How to Use Air Fryer Rack (An Easy Guide for Beginners)

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Did you buy an air fryer rack and wonder how to use it? An air fryer rack has become part of the most crucial thing in air fryer rack in our kitchens nowadays. Like any other new appliance in your household, you must know how to use an air fryer rack.

An air fryer is very efficient in cooking food evenly and perfectly compared to other kitchen appliances. An air fryer takes the least time possible to be ready when cooking.

Reading the manual for any new appliance purchase is always necessary and advisable. Here, you will learn how to use an air fryer more efficiently and elegantly.

A new air fryer comes with racks; others do not. Shelves play a very crucial role in cooking using the air fryer. Let us learn how to use an air fryer rack.

How to Use an Air Fryer Rack?

How to Use an Air Fryer Rack

There are a few steps to follow while using the air fryer track. These straightforward steps are;

1. Cleaning

First thing first, clean the racks with water and mild soap. After cleaning it, wipe it to dry with a clean piece of cloth.

2. Correct Placement

After drying up the rack(s), place the rack into the basket appliance so that the elevated stand faces downwards.

3. Food Arrangement

Arrange your food neatly on the rack and slide the basket into the fryer for cooking. Operate the indicated control operators correctly to achieve the desired meal.

If it is an air fryer double layer rack, set the racks in the same procedures above and arrange food well in each set.

Draw back the basket and serve your meal when the time set elapses. Wait for the rack to cool before washing it.

Why Do You Need a Rack For Air Fryer?

Why Do You Need a Rack For Air Fryer

If your air fryer does not come with a rack, you have to purchase it from a nearby vendor shop because there is nothing you cannot cook with it. The rack(s) allows you to cook several different delicacies simultaneously.

Without a rack, you are forced to crumble food on the basket, and the outcome is not appealing, and this is why you will need a rack.

Rack(s) allows food to cook evenly, and the output is incredible. Racks are versatile, and you can cook different foods at one time. For instance, you can cook meat and vegetables on other racks if you have an air fryer double layer rack will save you time and energy.

How Do You Use An Air Fryer Rack In The Oven?

You can use an air fryer setting in the oven, especially for foods that need to be deep-fried traditionally.

First, spread oil spray on the tray and arrange single pieces of chicken or steak on the tray. There is an air fryer in the control panel of the oven. Set the desired cooking temperature and wait for a few seconds to preheat.

After preheating, place the tray on the rack inside the oven. Set the desired temperature for food to heat, and while done, turn off the electricity. Remove the tray from the rack inside the oven and allow your meal to cool down before serving it.

What To Cook In The An Air Fryer Rack?

Do you cook every food on an air fryer rack? French fries and vegetables are the most popular food cooked on an air fryer rack, but there are more food types that you can cook. These foods are;

1. Snacks And Appetizers

Do you want a quick snack ready? Try potato chips, onions, and French fries.

An air fryer rack serves you very fast and makes you a good and enticing snack to taste. When planning to travel and carry some snacks, you do not have to worry if you have an air fryer rack at home.

The air fryer rack is very versatile, and you can cook multiple snack fries at once, depending on the rack layers in the basket. The more racks, the more different snacks you can get and excellent outcomes.

2. Fruits And Vegetables

Air fryers are perfect for all kinds of vegetables, not some. Most people do potatoes and haven’t tried others. You must try mushrooms, broccoli, butter squash, and other vegetables.

The vegetable crunchiness you need will be directly proportional to the cooking oil you apply to these veggies before turning on your air fryer. The more oil used, the more crunchy the outcome will be.

3. Main Courses

Most air fryer racks are not big enough to cook meals for a big family but are a perfect idea for a family of two. Cut a cup-size piece of chicken, a wing, or wings on different layers of a double-layered air fryer rack.

You can enjoy your delicious steak or chicken wing in a short while. Give it a try today and tell others how this ideal is.

Where Does Rack Go in Air Fryer?

The rack placed in an air fryer will act as a holding plate of food for cooking. The rack makes it easy for the food to be arranged, and if you are cooking two different meals, you can carefully place another rack on top of the other before turning on the air fry for cooking.

Rack(s) will be two layers of ‘holders’ in an air fryer. If your air fryer does not have racks, you can purchase from your nearest vendor or opt for a DIY air fryer. Both will be incredible and serves you well.


The air fryer rack is a very versatile tool that can serve you well in the kitchen in many ways. Cooking your food using the air fryer will make you never regret purchasing that appliance. Use it correctly and maintain it regularly to serve you well and for a long time.

Be keen when choosing the original air fryers with racks since you can also find fake ones in the market.

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