How To Get Free Stuff Out Of A Vending Machine?

Last Updated on May 19, 2023 by River Tree Farms

Vending machines have become invaluable in the modern world. They make it easy to catch a cold drink on a hot summer afternoon or snack in the middle of a long day. However, when you have no money, the machine turns out to be nothing but a tease. If you are wondering how to get free stuff out of a vending machine, keep reading to find out.

Understand that They Are All Different 

Free Stuff Out Of A Vending Machine

The first thing to note is that all vending machines are unique. No magic code can automatically help you get free stuff from a vending machine. You may have to experiment with a few options before succeeding. In addition, kicking, hitting, and the general use of force won’t get you very far. Unless you have all the time in the world, using a drill and screw is out of the question. Here are a few of the best hacks to get into a vending machine.

1. Trick Older Machines

Older soda and snack machines are pretty easy to trick. All you need to do is push up on the gate or door at the bottom. This hack tricks the machine into thinking nothing has been dispensed even when it has. After some time, you can get a refund or choose a different item.

2. Trick a Gumball Machine Into Accepting Pennies

These machines were initially inspired to vend gumball machines. If the machine is older, you might be able to track it and get free stuff. Take a little coin and wrap it in aluminum foil until it appears bigger. Electrical tape may also be effective. This trick makes your coin seem more valuable than it is.

3. Use the Free Code for Nesquik Drinks

The free code could get you a refreshing drink if you are near a coin-operated Nesquik vending machine. Enter this code and test your luck: 44455544455. This number matches the fourth and fifth drink option button. After keying it in, choose the drink you hope to get for free. One of the most common codes for vending machines includes 137137137.

4. Get Your Money Back Trick

For this trick, you only need some packing tape and paper money. Stick some tape on one end of your money before inserting it into the vending machine. The machine will register the monetary amount, and you can then use the pull-out method to get your free drink.

5. Set Your Own Price

With Pepsi vending machines, you can set a price of $0. This is most popular with the newer machines that have big buttons. Setting the price for your drink is the perfect opportunity to pull up a sinister move and get a free drink.

6. Get Free Change

If you are close to an older Coca-Cola vending machine, enter the code 432112311 and hold the change lever down. After a while, you should hear the sound of a coin clinking. It is a perfect way to get a few extra quarters.

7. Fake Paper Coins

You can get free snacks from a vending machine with fake paper coins. All you need is some cardboard or paper coins. However, this is a lot easier said than done. It may not work unless you have a really old vending machine. The trick can work with parking meters too.

8. Trick Conveyor Belt Soda Machines

You can trick conveyor belt machines for a free drink if you love Coke. Insert some money into the machine and pick a drink. Put your hand into the machine and press against the door when you are done. It will give you your money back, and you can keep repeating until you get all the drinks you need.

9. Keep Drinks From Reaching the Dispense Tray Scale

Ensure that your drinks do not hit the tray’s scale. This is a great tip for newer machines. Follow these tips to get your free drink:

  • Pick your drink
  • Stick your hand to the top scale in the dispensing tray and get a drink before it reaches the bottom.
  • Enter a different selection or click on the refund button depending on what you want

Do vending machine hacks work?

Yes. Vending machine hacks work. While some hackers consider it a challenge, others only do it for convenience. Modern vending machines are resistant and more difficult to break. You’ll have better luck with older machines if you are looking for opportunities to hack vending machines.


Hacking a vending machine might not be at the top of your to-do list, but it can be necessary. Sometimes, you want a free snack or drink but can’t afford it. With some determination, you can enjoy them and save your money for later. Although breaching modern machines is difficult, it isn’t impossible. If you are wondering how to get free stuff out of a vending machine, the above tips should put you on the right track. Although they will work for most machines, they are most appropriate for older ones.