How To Fix A Cookie Scoop? A Detail Guide

Last Updated on May 19, 2023 by River Tree Farms

Everyone baking loves cookies. They are delicious, and a great way to boost your mood. Your cookie scoop is an essential tool when you need to try out cookie recipes. It measures your dough work quickly and accurately.

You can also use your cookie scoop to make a round cake batter. Every cookie scoop handle has springs to absorb pressure from your hand. You can easily adjust the handle to fit into your hands.

The dough capacity for medium cookie scoop size is up to 1.5 tablespoons. While the cookie scoop is a valuable kitchen tool, there is always a chance that it could be damaged. Here is how to fix a cookie scoop in case anything goes wrong.

How To Fix A Cookie Scoop?

Rough and Dull Scooper

If you frequently wash your scooper in the dishwasher, it could become dull and rough. While it is convenient and practical, it isn’t a good idea. One of the best ways to fix the problem is to make a saltwater-vinegar mix and heat it in a pan.

Put your scooper in the mixture and allow it to continue boiling. Soak it overnight and wash it with dish soap and some water in the morning.

Scooper Getting Off the Track

A simple yet effective way to address this issue is to pull the holder a little and return the ratchet piece to its place. Once everything has been secured in place, attach it to the scooper with some tape. That way, the medal swing will not swing up. You also need to ensure that the little keeper has been secured in place.

There are a few reasons why your cookie scooper may be damaged. Here are a few of them:

  • Cookie Doughs Being Too Hard

If you keep your cookie dough in the fridge, don’t use it right after taking it out. When the dough is still frozen, it can be very hard. Forcing your cookie scoop to take the batter could damage the scooper.

The most common type of damage is that the bowl can become rough or uneven. The spring could eventually break.

  • Cookie Cutter Falling

This is what happens most time. Your stainless steel cookie scoop is thick and hard to damage. However, if you drop it often, it could affect the functioning of the tool. Low-quality scoopers are damaged even after falling a few times. The springs may break and the spoon in the bowl could loosen.

  • Washing With Dishwasher

Avoid putting your scooper in the dishwasher lest it becomes rough and dull. Handwashing your scooper is fast and safe. It could prolong its lifespan.

  • The Remnants of Sticking Dough

If you don’t wash your scooper thoroughly, its remnants can dull the scooper. Over time, they could make it rusty. In such instances, you have no choice but to get a new one.


Do you have the perfect recipe for cookies? Even when you have all the important ingredients, a faulty cookie scoop could affect the outcome and general experience. Whether it is flying off the sides, dull, or rough around the edges, it could make the baking process less exciting. If you are wondering how to fix a cookie scoop, you need to understand why it may be faulty.

Washing the scoop in a dishwasher, using hard dough, and dropping it often are the most common culprits. Consider soaking the scoop in a boiling solution of vinegar and saltwater if it is rough or dull. Handwash it instead of using a dishwasher and avoid dropping it. If the scoop shows signs of rust, you may have no choice but to replace it.