How Much Electricity Does a Vending Machine Use?

How Much Electricity Does a Vending Machine Use

A vending machine guarantees convenience to both the operator and the customers. This machine dispenses the selected snack or drinks when you insert coins. Now, with convenience comes a cost. For the vending machine to perform all this, it requires electricity. The big question is, how much electricity does a vending machine use? There’s no … Read more

How To Reset A Vending Machine?


Although vending machines are a modern-day convenience, many things can go wrong when using them. Even though the vending machine business is lucrative, you can’t ignore the cost of maintenance. Newer models are constantly being injected into the market, and you never know when issues might crop up. If you are wondering how to reset … Read more

How To Hack A Food Vending Machine?


Vending machines are amazing. They are a godsend when you are perched on a hot summer day or your tummy grows with hunger. However, there are times when the machine malfunctions and ends up being nothing but a massive tease. You may start wondering how to hack a food vending machine. The machines are generally … Read more

How Much Does A Vending Machine Weigh?


If you use vending machines a lot, the question, ‘how much does a vending machine weigh?’ has probably popped into your mind at some point. The machines may weigh 400-900 lbs. before they are stocked. Moving vending machines from one point to another can be a real challenge, thanks to their weight. You need the … Read more

Are All Vending Machine Keys The Same?

are all vending machine keys the same

The questions ‘are all vending machine keys the same?’ and ‘are vending machine keys universal?’ get many confusing answers. However, the general answer is no. They aren’t. Therefore, no universal key can work on all vending machines. Every vending machine key is different as it is suited for a unique lock. The uniqueness is meant … Read more