Cuisinart Air Fryer Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It!

Last Updated on August 15, 2023 by River Tree Farms

You have a problem with your Cuisinart Air Fryer as it is not working correctly, right? I assume you have read the user manual, but nothing in the manual tells you how to fix this problem and get your Cuisinart air fryer working again.

A Cuisinart air fryer does great things in your kitchen and doesn’t work when you need to cook.

If you are in that circle where you get your Cuisinart air fryer not working, Don’t get upset!

There are a few things that could cause your air fryer to malfunction. Luckily, if this happens to you, this article is here to help you understand the possible causes and some simple fixes to help get your appliance up.

Why did my Cuisinart Air Fryer stop working?

Cuisinart Air Fryer Stop Working

Did your Cuisinart Airfryer stop working when you just wanted to cook, or did it stop working in the cooking process?

Below are the possible causes of your Cuisinart air fryer not working:

1. Power Supply

The Cuisinart Air fryer will stop working if there is any power connection disruption starting from the power source to the internal parts of the air fryer. The following are the power issues that made your Cuisinart air fryer not work:

2. Thermal fuses

The fuses are responsible for safeguarding your air fryer when there is more power supply than needed in the appliance. Therefore, the air fryer avoids internal damage if the thermal fuses are damaged.

3. Electrical  cord

The Cuisinart air fryer will stop working if the power cord supplying the electric current to the air fryer from the wall socket is damaged. The cable might have a fracture, or wear and tear with some frayings that cut the power supply.

4. Damaged wall socket

If the power outlet is faulty, there will be no nay power supply to the air fryer, so the Cuisinart air fryer will stop working.

5. Damaged Heating element

Heating element damage is a common issue in Cuisinart and other air fryer models. The heating element is the component behind the unique functioning of the air fryer to cook in hot air circulation. If the heating element is damaged, your Cuisinart air fryer will stop working. In the process of cooking, the heating element gets very hot, so it is prone to damage over a long time.

The heating element might also be having a problem with the wires that transfer the power. If the power connection wires are loose or dysfunctional, the heating element and, generally, the Cuisinart air fryer will stop working.

Please note: If the heating element is not working, sometimes it is not the one that is faulty but the solenoid.

6. Faulty Solenoid

The solenoid is the device in an air fryer that converts the electric current to heat energy used in the heating element. If the solenoid is faulty, the Cuisinart air fryer will automatically stop working since the heating element in the cooking chamber will not be powered.

7. Faulty Main Switch/ other switches

The most likely switch to get faulty is the most used switch, which is the main switch. The main switch gets used extensively, so it gets defective over time, and the Cuisinart air fryer stops working.

The Cuisinart air fryer has models with digital and manual interfaces. Whatever the case, if the switches or knobs are not functional, the air fryer does not work. For example, you will find the Cuisinart air fryer dials not cooking because it is not functioning correctly.

8. Air fryer error

When the Cuisinart air fryer has an error code on display, it stops working because it indicates that something is amiss with your air fryer. The air fryer can have an error due to wrong temperature and timer settings, or it can be an internal problem like thermal sensor failure.

9. General Air fryer Failure

If the Cuisinart has not failed because of the possible causes we have already mentioned, then the system most likely stopped working due to the appliance failure. The Cuisinart air fryer can have a particular issue with the control board and not in a working model. Internal multiple Cuisinart Air fryer and toaster oven problems could lead it to stop working.

Since we have now looked at the possible causes of your Cuisinart air fryer not working, let us have a quick look at the troubleshooting end of the same.

Cuisinart Air fryer Troubleshooting:

Cuisinart Air Fryer Not Working
  1. Power issues.
  2. Connect the Cuisinart air fryer to a working wall socket/ repair a faulty wall socket.
  3. Replace the thermal fuses.
  4. Replace the power cord.
  5. Damaged heating element.
  6. Clean off any sticking substance in the heating element.
  7. Remove any stuck sense in the heating element.
  8. Contact customer care for appliance repair.
  9. Faulty Solenoid.
  10. Contact customer care for the Solenoid replacement.
  11. Faulty switches.
  12. Contact customer care for repair and replacement.
  13. Air fryer error.
  14. Reset the Cuisinart air fryer.
  15. Contact customer service.
  16. General Air fryer failure.
  17. Reset the Cuisinart air fryer.
  18. Contact Customer Service.

Why did the Cuisinart air fryer stop working suddenly?

  • Damaged power cord or wall socket.
  • Blown thermal fuses.
  • Tripped power or loose power cord to the wall socket.
  • Incorrect temperature and time settings.
  • Incorrectly positioned air fryer basket.
  • Blown solenoid.
  • Loose wire connections.

Having discussed why your Air fryer is not working, let us dive into the specific Cuisinart air fryer and toaster oven problems that will affect the whole functioning of the Cuisinart air fryer.

Cuisinart Air Fryer Fan is not working.

The Cuisinart air fryer fan is the one that aids in the circulation of hot air inside the air fryer. The Cuisinart air fryer fan noise usually is a quiet, low-humming noise. The air fryer that is not working but seems to be on usually has a strange loud noise. The Cuisinart air fryer fan can stop working due to the following reasons:

1. Obstruction

The fan will not rotate if any material blocks it since it works at a very high speed.

To fix: Physically inspect the Cuisinart air fryer fan and remove any obstructing material or residue.

2. Faulty motor

If the motor that supplies the power to the air fryer fan fails, the Cuisinart air fryer stops working.

To fix: Contact customer care for motor replacement.

3. Deactivation of the safety button on the drawer’s base

The safety button must be active for the Cuisinart air fryer to work. The safety interlock will prevent the air fryer from getting on.

To fix: Contact Customer Service.

4. Overheated air fryer

An overheated air fryer results in an automatic stop of the Cuisinart air fryer fan. It is a safety feature when the air fryer fan is too hot.

To Fix:

Please switch off the air fryer and let it cool for a couple of minutes. Also, you can set your temperatures at a lower setting.

5. Broken fan

The problem can be that your air fryer fan is broken and can’t function anymore.

To Fix: Contact Customer Service.

The Cuisinart air fryer timer is not working

The most common issue is not working is:

  • Improperly closed air fryer basket or improperly closed lid.
  • Non-functional timer setting dial.
  • Faulty control board.
  • Air fryer timer setting, error.

To fix this: 

  • Place the air fryer basket correctly.
  • Contact customer care for repair.
  • Reset your Cuisinart air fryer.
  • Cuisinart air fryer reset button.

The power light is not working.

If you are cooking, then the Cuisinart air fryer power light is not on. The problem is either the bulb itself or the bulb wiring and connection.

Please Check:

  • That the bulb is not faulty.
  • Any loose connection.
  • Proper fixation of the bulb.

Cuisinart air fryer reset button.

Like many other air fryer models, the Cuisinart reset button automatically switches off the appliance when it senses overheating. It prevents your food from overcooking and burning.

The reset button also resets the air fryer when it is not behaving normally or just suddenly stops working.


We have concluded that the issue of the Cuisinart air fryer not working does not necessarily mean it is damaged. That said, it is also a possibility that the air fryer is damaged. If there is any damage, you should not try using the appliance again because it could cause further damage to itself, you, or even other items around your home.

If any parts seem loose or broken, you should replace them immediately so that the appliance will continue to work correctly without any issues! Do not hesitate to contact customer care Cuisinart air fryer repair for further assistance.