How Much Electricity Does a Vending Machine Use?

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A vending machine guarantees convenience to both the operator and the customers. This machine dispenses the selected snack or drinks when you insert coins. Now, with convenience comes a cost. For the vending machine to perform all this, it requires electricity. The big question is, how much electricity does a vending machine use?

There’s no straight answer to this question. A vending machine’s power consumption typically depends on the type of machine. Older models consume up to 5000 kWh per year. Also, a vending machine that dispenses snacks consumes less electricity. Machines that dispense refrigerated or heated beverages will consume more power. This is because they have more work to do. Finally, energy star vending machines will consume less electricity.

How Much Does It Cost to Keep a Vending Machine Running?

How Much Does It Cost to Keep a Vending Machine Running

The vending machine business is easier and cheaper to operate than many other businesses. You don’t need chairs or a lounge for people to sit and enjoy drinks and snacks. Instead, people will enjoy the treats on the go.

Also, you don’t need to use a vending machine attendant or operator to man the business. The machine is convenient for self-service, making it even easier to run. Finally, you don’t need to rent a room to install your vending machine. You can rent a small space outside a busy store, which won’t cost much.

So, the cost of running a vending machine boils down to the power requirements. For this reason, consider the vending machine’s power requirements before purchasing it. For instance, a snack machine will only need a little power for the light bulb and the dispensing motors.

In such machines, the power consumption will be minimal. This is because the motors will only consume power when a customer selects a snack. Expect such a machine to consume $1450kWh per year or even less.

How Much Watts Does a Vending Machine Use?

Every vending machine has a power rating. Typical machines run on 115 volts and 12 amperes. As mentioned earlier, a vending machine will consume power depending on how much work it’s doing. That’s why a refrigerated beverage vending machine will consume up to 5000kWh per year.

The same applies to a heated beverage vending machine. Since a snack machine only dispenses snacks, it will use fewer watts. The low power consumption is also attributed to motors only running during dispensing.

The market also has energy-efficient vending machines that consume minimal power. These machines use high-efficiency components such as compressors, motors, and heat exchangers. They also have good insulation. This makes the whole equipment consume less power. In a year, the energy-efficient vending machine can consume 1500kWh or less.

It is prudent to buy an energy star-rated vending machine. If you have the conventional type, apply the following tips to reduce power consumption: –

  • Switch off the internal lights. This is especially when there’s enough natural light for customers to see products.
  • Avoid exposing refrigerated beverage vending machines to direct sunlight.
  • Open the machine door only when necessary, such as when loading it.
  • Program the machine to run the compressor at intervals.

Who Pays Electricity on A Vending Machine?

To maximize profit, you need to install your vending machine where there’s a lot of traffic. This could be in schools, universities, gyms, grocery stores, hospitals, and sports grounds. A vending machine cannot occupy a whole room. So, renting a small space inside or outside a busy area is prudent for housing the equipment.

In other words, you need a host location for your machine. Since you won’t be hosting the vending machine in your home, you will not pay for the electricity costs. Instead, the host will pay for power, and you will agree on how much you will pay for the hosting services. The amount you pay for hosting services is inclusive of the electricity bill.

Is Owning a Vending Machine Profitable?

On average, a vending machine generates $35 worth of weekly profit. Even so, if you install this equipment in a safe and busy place, you can make $400 per month or more. While you may not be able to build a mansion from the vending business, you can settle your monthly rent. The vending machine guarantees small but consistent profits. Such is good for complementing your income.


A vending machine is a good business to start. How much electricity does a vending machine use? It all depends on how much work the machine does. For example, a coffee vending machine’s wattage is higher. The reason is that it goes the extra mile to keep the beverage hot. Also, a machine that dispenses refrigerated beverages consumes more power. That’s because it works more to keep the drinks refrigerated.

A snack vending machine only requires electricity that can power the light bulb and the dispensing motors. So, the power consumed will be low. The market also has energy-efficient vending machines. These machines only consume up to 1500kWh of electricity per year.

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