How To Open A Vending Machine Without A Key?

Last Updated on May 19, 2023 by River Tree Farms

Vending machines are amazing as they let you buy food and other products with no lines. There is a lot to choose from, and you need to feed the machine with money. Have you lost the key to your vending machine with a code? There are other ways to open it. Knowing techniques that could be used to unlock your machine can keep your money and valuables safe. Are you wondering how to open a vending machine without a key? Keep reading to find out.

Is there a Universal Key for Vending Machines?

 Universal Key for Vending Machines

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a universal vending machine key or vending machine master key. There are generally two vending machine key types. The most common vending machine keys are flat or tubular. Finding a key that can open all vending machines in the world is impossible. They are all keyed differently for security reasons – to protect your product and coin box. The lock on your vending machine can only be opened if the key has a compatible key code. The uniqueness of key codes makes it possible to distinguish different keys.

If you need a new key for your vending machine, you can get a new one from your distributor or from where it was originally purchased. Note that this key will only work for your vending machine; do not try using it for another machine without permission from property owners.

How To Open A Vending Machine Without A Key?

1. Cut Your Own Key

Consider cutting your own keys if you heavily rely on them. A tubular key cutter is fairly costly and may not be the best way to make your keys. However, it could make sense if you have lots of vending machines. However, your best option is to keep the originals safe. Make extra copies and know the vending machine key codes in preparation for future replacements. 

2. Using a Credit Card

You may be able to unlock your vending machine by putting in a credit card and turning it clockwise. However, this requires that you have some knowledge of the device. It isn’t as simple as opening a door or using a key on your vending machine. With the help of a technician, you can get a card reader that gives you access to the vending machine. 

3. Breaking Into a Vending Machine

Breaking into vending machines is a lot easier than you may imagine. Unsurprisingly, there are so many cases of vending machine theft. Insurance companies will generally consider the machines high risk. Here are a few ways to break into a vending machine:

Using a Lock Pin:

  • Start by twisting the lock pick to loosen it. Gently press the front of the pick against a flat surface and adjust the pins. 
  • Lien the lock with the pickup and make sure that the pin in the pick stays even with the lock’s notch. Turn the tightening lock to the right until it feels tight, and slide your pick into the lock.
  • Pushing the pick inward, turn it right. You should feel the pick pressing against a spring. Keep turning and pushing the pick inward. This vending machine key hack works instantly.

Using Ballpoint Pens:

  • Using a pen with scissors is another method if you lost vending machine key. 
  • Use a pair of scissors to cut off the end of your ballpoint pen. Take out the ink tube from the pen. 
  • Cut the back of your pen into four parts with your pair of scissors. This way, you can keep the ballpoint pen flexible even when inside the lock. 
  • Slide the cut end of your pen into your lock and apply some force if necessary. Ensure that your pen goes all the way in
  • Shake your lock a few times while the other hand holds your pen in. the lock should open in no time.

Using a bobby pin:

  • Bend open a bobby pin until it becomes a 90-degree angle, and remove the rubber piece.
  • Now, take a second bobby pin and bend the closed end to one side, forming a 90-degree angle.
  • Insert the bent end of the bobby pin into the lock and turn it to one side to apply tension.
  • Next, insert the bent end of the first bobby pin into the lock above the other bobby pin.
  • Start pressing the pins up using the end of the bobby pin.
  • You will have to start with the seized pin or the resisting pin.
  • You will find one seized pin after another, so continue the process until you have lifted every pin.
  • Once you are done picking all the pins, the lock will unlock.

Are All Vending Machines Open Without a Key?

All vending machines can be opened without a key. Therefore, if you have any security concerns, you’d be wise to address them no matter how safe you think your machine may be.

Is It Easy to Break Into a Vending Machine?

With the right tools, breaking into a vending machine is pretty easy. It only requires some skill and effort. However, there is no risk of someone using a master key to access your vending machine. 


Are you curious about how to open a vending machine without a key? You have a few options, from using a card to breaking into it with a ballpoint pen or lock pin. Do not try these methods on other machines without permission from property owners. If you are concerned about the possibility of other people breaking into your vending machine, put in some effort to protect it. You’d be wise to remember your key card number and make copies of your original keys.