Nuwave Air Fryer Won’t Turn On: Troubleshooting Tips

Last Updated on June 14, 2023 by River Tree Farms

You can’t believe it. You have been using your NuWave Air Fryer every day, which has always been so reliable and replaced your traditional deep fryer—but now, when you go to use it, the thing won’t even turn on.

What could have happened? And what can you do to fix it?

I was having trouble with my NuWave Air Fryer and did extensive research on what to do. It turns out that a couple of things are likely to cause this problem.

If your NuWave air fryer doesn’t turn on, don’t panic! In this write-up, we’ll walk you through the causes of a NuWave air fryer not turning on and the best way to fix them.

Why my Nuwave air fryer won’t turn on?

Nuwave air fryer won't turn on

Your nuwave air fryer will not turn on because of the below possible causes:

  • No power is reaching the Nuwave air fryer
  • Wrong timer setting
  • Faulty start button
  • Improperly installed  food air fryer basket
  • Damaged Control panel
  • Damaged Nuwave air fryer

When we talk about the Nuwave air fryer not turning on, We do not just mean only powering on using the power button. We are also saying that it can’t get into the cooking process.

The above-mentioned are the top possible causes of your nuwave air fryer not turning on. We will check into each of them in-depth. We will also review the Nuwave air fryer troubleshooting for each possible cause of the appliance not turning on.

1. No power is reaching the Nuwave air fryer.

Power is what turns on the Nuwave air fryer. Several reasons could cut the power supply to the Nuwave air fryer, including:

  • Loose plugging in – The power plug cord might have a loose insert on the wall socket.
  • Damaged Power cable – Fractured, cut, frayed, or worn-out power cable is likely to be damaged and can not supply power from the wall socket to the air fryer.
  • Faulty Power Socket – The power socket is the power source for the air fryer. When wrong, no power will reach the air fryer.
  • Blown a fuse – The small safety device found in the fuse box gets blown when the voltage is higher than needed in the device protecting your air fryer. If the fuse has blown, the Nuwave air fryer will not risk turning on and working without its safety feature.
  • Damaged wiring – Nuwave air fryer receives power from the power source through the internal wiring system. If there is any problem with the wires and what you have in the wiring system, the nuwave air fryer will not turn on.

Troubleshooting Nuwave air fryer power supply problems

  • Firmly insert the power cable plug into the power socket
  • Replace the damaged power cable with the help of an expert
  • Replace the faulty power socket
  • Replace the fuses
  • Contact customer care if your suspect internal wiring issues

2. Wrong Timer Setting

The Nuwave Air fryer requires at least 5 minutes to turn on. You cannot, for example, set 2 minutes to start your cooking process.

Troubleshooting Nuwave air fryer Timer setting

If you need a lower cooking time than 5 minutes, Set 5 minutes first, then turn on the air fryer. Then reduce your cooking time as desired.

3. Faulty Start Button

A faulty start button in the manual Nuwave air fryer will lead to the Nuwave air fryer not turning on. What will start the air fryer anyway? The start button damage is a common issue since this is the button that you must use each time you use your air fryer. Therefore, it wears out quickly due to the extensive use where the switch can’t press the string that turns on the nuwave air fryer.

Troubleshooting a faulty Start button

  • If stuck- Gently try plucking it out using a toothpick
  • Carefully slit the start button with a pocket knife and press the white spring with a sharp object-like pencil.

Please note: This is not permanent troubleshooting, but you need to contact customer service before the subsequent use.

4. Faulty Control Panel

The Nuwave digital air fryer has a digital LCD screen with all the controls. Underneath the control panel is wires, diodes, and computer chips that make the power possible. If any of those has a problem, neither the control panel nor the nuwave air fryer will work.

Troubleshooting the faulty control board      

Troubleshooting a faulty control board is a technical task that requires you to contact customer care. On the other hand, you can try resetting your air fryer to see whether it works.

5. You incorrectly inserted the Air fryer basket.

It is a unique feature among many air fryer models, including the nuwave air fryer. It can’t start when the air fryer basket is not in the correct position in the cooking chamber adjacent to the heating element.

Troubleshooting improperly inserted air fryer basket 

After putting your ingredients in the Nuwave air fryer, place the basket back in the air fryer correctly. Once the air fryer basket is in place, there will be a clicking sound.

Is there a reset button on nuwave air fryers?

Yes! Nuwave air fryer has a reset button located at the bottom-most part of the air fryer or the base of the air fryer.

This reset button allows the nuwave air fryer to have an auto shut-off feature where the air fryer auto shuts off when there is overheating in the air fryer.

The reset button also resets the nuwave air fryer back to the default settings whenever there arises an issue in the air fryer. For example, the Nuwave air fryer suddenly stopped working in the cooking process. It is good to reset as there could be an internal problem that can maybe be resolved.

How do you reset a NuWave air fryer?

First method:

  • Switch off the nuwave air fryer
  • Unplug it from the power socket
  • Let the air fryer rest unplugged for about 10 minutes
  • Insert the plug into the wall socket
  • Switch on the air fryer

Second Method:

  • Remove any food from the nuwave air fryer basket
  • Press and release the reset button repeatedly until there is a letter flashing light on the digital display

How long does a nuwave air fryer last?

Nuwave air fryer is a durable air fryer that the manufacturer gives a limited one-year warranty. The secret to having your nuwave air fryer last for a long time is always following the manufacturer’s manual user instructions. They will guide you on use, safety measures, cleaning, and even nuwave air fryer troubleshooting.

Important tips:

  • Always inspect your air fryer before and after use
  • Do not ignore any abnormality in your nuwave air fryer
  • Only immerse the recommended parts of the nuwave air fryer in the water


The Nuwave Air Fryer is a great product that can help you enjoy all the deliciousness of fried foods without the mess and hassle. But what if something goes wrong? The Nuwave Air Fryer won’t turn on! If this happens to you, don’t fret.

We have already got you covered in our article. We hope your problem is sorted out and your air fryer is ready to continue giving you fantastic experiences.

If you are still unsure why the nuwave air fryer is not turning on, please contact customer service for further assistance.