Plug it back.      


  • Press the start button for a few seconds.
  • Wait for the light above the start button to flash.
  • The water pumps out of the tab.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is there a reset button on the ge profile dishwasher?

There is no specific button for reset in the ge dishwasher. The start/reset button, however, serves the purpose of pressing a little longer than when you are using it as a start button.

How do you reset a GE profile dishwasher?

Press the Start button for five seconds. The Start button ought to begin blinking. Lastly, release the Start and Select Cycle buttons for five seconds. Now that the control panel for the dishwasher has lit up, it should be operational.

What is the cause of ge dishwasher leakage?

A worn-out or damaged gasket not correctly sealing the dishwasher door may cause a leak from underneath or around the door.
Examine the gasket; if there are any physical rips, cuts, or signs of wear and tear, it needs replacement to stop the leakage.

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When water is on your dishwasher’s floor, a built-in feature of a ge profile dishwasher leak detector will alert you.

It will appear as a ge profile dishwasher ld code on display, and you will think of the ge profile dishwasher leak detected result. On the contrary, the number one issue you inspect is your dishwasher’s rubber seal, which attaches to the base in case it warps or torn, among the other issues we discussed above.

A broken door latch on the door latch assembly may also be to blame for the leak.