How To Hack A Food Vending Machine?

Last Updated on May 19, 2023 by River Tree Farms

Vending machines are amazing. They are a godsend when you are perched on a hot summer day or your tummy grows with hunger. However, there are times when the machine malfunctions and ends up being nothing but a massive tease. You may start wondering how to hack a food vending machine. The machines are generally unattended, so hackers don’t have much trouble getting into them. Keep reading to learn about vending machine hacks.

Why are vending machines a Common Target?

Vending Machines Are a Common Target

For most vending machine hackers, it is a matter of convenience. After all, everyone enjoys a free meal once in a while. Other hackers are simply trying to find out if they can get away with it. Modern vending machines have been made to resist brute force. Therefore, physical hacks are rarely effective. Unlike in the past, you cannot rock a vending machine back and forth until some free food falls out.

How To Hack A Food Vending Machine?

How To Hack A Food Vending Machine

There are various methods of hacking vending machines. The most appropriate option depends on what the hackers are seeking. In a notable occurrence, a few CIA contractors disconnected a network cable in the middle of a transaction. As a result, the machine couldn’t confirm if the used payment cards had any money.

Hackers had the chance to get unlimited food, and vending machines couldn’t tell that no money had been exchanged. Vending machines may also be susceptible to firmware mods that originate from pin cards. With a programmable card, you can hack a vending machine, using it just like a debit or credit card. After installing the firmware mod, you can come back later and retrieve the collected PINs and numbers.

You can also install pass-through devices in the vending machine. They change the information passed through the ethernet cables. Although many hacks work, some of them do not.

Food Vending Machine Hack Code

Vending machine codes can help you hack them. The code 4-3-2-1-1-2-3-1-1 is perfect when you need to access the soda menu. The idea of getting the soda menu is that you get to reset prices to $0. While there are many other codes for hacking food vending machines, they don’t always work. Successfully using a food vending machine hack code is a matter of luck.

The code for free Nesquik drinks is 44455544455. Try it out the next time you are close to a Nesquik vending machine and want cool chocolate milk. After entering the code, choose a drink. When working with older vending machines, the code 137137137 may be appropriate.

Even though conventional food vending machine hack codes don’t work, you could get lucky with older models. Trying out various codes gives you a higher chance of success.

Getting Free Stuff From Vending Machines

You may get free snacks and drinks from vending machines with some luck and the right machine. Here are a few tried and proven ways of getting free stuff from vending machines.

1. Set Your Own Price

Newer models of Pepsi vending machines can let you set the price for your drink. $0 is always a good number when you are low on cash. Note that this trick won’t work for all Pepsi vending machines.

2. Use Fake Paper Coins

You can trick older vending machines into giving free snacks with fake paper coins. Modern machines are, however, too smart for this. Fake paper coins may also work for parking meters.

3. Feed Pennies to Gumball Machines

Wrap a small coin with several layers of foil until it appears larger. This way, you can trick the machine into mistaking them for valuable coins and giving you free snacks. It is a simple yet effective trick.

4. Take Your Cash Back Trick

This is a convenient trick for the vending machine hacker on the go. You need some paper money and packing tape. Put some tape on one end of the paper bill and put it into your machine. The bill amount will be registered, and you can get a free drink using the pull-out method. You can also hit the change button after the machine registers the dollar amount.

5. Trick Conveyor Belt Coke Machines

You can get a free drink from conveyor belt machines if you love coke. Insert some money and make your drink selection. Put your hand into the machine and try pushing against the door. It is a trick to confuse it and retrieve your money. You can repeat the process as many times as you want.


If you are wondering how to hack a food vending machine, there are a few codes to take advantage of. In addition, some tricks could help you get free stuff from vending machines. However, it is all a matter of luck. The tricks are most likely to work on older machines. Some older models glitch and give your money back without doing anything.