How To Reset A Vending Machine?

Last Updated on May 19, 2023 by River Tree Farms

Although vending machines are a modern-day convenience, many things can go wrong when using them. Even though the vending machine business is lucrative, you can’t ignore the cost of maintenance. Newer models are constantly being injected into the market, and you never know when issues might crop up. If you are wondering how to reset a vending machine, keep reading to find out.

Vending Machine Reset Code

If you are looking to reset a vending machine, there are a few helpful codes. You should have no trouble resetting your unit if you enter the codes correctly. The 5727431 code is one of the most popular ones. It is a vending machine hack used to get free stuff from the machine.

How to Reset Vending Machine Card Reader

One of the most common errors in vending machine card readers is complete transaction failure. Luckily, there are many ways to fix it. You can start with a combination of various possible solutions. First, find the terminal connecting to your vending machine. Cut off the power supply or unplug the terminal connection.

When you reset the card reader on the vending machine, the switch may accept or reject. Eject your cardholder from the machine and attach the switch. If things look good, turn your supply back on and retry.

Fixing Card Reader Errors When Encoding Data

Learning how to fix vending machine card reader errors while you encode data is essential for anyone that uses the machines. If you aren’t careful, you may come across people whose cards have encoded information.

It would be best if you could track everything that is going on. Otherwise, you may have trouble identifying customers whose cards need some change. If you can’t fix errors that involve encoding issues, your business will suffer.

Ensure that your machine has all the latest software updates and that you are using the newest operating system version. It is the simplest way to avoid such errors.

How to Troubleshoot Your Vending Machine

Although modern vending machines have been designed to minimize complications, you never know when things could go wrong. Knowing how to troubleshoot problems helps you avoid downtime and minimize losses.

There are instances where you may need to contact a professional. However, you can troubleshoot most small issues. Here are a few issues you can resolve to get your machine in its best working condition.

Jamming and Ventilation Problems

Your vending machine needs proper ventilation. Therefore, it should be about six inches away from the wall. If possible, keep it far from other objects that could block ventilation.

Some drinks can freeze when exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, you must ensure that your thermostat is always set at the right temperature. Ideally, it should stand at about 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you constantly experience jamming issues, the temperature is the most likely problem.

Failure to Take Bills

If your vending machine isn’t taking bills, the culprit may be one of two issues. It may not have enough change, or the dollar validators may not work as they should. If the dollar validators are loose, you should be able to replace them.

Coins Keep Coming Back

The first step in resolving this issue is checking if the slots are empty. If there are no items for the machine to vend, it automatically returns the coins. If the machine returns coins even though there are items to vend, check for jam and clear it. Remove all items and place them back plan.

In addition, you need to check that the wheels are working well. If the issue persists, you may need to bring in a professional.

Heating Up

If your machine is frequently heating up, it is probably too close to a wall. The thermostat may not be set to the right temperature either. You also need to inspect the cooling fan for any defects.


You have a few options if you are wondering how to reset a vending machine. You can reset the card reader on the vending machine and troubleshoot other small issues with minimal effort. Although some problems require professional attention, most of the smaller ones can be fixed in a few simple steps. Do not wait until your machine is in trouble. Regular maintenance will save you lots of trouble.