Can I Put a Vending Machine Outside My House?

Last Updated on May 19, 2023 by River Tree Farms

A vending machine business can be a great idea if you’re looking to start a side hustle for passive income. It doesn’t involve much, and here’s where you get to earn without breaking a sweat. The main concern should be where you will install the machine. You could wonder, “Can I put a vending machine outside my house?” Check this out.

Yes. You can put the machine outside your house if that’s what you prefer. But you should consider security, available space, and accessibility. Other factors to consider are vending machine laws and local business regulations. You can make good money from this business with all these factors in your favor.

Can I Just Put a Vending Machine Anywhere?

Can I Just Put A Vending Machine Anywhere

No. You can’t install a free vending machine anywhere. For example, you can’t put a vending machine on public property unless you get a permit. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a vending location for your business:

1. Power

A vending machine requires electricity to operate. This means that your chosen location must have an electrical outlet. Otherwise, the machine will be a storage cabinet as it will not dispense snacks.

2. Security

Snack machines are usually at risk of theft and vandalism. Research shows that every vending machine owner will suffer vandalism or theft at some point in the machine’s lifetime. So, while putting a vending machine anywhere is okay, you should consider how safe it will be.

Take note that safety also includes protecting the machine from tough environmental conditions. For instance, the rain will damage the electrical components of outdoor vending machines. Also, this machine cannot withstand extreme temperatures. Putting it outside your house is okay. Yet, consider building a shade around it to ensure safety from environmental changes.

3. Vending machine laws

Each state has specific business laws. Every owner must obey these laws. For instance, the government considers the vending business a food enterprise. As such, operators must follow state food safety regulations. This means you must install your vending equipment in a safe and hygienic location.

4. Accessibility

With snack machines, it’s usually self-service. Thus, you should place it where customers can access it. The area should also be spacious to give room for the traffic. So, don’t put a vending machine in the house.

5. Business Regulations

Sometimes, the government can ban business activities in certain locations. For example, if the government wants to construct a road through a certain area, it may ban business activities there. In such a case, you won’t be able to put a vending machine legally.

6. Traffic

The success of any business depends on the availability of demand. So, your vending machine business will only succeed if you have people coming to buy your products. So, you need to install the machine in an area with adequate traffic. It’s not surprising that people put their vending machines in busy places. Such include large office buildings, retail shops, and grocery stores.

Where Is the Best Place to Put a Vending Machine?

Where Is the Best Place to Put a Vending Machine

There are many places you can put your vending machine. As mentioned before, you should consider traffic, security, accessibility, and government regulations. The following are some of the smart places to put a vending machine:

1. Gyms

Someone will likely crave a drink or a snack after a tough weight training or aerobics session. That’s why the gym is a perfect place to install your snack machine.

2. Office buildings

Employees who don’t pack snacks may want a place to get snacks and drinks. If an office building houses many employees, you may want to try business there.

3. Hospitals

Patients may have access to food from the hospital. However, they sure won’t mind snacks or drinks to break the monotony. Even the caregivers will need a snack break, and going to a restaurant may seem daunting. As such, the hospital area could be a perfect place for your machine.

4. Learning institutions

There’s one thing about students – they’re always hungry. Also, they’re always full of appetite. Since they are also busy, they may not have time to go and cook or take a trip to the restaurant. Most of the time, they resort to snacking. Thus, learning institutions are a perfect location for the vending business. This is especially because there’s unlimited traffic.

5. Sporting grounds

People participating in active sporting activities crave drinks and snacks. This is because of the energy they lose while playing. Even those watching sports want something to snack on while enjoying the game. So, you may want to put your snack machine in such a location.

6. Outside your house

This can also be a good place to put your machine. Even so, you first need to ensure that there’s enough traffic in front of your house. If, let’s say, you live in the suburbs, you may want to consider a different location for your business. If making a profit is your aim, go for a busier location.

Does Owning a Vending Machine Count as a Business?

A business is any commercial activity involving exchanging goods or services for money. If you’re using your vending machine for profit, that will be a business. How the authorities classify your business depends on the number of vending machines you operate. In short, a snack machine counts as a business. Remembering this, you must follow your area’s business laws and regulations.


The vending machine business has been popular in the U.S. and worldwide for many years. It is easy to run, considering the few logistics involved. If you want to start this business, find the perfect location. A good location is where you’ll have a high chance of succeeding. Typically, put the machine where it is secure, accessible, and busy. You can also put this machine outside your house, provided it is safe and accessible. Adhere to the business laws and regulations on vending machines in your area. This will guarantee the smooth running of your business.